Hyundai santa fe, todas las versiones del mercado, precios, Hyundai santa fe 2013: un cambio notable. 2015 ford kuga - new ford cars 2016 - 2017, 2015 ford kuga will appear on the market in the summer or fall of this year. Der neue xc90 ist das flaggschiff von volvo, doch wie schneidet der dicke schwede gegen die konkurrenz ab? After all the spyshots and ads, hyundai-sime darby motors (hsdm) officially launched the hyundai santa fe this afternoon in kl. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. These are difficult questions to answer given that the Ford Escape is indeed the best-selling SUV in both the United States and Canada and therefore, in a manner of speaking, doesn't need replacing.
Regardless of the company's reasons, Ford has finally decided to replace the first-generation Escape for model year 2013. The 2013 Ford Escape will be offered with a base 2.5L which generates 168 horsepower and 167 lb-ft of torque. Ford has been issuing press releases over the last few weeks detailing some of the 2013 Escape's innovative features.
There's a full gallery of photos below the comparison images of the first-gen Escape with this new 2013 model. Styling is patently subjective, but the 2013 Ford Escape is wonderfully cohesive, strikingly modern and as eye-catching as its best competitors.

All in all, from the design to the engines to the improved cabin, Ford's 2013 Escape is exactly what Ford needed it to be, a totally modern reincarnation of a now archaic vehicle.
Thankfully, the 2013 Ford Escape is all-new, and first impressions suggest the 2013 Ford Escape is all good. The Escape can be outfitted with Ford's park assist, which you've seen before on the Focus. You'll likely agree that the 2013 Ford Escape isn't as masculine as the Ford Vertrek concept which previewed the production model's look.
Yes, things get a bit funny where the body seems to narrow just as it rises to the rear windshield. Admittedly, figuring out what Ford "needed" when the current model remains a rip-roaring success isn't the easiest task. Finally, the fun will be in Escapes equipped with the 237-hp 2.0L EcoBoost turbo which twists out 250 lb-ft of torque.
The liftgate can also be (optionally) opened by simply waving your foot under the rear bumper. But it seems likely that, with the right price and yet-to-be-tested-but-undoubtedly improved dynamics, the Ford Escape should be the best-selling SUV in America in 2012, just as it is in 2011.
In that case, are new engines, a revamped interior, and additional features enough to let it linger?
Surely there hasn't been a respectable comparison test in the last five or six years in which the Escape was at the top of the heap.

Safety features are built in which should stop your Schnauzer from perpetually opening your rear hatch when he's out doing his business. The 2013 Escape is more clearly a crossover, an effect which is particularly visible when looking at its profile view from a slightly elevated position. Drivers and passengers who hate modern headrests may be happy to find that they're adjustable in the new Escape, not just up and down but forward and back. The 2013 Escape's more aggressive stance should make for no mistakes in the real world, but there's a hint of minivanishness visible from some angles, just as there is with the Mercedes-Benz M-Class. I have always bought American and I’m not sure why Ford wants to looks like all of the other Imports.
Last few words, if I wanted a SUV that looks like a Honda I would have bought one there a better made vehicle anyway.
Sorry to see that they seems to want to do with they did with the Ford Contour an egg they brought over from Germany!
I reallt agree withe other writer whop wrote thye shey should npot have called it the Escape?

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