I really only used 10-15% of what I brought with me and will definitely pack lighter if we have another baby.
July 22, 2015 by Jackie Cravener Pin15 Share Tweet +1 Email Stumble YumShares 15This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fisher-Price .
If you happened to catch the Top Baby Registry Must-Haves post I published last week, then you seen that I mentioned that I was going to have a little baby challenge.
The first challenge featured one of our favorite baby products that we mentioned in our Top Baby Registry post from last week, the Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard.
I included a handy diaper bag checklist printable that includes all of the necessities, you can print it off and keep it with you whenever you need it. The pregnancy hospital bag checklist from Microsoft will also allow you to save money for all of the things your new bundle of joy will require.
Once the items have been packed, simply check off the corresponding box on the pregnancy hospital bag checklist. You'll want to make sure you have everything you need to make your stay in hospital as easy and stress-free as possible.
You probably won't have room to store everything in the small cabinet by your bed on the postnatal ward. Even if you're planning a vaginal birth, it may be worth throwing a few extra items in another bag, just in case you need an unplanned caesarean.
I love giving little treats to friends and family so my mom will help package up simple cookies in pink bags for family, visitors, and most importantly, the nurses who will be caring for me and Baby! Definitely a smart idea to print out the check list for yourself so you don’t forget anything. I never pack my bag beforehand since I’m practically using all the things I will bring. I’m a chronic over-packer, so who knows what I’ll end up with in our hospital bags! You are one organized lady and that little precious bundle is so going to be in awe of their gorgeous mama!!! I used bright orange (cheap) ones that I found at Target that I didn’t mind getting nasty. They have the awesome industrial ones there if you need to use one, but I didn’t need to use one because my milk was REALLY slow coming in. They should provide the little hospital one for you, and that works perfectly for the time you’re there.
My brother and his fiance have been having the baby talk with their wedding date coming up. It’s half the weight of other popular play yards with all the same great features for truly portable use, it even breaks down into a convenient travel bag! The final challenge was to pack a diaper bag, which I thought would be pretty easy but I also have been doing it for 4 years! When the big moment comes, will you be ready and have everything you will need when you’re in the hospital on hand?
The pregnancy hospital bag checklist can be downloaded and printed for free by clicking the link found on this page.
So keep some things in a bag in the car, or at home for your partner to bring in when you need them.
So you can text friends and family, or distract yourself by playing games or listening to music (DH 2015).

I know that I’ll likely change her out of such a nice little dress once she is settled at home, but there is something so charming about dressing her to the nines for her arrival home! Of course, she needs to stay put for a few more weeks because I have a few items left to finish the nursery! And I’d love to know what else YOU recommend in a hospital bag for labor and delivery.
I also brought face wash WIPES so you could feel a little refreshed without having to get out of bed!
Or, if contractions start first, they’re usually spaced out and the shower will feel good! You are about to meet the greatest thing in your entire life and that is a day I would do a million times over!
Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Perpetually Daydreaming with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. I decided to put them to the test and give them a little taste of what I deal with daily by challenging them to a few typical mom tasks.
It’s also super easy to assemble and breakdown, which takes me less than five minutes. The pregnancy hospital bag checklist from Microsoft can ensure you have everything you need during your time away from home.
You'll be admitted to hospital several hours before your caesarean is booked to go ahead. Camera or mobile to take photos or a short film of the birth and early moments with your baby (APA 2015b). Look for knickers without nylon or lacy fabric, as these can catch on or irritate your wound. If possible, you may also want to have more on standby at home, so someone could bring them in if required. Plus, I have included a free printable checklist for your own use if you or someone you know is delivering soon!
This little white dress with pink detailing was the first gender-specific item I bought after finding out it’s a girl. My hospital is not located near a ton of easy-to-get-to food choices so having a few snacks (fruit snacks, pretzels, and trail mix) on hand will definitely come in handy. It’s always better to have more, even if you feel like you’re moving in for a week! Check out the challenge below along with some pregnancy resources that you’ll need to know! All of those are fine but there are a few other things that I think are necessities when you’re out with kids like extra clothing and toys. If you happen to lose or delete the pregnancy hospital bag checklist template for any reason, simply revisit this page as there’s no limit to the amount of times it can be downloaded. If you want your birth partner to take photos in the operating theatre, check with the hospital beforehand, as not all allow it.
I also have illusions of taking a leisurely shower, shaving my legs and using my Clarisonic before heading in to the hospital. I was curious to see how well my brother would do with this task because I know some play yards can be pretty intimidating. If you plan to use disposable nappies, you'll need as many as 12 a day for your newborn.

Crackers and fruit held us over when Chad didn’t feel like walking to the vending machine!
If you’re using reusable nappies, the exact amount depends on the type of nappy you choose. My mom clearly remembers begging for chapstick when staying at the hospital for my delivery, so it’s definitely on my list! It helps that there are directions with images on the bottom of the play yard that can help you break it down.
If there’s not likely to be a plug available, you could buy a small portable charger to use – just remember to keep it charged and ready. He also had no idea how versatile they can be, like the Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard, which acts as a sleeper, portable changing table, and play yard all in one. Your caesarean birth plan, to remind yourself of your preferences for your baby's birth (DH 2015a). This includes things like whether you want music playing in the operating theatre, and whether you want the screen lowered so you can see your baby being born (NICE 2011). The hospital will supply you with some crazy disposable netted briefs that are pretty uncomfortable, so bring a few pair that you don’t mind tossing. Your lips will thank you!Cell phone and phone charger.A few changes of comfortableA clothes and slip-on shoes to return home in. If you have a contact card for a breastfeeding counsellor or specialist, bring that with you too (DH 2015a). Bring two or three, and bear in mind that your breasts are likely to grow bigger as your milk comes in (DH 2015a). Purified lanolin ointment or cream for your nipples, in case they get sore when you start breastfeeding.
Backless, slip-on slippers or flip-flops that you don't need to bend down to put on, as this may be awkward at first.
Wrap or shawl, to have around your shoulders if you want to cover up or in case you get chilly. Some women feel a bit shivery after an epidural (RCOA 2009, Tidy 2015), and it can be difficult at first to twist around to get a cardigan or jumper on.
If you are recovering well, you should be able to eat and drink as soon as you feel like it (NICE 2011). Peppermint tea can help to soothe the pain of trapped wind, which you may have after surgery (GHC 2014). The smell of peppermint may also help relieve any nausea you’re feeling after your caesarean (Lane et al 2012), so perhaps include a packet of mints (APA 2015b). You may want to choose unscented toiletries, as your newborn will love your own, natural smell.
Comfy, loose clothing for when you're up and about, such as T-shirts and jogging bottoms. Some hospitals will supply these, but your own from home may be more comfortable (APA 2015b). Most hospitals should allow you to use your mobile, but it’s worth checking with your midwife first (DH 2015a).

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