Like men, women also experience low libido mostly due to physical or psychological reasons.
In both men and women, stress and depression play a very negative role and can be considered the biggest psychological reason for low libido. Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco abuse is also one of the factors for both men and women to lose interest in . Some common changes that almost every woman faces in her life are tightening and dryness of vulva, atrophy, and thinning. Another reason that works negatively on women and causes to lose desire is obesity and unhealthy diet. Temporary loss of libido is not a problem as almost every individual has to face it and we accept it as part of our life. Disclaimer: The statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Certain medications, like anti-depressant and tranquilizers are also found to work negatively on women's sex drive. Such abuses not only badly affect our health, but most of the vital body organs also get affected.
When we get older or when something goes wrong in our body, or mind, we seem to lose the desire. Women lose blood during their monthly periods or malnutrition, which may case hormonal imbalance. Constant stress levels affect the functioning of adrenal gland which fails to produce enough quantity of estrogen and testosterone, resulting in lack of desire. Psychological in a sense that overweight women tend to take themselves unattractive and lose libido. However, before we go somewhere, we should try the safe herbal supplements such as Fantasy Capsules which benefit many.

Fortunately, this condition does not last for long and if a positive mental approach is made, soon the lost desire can be regained. Moreover, the transition phases, like pre-menopause, menopause and postpartum phases, affect the hormonal balance which also causes low libido. But some women do not recover mentally and find themselves with low libido even after the disturbing causes end. Ironically, the medications which are usually prescribed to control anxiety, depression or stress, lead to low libido too.

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