Blueberries are one of very few fruits to originate from North America, where it is referred to by Native Americans as ‘Star Berry’ due to the star shape of its creamy white flowers.
Blueberry plants require acid soil so unless your soil is already very acid soil plant in good ericaceous compost, available from most garden centres. Blueberry growing isn’t without its problems, watch out for birds in your garden which will strip your blueberry bush of its fruit as they begin to ripen. This entry was posted in Fruit Bushes, Guides and tagged blueberries, blueberry, container growing, how to grow. As one of the UKs leading tree nurseries we pride ourselves on the high quality of our products. Established over 15 years, Ornamental Tree Nurseries is a family business run by 3 generations.
Yams are a tuber vegetable of African origin and represent a large percentage of commodity crops in several African Countries. The taste of the white yam is starchy and the consistency is typically dry which is why it is usually served with a flavorful accompaniment like stew or soups. Tip to remember when working with yams; be careful to keep the lightly slimy liquid for the yam away from bare skin as it will cause irritation and severe itching. Host of Taste of Africa Cooking show currently airing nationally on Dish Network's Afrotainment Television Channel 751 and on various online outlets.

The Durban Botanic Gardens Permaculture Centre offers a wide range of food garden programmes for young and old. Permaculture is an accessible and affordable way to grow safe organic food at minimal cost to both one’s pocket and the environment. Not only does this super-food have pretty flowers, the bright red autumn colour is a welcome treat!
Using a net is a good way to prevent the birds from pinching your crop but be careful to use the net properly so as to avoid any birds becoming trapped inside. Our friendly staff are highly trained to ensure that you have a positive experience when buying from us. The nursery boasts over 500 varieties of trees and shrubs, offered in a huge range of sizes that is rarely seen elsewhere and at a quality and price that are hard to match. It is one of the first cultivated plants of the continent and remains one of the most expensive vegetables to grow.
The leaves grow in long vines and are supported by wooden stakes placed by each mound by the farmer.
It is a nutritionally dense vegetable that is both healthy and delicious when properly prepared.
If the liquid gets on skin, application of cooking oil on the skin has been proven to work.

Courses and programmes will be of interest to the home owner, children, teachers, students, land care practitioners, and community gardeners.
Once planted up try to water with rainwater only, Sue in our accounts department uses pond water to quench the thirst of her blueberry bushes and they give her bumper crops. The average life cycle of a yam from planting to harvesting is about 9 months with only one tuber per mound harvested at the end of the planting season.
The insides or the “flesh” of the white yam is white and firm while the water yam’s flesh is white and watery. Examples of African yam dishes include yam salad, mashed yam, pounded yam (Fufu), yam pottage (Asaro), fried yam (Dundu), boiled yam and Amala to name a few. The harvesting is usually celebrated with a traditional new yam festival with the first batch of fresh yam offered to the ancestors with thanks for a great planting season and the other yams being distributed to the community. The white yam is a very versatile vegetable as it can be boiled, roasted, pounded, baked, fried, dried and smoked.

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