It is important not to leave middle ear infections untreated as these can result in complications which can affect a child’s hearing and therefore have an adverse effect on a child’s speech and language development. Our panel of professionals provides you with content on an array of child and mom related topics, ensuring that SA Moms leads the way in information, insight and inspiration for moms all over SA. SA Moms is proud to announce that our first mental enrichment course for child minder's will run over two consecutive Saturdays - the 6th and 13th August. To use – take one teaspoon (5 milliliters) of the mixture, tilt your head to one side and pour the mixture into your ear.
Note – If you see no signs of improvement after 3 days, I recommend you go see your doctor. I am not a doctor or medical expert – I have simply researched this very popular home remedy recipe online to a level that satisfies my own needs.
If you wish to know more about this sexually transmitted disease, read on this article which will also help you to gain an insight into the home remedies for Chlamydia occurring in women. This is an effective home remedy to treat Chlamydia as it is rich in probiotics that can sweep away all the germs.
Crush three cloves of garlic and have it with a dash of honey thrice a day to get immediate relief from the symptoms of this condition. Make sure that you take in a glass of warm milk mixed with turmeric powder at night time, before retiring to bed.
Remember to drink about 12 glasses of water per day to ease all the complications associated with this condition. Sip three cups or more of green tea daily to gain lots of anti oxidants which are powerful enough to help you to come out of this disease.
Seborrheic dermatitis is a common, harmless, scaling rash affecting the face, scalp and other areas.
Within the scalp, seborrheic dermatitis causes ill-defined dry pink or skin colored patches with yellowish or white bran-like scale.
Seborrheic dermatitis is common within the eyebrows, on the edges of the eyelids, inside and behind the ears and in the creases beside the nose. Seborrheic dermatitis is believed to be an inflammatory reaction related to a excessive normal skin yeast.
All material on this website is protected by copyright, Copyright © 2009-2016 by DermDiagnosis LLC. Approximately 3 out of 4 children may have an ear infection by the time they are 3 years of age. Children under 3 are more susceptible to ear infections and they are in the phase of critical language development.

The addition of white vinegar makes this home remedy way more effective, as white vinegar is a antimicrobial, or antibiotic and it fights infection, that otherwise might require a prescription antibiotic.
Leave your head tilted for 30-60 seconds and then sit upright and allow the mixture to run out of your ear. As with all home remedies we post about, I recommend you do further research to be sure you are happy and satisfied before trying the home remedy. Consume yoghurt in any form as a part of your diet to safeguard your body and to get immediate relief from this disease.
You can also munch a few cloves of garlic in its raw form to safeguard yourself from this disease. This will help to cleanse your body gently and remove all the germs and viruses in your body. The presence of curcumin in turmeric offers excellent immunity to the body which fights with the free radicals in your body and defeats it.
This elixir of life is essential as a home remedy as it is very effective in treating this medical condition. Green tea is considered to be one amongst the most effective home remedies for Chlamydia for women. Melanoma is the leading cause of cancer death of women in their 20s and second only behind breast cancer among women in their 30s?
The main species is Pityrosporum ovale, an oil loving yeast normally found in the scalp and other oily regions of the skin.
However, it can generally be kept under control with regular use of antifungal agents and intermittent applications of Topical steroids.
Children are more susceptible to middle ear infections due to anatomical immaturity of their Eustachian tubes. Cold and flu can lead to ear infections as the viruses that infect the throat and the nose travel to the ear. It is therefore crucial that they are hearing optimally at this stage as they are learning speech and language. If you have perforated your eardrum, there is nothing much that can be done other than to take pain-relief.
The lacto bacillus present in the curd helps to curb the growth of thrush in the body and stay clear of the infection.
Make sure you mix a quarter tea spoon of salt for every glass of water as it has the ability to flush out the toxins from your body.
Dandruff, sometimes called pityriasis capitis, is an uninflamed form of seborrheic dermatitis.

Sometimes it affects the skin-folds of the armpits and groin, the middle of the chest or upper back. Patients with seborrhoeic dermatitis appear to have a genetic tendency to develop this reaction to their normal skin yeast.
Treatment of seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp can be treated with medicated shampoos (many work by reducing yeast load of skin), steroid scalp applications (calming inflammation), and tar shampoo.
This can result in the Eustachian tube becoming so swollen that middle ear ventilation is impaired, which can contribute to  the middle ear becoming inflamed and infected with pus accumulating behind the eardrum. Middle ear infections should therefore be attended to with urgency to prevent them affecting a child’s hearing. I know this as I perforated my eardrum last year, it was very painful and took three months to heal. It causes salmon-pink flat patches with a loose bran-like scale, sometimes in a ring shape.
Seborrhoeic dermatitis is not contagious or related to diet, but it may be aggravated by illness, psychological stress, fatigue, change of season and reduced general health. Other parts of the body can be treated with non-soap cleansers, ketoconazole or ciclopirox cream, hyrodcortisone cream, topical calcineurin inhibitors, and in severe cases, oral antifungal medications.
This occurs in the area behind the eardrum and the inner ear and can include the duct known as the Eustachian tube.
Fluid buildup in the middle ear left untreated can cause excessive pressure in the middle ear space and can cause the eardrum to burst. Those with immunodeficiency (especially infection with HIV) and with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and stroke are particularly prone to it. An audiologist is also able to detect signs of middle ear infections and can determine if a child’s hearing is being affected. The audiologist will then refer the child to an ENT as treatment of infection is handled by the doctor. The ENT and audiologist work closely together to monitor the child’s middle ear and hearing status. Sometimes it is difficult to tell psoriasis from seborrheic dermatitis on the face, scalp and chest and your doctor may diagnose an overlap condition, known as sebopsoriasis.

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