I became interested in Homeopathy when I was looking for an alternative treatment for my own health problems that could not be helped by conventional medicine.
Since then homeopathy has helped me to become healthy and gave me the energy to achieve my goals. I received my professional education in classical Homeopathy from the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy in San Francisco.
I am an official speaker for the organization called Nourishing Our Children, that promotes timeless principals for supporting learning, behavior, and health through optimal nutrition. I am a member of the Weston A Price foundation that promotes wise traditions in food, farming, and the healing arts.
I am a listed provider for the Blossom Birth, the center for the birth and parenting resources for pregnant women and families with infants and young children. I have two children, an 9 year old boy and a 6 year old girl, who keep me very busy when I am not working in my practice. You helped me uncover and treat baggage right back to childhood, supported me through the operations, lifted me up through my own misery and despair.
I also bought an immune booster from you which has done exactly as promised, kept me free from the many bugs that friends and family have been fighting through the winter. I lost my sister today and I know I couldna€™t have coped so well without the remedy you prescribed for me.A  Of course there were tears but I am amazed at how I have coped. I have a friend who had similar symptoms (visiting the toilet frequently) a few years earlier after losing her mother and father very close together. I have always found Sue to be a warm, caring and approachable person whilst maintaining highest professional standards. Both my daughter and I had homeopathic remedies; then just as an onion peels away layers, Sue changed the homeopathic remedy to accommodate the change in physical and emotional disorder. I am extremely grateful to Sue for her knowledge and intuitive practice and will ALWAYS without fail turn to natural methods when anything is needed. Sue has been my homeopath for several years and she has facilitated the process for me to explore and discover deep and sustaining solutions for my whole well-being in that time.
As a homeopath and as a person I find her to be remarkably compassionate, grounded, humble and disciplined. I started seeing Sue at Boldre Homeopathy a good 2-3 years ago, well established with depression and a longterm user of Prozac.
I think, from experience, you have to take the a€?dona€™t knock it till youa€™ve tried ita€? approach, because it does work, and my life without Sue would be very different. I've known Sue for a couple of years now, and I would say that she is a genuine person wishing to help people. I met Sue in a networking environment, however quickly found that she is a caring individual who is an expert in homeopathy.
I have found homeopathy has helped with conditions affecting my inner self and the mind, allowing me to manage distress more easily. I would like to thank Sue Leach for her help and support, After several years dealing with several problems, I turned to Sue for some advice. Although I dona€™t have a a€?medicala€™ condition as such that affects my daily life, I continue to see Sue because of the emotional support and understanding that she gives me. I lost my dad two years ago after watching him deteriorate with Parkinsona€™s and dementia, as well as seeing my mum struggle with her own frustration of lack of energy and strength through ME and also her losing her love and life partner.

As someone who constantly analyses life, why things happen, how I feel about things, people etc, it is a comfort to be able to discuss life and my feelings with Sue, knowing that she doesna€™t think Ia€™m totally mad.
I was blown away by your intuitive and incredibly accurate understanding of my emotional self and the remedies were not only a powerful part of my healing but they have made a significant and noticeable impact on my symptoms a€“ I no longer suffer constipation! Please be advised that I sought treatment from Mrs Sue Leach at Boldre Homeopathic Practice about eighteen months ago. I was suffering from symptoms following a family bereavement and had been for some two years or more. I hold regular talks at Boldre Homeopathic Practice teaching how to use homeopathy at home.
The singer recently gave a speech at the American Institute for Stuttering’s Freeing Voices Changing Lives Benefit Gala, where he was being honored for being so open about his past stuttering troubles.
In a moving and encouraging speech, the “Thinking Out Loud” singer revealed what finally helped him get rid of his stutter, and it just so happened to be one of his favorite rappers, Eminem. As many Sheerios know, Ed has carried his love of rap into his own music, and even though he considers himself a “not a rapper I’m a singer with a flow,” he still sounds pretty great. I am nationally certified in classical homeopathy by the Council of Homeopathic Certification and was awarded the title CCH (Certified Classical Homeopath). I incorporate the Weston A Price principals of traditional diet in my practice with great results. I am also a member of BABI, the bay area birth information, serves the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Peninsula region by bringing together resources for a healthy, positive birth experience.
I came to you because of an autoimmune disease, SjA¶rgrena€™s Syndrome, but also because I was an emotional wreck. The result being a peaceful digestive system, emotional balance and nothing progressing from the SjA¶rgrena€™s. With Suea€™s knowledge and understanding she enabled me to move on and face the challenges of my new life. Sue took the time to understand me as a whole person and gave me remedies that helped me sleep and to help bring out my grief and therefore deal with it in a more positive way. Her symptoms lasted for almost 2 years and, after lots of tests and investigations via her GP (some of which were quite intrusive and stressful), they could find nothing wrong and she eventually got better a€“ but, as I say, it took much longer! I generally just didn't feel on top form and felt it was becoming a bit of a downward spiral. During the discussion it became clear that the problem was more in-depth than any 10-minute discussion with a medical doctor could ever have discovered and that any physical implications were as a result of emotional distress.
After a few short months we changed on so many levels that it was amazing for us to look back. She has helped me with emotional issues, period pain and general day-to-day complaints and would never be without my first aid kit. From my first meeting, which I went to full of scepticism, left me exhausted with an enormous weight lifted from my mind, and from that day onward we tackled one thing at a time, to the point when I was off the anti-depressants and living a relatively normal life. Again it took a while, trying different remedies, but actually we got there, and this year at school she is doing much better. Also Sue Leach has treated me for reflux which has been a problem for me for very many years.
I am a firm believer that lifea€™s experiences manifest themselves physically and mentally and have found that talking through feelings and thoughts, then taking a suitable remedy, just seems for me perfect sense.

This all came at a time when my own body was changing and I was starting to go through the change, and I am now approaching a milestone birthday, which I think makes you reflect on your life so far. I find her analysis and observation of me a great emotional boost and the remedies (although I tease about why isna€™t there a a€?magic wanda€™ remedy for life) do seem to ease and help me to accept situations, keep my hot flushes away and control my moods. This is my choice to see a homeopathic practitioner rather than going to my GP whoa€™d probably put me on Prozac or similar.
Mrs Leach provided remedies which addressed these symptoms and enabled me to resume a normal life.
Helping people learn more about homeopathy is a key part of my practice a€“ a part I particularly enjoy.
I help women with menopausal complaints, infertility, pregnancy and postpartum problems, menopausal complaints, endocrine disorders, fibroids, endometriosis, asthma, allergies, digestive problems, anxiety and depression. My husband had just discovered symptoms which led to a diagnosis of bowel cancer and spent the rest of the year undergoing tests and operations a€“ he is still recovering but over the worst. Although very sympathetic my GPa€™s only solution was to offer me anti-depressants and sleeping tablets which I did not want to take.
In fact, I have now undergone some training and am helping to support recently bereaved people. Initially I thought I was coping well but as time went on I think the shock wore off and the reality of the situation began to hit me. I was obviously internalising a lot of the grief (although I didn't realise it at the time) and was having to visit the toilet several times each morning.
The symptoms of itchy eyes, sneezing and runny nose would start towards the end of February or early March and continue until end of May early June.
The physical problems vanished and the clarity and insight into our own lives was dramatic. Sue was so professional and explored several treatments until the right one was found to improve my condition.
Sue was an excellent listener and communicator and I felt very comfortable talking to her and able to shed many a tear without feeling awkward. I wasn't sleeping particularly well and felt at a bit of a loss on how to cope with life in general.
Very soon I was sleeping more peacefully and for longer, I started to feel more positive and in control of my life again and the visits to the toilet started to decrease and within a few weeks were back to normal. Some years I managed to tolerate the symptoms but they seemed to be getting worse and I was beginning to use over-the-counter remedies but these would often leave me drowsy. I would not hesitate to recommend Sue to anyone who was interested in improving their quality of life. I had a few tears that morning, which I think were much needed, and then I just felt much more positive.

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