The world of secret underground bunkers is not only fascinating but also an example of excellent engineering.
Located in the isolated arctic location in Norway the Svalbard Global Seed Vault is the modern day Noah’s ark. Considered as one of the busiest and largest airports in world, the Denver International Airport is infamous for being home of a stealth bunker. A hidden city located underneath Moscow, the Moscow Metro in Russia is an extensive subterranean system of secret trains as well as a network of bunkers. Not publicly accounted it is said that the Shanghai Complex can accommodate 200,000 people and spans over a million square feet. Kept a secret until 1990 by the US government, the Greenbrier Bunker in Virginia was built in 1958 along with the hotel. Meant to relocate the Pentagon site, the Raven Rock Mountain Complex in Pennsylvania-Maryland is a setup of 5 buildings.
Also used as a command center for the FEMA or the Federal Emergency Management Agency, it is also a bunker.
With strength to withstand even a 5 megaton nuclear explosion, the Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado is buried 2,000 feet into granite.
This is the third installment of my low cost desert shelters that have been designed with economic refugees in mind.
The subterranean Earthbag Desert Shelter is built 5’-5” below grade to capture the coolness of the earth.

Earthbag Desert Shelter section view showing sand bag walls, rebar reinforcement, pallet floor, and double ferrocement roof filled with recycled insulation.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. There are hundreds of bunkers in every country that are designed to provide protection from calamities but mostly from nuclear war. This bunker has the capability to withstand nuclear radiation, blasts and poisonous gases outbreak. Built by the British government in 1950 this bunker was code named Burlington and can even withstand nuclear strikes. There is arrangement made for almost every facility you will need to survive an apocalypse. Announcements during an emergency situation made by president are most likely to emerge from here. One of the safest place in Colorado it can survive a nuclear explosion as near as 1.7 miles. Bunkers are interesting and challenging setups that have always being into existence and will continue to exist. This is the easiest way to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature without mechanical cooling systems when you’re surrounded by searing desert temperatures.
Features include a cellar door (raised door frame not shown), overhang over the window and vent, plastic sheeting on the outside of the earthbag walls.

Here we list the secret underground bunkers that are designed to withstand not only natural disasters but also apocalyptic man made weapons. Earthbags, in this case sand-filled polypropylene bags spiked together with ?” rebar reinforcing, make exceptionally strong walls to resist the thrust of the surrounding soil.
An outer layer of 6 mil plastic sheeting (6 mil poly) serves as a low cost moisture barrier.
The roof is built similarly as the Desert Dome Shelter– double layers of ferrocement (rebar, mesh and cement plaster) with recycled insulation such as foam packing peanuts. Pallet floors, possibly covered with scrap wood, plywood or salvaged carpet, are shown as one option.
Soil cement (sandy soil mixed with about 10% cement and just enough water to make a stiff mix) would be another good, affordable option. One possible option to reduce labor (at a slight loss in comfort), is to build only two or three feet below grade and berm the sides with sand as high as possible to prevent overheating.

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