Many people, while preparing for their IELTs examinations, find it particularly hard to concentrate on the reading part and fail to answer the questions related to the passage.
There are basically four main things that you have to master to attain top marks in the test. The basic aim behind the test is to determine the level of understanding each candidate possesses and their ability of answering questions precisely.
Reading is not just uttering words, the real purpose behind reading is to grasp the complete meaning of each sentence and deduce the message the writer desires to convey to you. Analysing the basic idea and deducing the actual meaning of the sentence is also referred to as reading between the lines. Reading magazines, online blogs, novels, journals and newspapers are examples of general reading. Most of us in the business world use emails as the main, and in some cases the only, means of written communication. While most of us are happy to write informal emails to friends that might have grammatical mistakes in them, the same is not true when writing to colleagues and clients with whom we want to make a good impression.
Don’t make your email look overcrowded by trying to use too many technical terms or long words. The most common mistake that many of our students make is to translate directly from their own language. Some emails to colleagues can be informal if you have a long working relationship and know them well. Recommended for you:5 Decision Making Business English PhrasesHow to Write Email for Senior Management?
While these can be tolerated in informal emails, they are very important in business emails as they are an important part of the image you create. Look at these words: helpful, good question, agreed, together, useful, I will do my best, mutual, opportunity. Recommended for you:112 Phrases for Saying Thank You in Any SituationOther ways to say Good Luck! Recommended for you:18 Powerful Websites to Improve Your Writing Skills in EnglishHow can I write official letters regarding the salary advance, leave application etc.? Shanthi graduated in Politics and International Studies from the University of Southampton, UK in 1989. After 20 years in the world of Finance in such varied fields as life assurance, stockbroking, fund management and wealth management, she decided to re-train as an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Trainer. Ana is a fan of giving away free and useful materials both for English learners and teachers. This eBook will help you to work up to a high standard of business writing in English, in just one month or less.
This entertaining eBook contains more than 1,500 common mistakes in English and how to make sure you don’t make those mistakes!
This book, available in print and on Kindle, contains over 2,000 English business terms, slang and other locally-used words from the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand – and tells you what their equivalents are in other regional English.

And if you want some more in-depth help, have a browse through our BOOKSHOP - click it on the tool bar top right. Sign up now to get a handy tip or three on business and other nonfiction writing from Suze personally, once a month, straight into your mailbox. Students come to El Centro College from many countries around the world to improve their American English skills in order to advance their academic and professional opportunities.
Placement in these four language skill areas is determined by scores on the Compass Placement Test, which the students take immediately upon registration. Students who successfully complete the requirements for the upper levels of ESOL Reading (ESOL 0044) and Writing (ESOL 0054) are eligible to move directly into college level courses such as English 1301 and many others.
Students are appropriately placed, according to the results of their placement test, in one of four levels in each of the four language skill areas. The Credit ESOL Program is part of the Communications, Mathematics, Developmental Studies, and Teacher Preparation Division. International students residing in other countries can also apply for our Intensive English Program known as The Institute of English Language Training at El Centro College. Many students ride free to our college located in downtown Dallas using the public  transportation system known as DART. We are extremely proud of our excellent ESOL faculty who work diligently with our students to bring them along the path of American English language acquisition. For details about graduation rates, program costs and other important information, view the gainful employment disclosure. Reading is essential if you are planning to gain the upper hand in these examinations, so here are a few tips to improve your IELTS reading skills.
All you need to do is to go through as many of these passages as possible and become familiar with the basic design and format of the questions that follow them. What actually adds further fuel to fire are the multiple options one has to choose from, as many of them are pretty confusing. Many students have a habit of skimming through paragraphs, without forming any background idea of the passage. Sometimes, certain questions are asked in the examinations whose answers are not listed precisely in the passages and only those with the proper understanding of the basic message behind the passage are able to answer them.
It provides you with practice that hones your reading skills and makes the entire process enjoyable.
For many students studying Business English and practising their business email writing skills is an important part of their course. It is good to use complex and compound-complex sentences, but ensure that they are easy to understand. This is the style that is closest to speech, so there are often everyday words and conversational expressions that can be used.
However, if the email is going to a client or senior colleague, bad grammar and an over-friendly writing style will most probably not be acceptable. However, this can cause a problem if you’re writing to someone in another country and in a language that is not your mother tongue.

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Or could you use some help to improve it so your writing skills will really impress your ┬ápotential employer and secure that better-paid job you’ve always wanted?
It covers a wide variety of topics including grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, abbreviations, and much more, all described in a business context. If you want to know (or need to know) how to write better for almost any purpose, you've come to the right place. Frontline staff spend most of their communication with customers, therefore good communication skill over the telephone is essential to business success and first impression is important.
Sales Team and Tele-marketers who wish to have breakthrough in their sales performance are strongly recommended to attend this WorkShop. Our college is located in the middle of the dynamic downtown area in the center of Dallas, Texas.
Many practice books are also available in the market and conveniently enough, the answers are also given in them for effective learning. The best way to neutralise such problems is deal with as many such questions as you can and get acquainted with the process of dealing with passage questions. If you enjoy reading, then that would mean that you can actively understand all ideas, various writers are putting in their writings. Start your own phrase book by collecting a bank of phrases from what you hear or read all around you; they may be useful in the future. It is a helpful reference book for anyone who writes in English, whether for business or social communication. This course is designed with practical handles to improve the staff telephone communication skills.
He has trained hundreds of local companies and MNC in English Language Communication Skills. For further information, call 214-860-2323, and speak with Jeff Gregory, the program coordinator. They are sensitive to the language and cultural backgrounds of our diverse student body and assist each student in understanding and learning American English and culture. This understanding is the basis of having good reading skills and it familiarises you with an array of proverbs and boosts your vocabulary.
Each section has a short, entertaining exercise for you to do to help you remember what you have learned.
With his wealth knowledge and experiences, he is also able to transfer life skills in a seamless manner in his workshop and assist the participants to achieve a breakthrough.

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