If you submit a worksheet to the worksheet creator, you agree to allow us to use and promote your worksheet on our website, social media, or on any other platform connected to Everyday Speech. As leader we are sometimes expected to know all the answers—sometimes even before the questions are known.
That’s why it’s important to resist the clamor for fast answers, any answers, and learn instead to lead with questions. The act of questioning reinforces the idea that everyone is important and that we create success by serving one another. The power of questions can strengthen relationships, develop new business, and influence others. Good questions energize people, and a questioning culture can energize an entire organization. Questions emphasize community over individuality and improve teamwork by giving everyone an opportunity for input. When we lead with questions, we can help everyone in our organization bring about useful objectives, reduce resistance, pursue innovation and generate transformation. Questions drive answers, and then we need to close the loop and do something with the answers.
I agree completely with what you say, we can ask questions, we can lead with questions and the success comes from listening. Questions also show that you are paying attention, don’t feel you know every answer, are comfortable in your own skin and can willingly and respectfully accept input from others. One of the reasons leaders have trouble asking questions is that this requires them to put aside their own ego and focus on the need of those around them. To ask effective questions means getting out of our own world and putting ourselves in the position of others. Asking questions is an insightful way to communicate and connect with others as it is inclusive and showing others we value their opinions. The most powerful kinds of questions are empowering questions which enables others to share their wisdom and personal viewpoints.

When I read When we include questions in our communication we are showing others we care I thought to myself, that is the essence of what this world is all about. To lead from within requires that you keep asking, keep questioning, just as the sea continues to question the shore. A great leader is a leader of, compassion and compassion asks the eternal question,what can I do to comfort, love, guide, support you. Lolly, I agree with your point that an authentic leader will portray the behavior quality and have the mindset of questioning everything. I believe that we are culturally programmed from K-12 to believe that asking questions shows that we don’t understand something and that we subconsciously associate asking questions with ignorance or with weakness. Thank you for the reminder that when we ask questions as leaders we are not showing weakness or ignorance, but we are extending an invitation, showing open minds and open hearts, which opens space for others, which opens possibilities for all. You are correct there is nothing dumb about asking questions… if anything is makes you the smartest in the room, it makes you the most observant in the room and the most caring in the room. The best thing about starting with questions is that it lowers the defensiveness of others around you who might otherwise hesitate to open their mouths, especially when they are potentially threatened by relative positions in a corporate hierarchy. This often prevents mistakes from being made as it uncovers solutions to problems that might otherwise only be learned after the fact. Recently I’ve been working on a product called Peer Insight that creates questions in the form of a statement, but is played by pulling individual cards from a deck. The process by which people end up leading usually includes the suppression of curiosity and fascination the vey thing that fuels questions. From games to group rules and daily schedules, these worksheets are designed to be a fun, interactive way for a single student or group to learn.
Lessons range from the basics of having conversations to understanding the nuances of abstract language.
By submitting your worksheet, you give up any associated copyright and grant us an irrevocable license. But buying into that expectation means that we risk sacrificing the very thing we need to lead with effectiveness: the right questions.

They rely on the idea that intelligence resides at the top, and that leaders don’t ask but tell. Questions that acknowledge the feelings of others can help you view all sides and prevent conflict. It helps everyone understand that questions are expected to become a primary mode of communication, emphasizing the thinking and learning over telling.
For with every new question there is a new answer, a new glimpse of life unseen and unknown.
Learning how to ask questions and then really listen to the answers is a key to effective teamwork as well.
This process literally gives people permission to answer the question, since it deletes the contextual relationship associated with the question.
It reminds me of the profound need in our world for more people to awaken to the power of lifelong learning and maintaining a beginner’s mind. The resulting atmosphere makes growth impossible, resulting in stagnant leadership and a workforce that is less smart, less productive, less aligned, less effective, less energized, and less successful.
It’s been my experience working with all types of groups that this process improves the communication and power of a great question.
I feel the reason we are such as successful species is that everything we see and hear and feel triggers a question relating to our survival.
When you have a new understanding, you change your actions—and, ultimately, your leadership. We lead so that many will succeed and grow, we question so that we can help, so that we can grow, so that we can connect. The context of the person(s) asking the question, the setting and any historical data relating to the question can, and likely will influence how the question is answered.

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