These old mailboxes can be picked up for next to nothing and this project requires minimal work to convert the mailbox into a small wood burning stove that you can easily cook on. For more details on how to make this mailbox stove and details on a propane tank and ammo box stoves, head over to Tiny House Listings. Katnissa€™ father fashioned her first bows and arrows for her.A  Making your own bow is no easy feat, healing even in the fictional world of The Hunger Games. Draw three straight, equidistant lines about the length of your feathers or vanes on the back of your arrow about an inch from the notch. Add an arrow head.If you want, you can make an arrow head out of flint rock or obsidian with a flintknapping A technique. Finding Arrow parts.A The steps above describe one of the craftier, more primitive ways to make your basic arrow. These new camping hammocks provide an interesting difference on the experience in the wilderness, and can make for an excellent addition to your gear.However, navigating the labyrinth of these new products can be a little tricky, given that ita€™s such a new field for hiking gear. Obviously they need to be rounded, but you should start by peeling cutting your wood to a rough length and diameter size for each homemade arrow. Wooden arrows are rarely perfectly straight, but applying heat to the shafts can produce remarkable results.A  The trick is to use the right amount of heat.
Now that your arrow shafts are relatively straight, you can smooth them out with steel wool. Gluing the feathers or vanes straight on is important as they keep the arrow straight during flight.
Glue the first feather or vane in line with the notch.A  You can use gold tip glue in small beads so that you dona€™t add too much weight.
If your arrow is balanced and all the parts are on right, it should be good enough to fire on a soft target.
So, to find the best hiking hammock for your needs, you should probably take several things into account, and consider what your priorities are in your camping trips, before you determine which hammock to purchase. Even if you are a beginner archer, you can still enjoy the craft of homemade arrows, especially if you like to role play scenes from The Hunger Games.
If these wood types arena€™t available in your natural area, check the big box home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowea€™s for pre-treated lumber. This will require some patience because it can take anywhere from two weeks to a month to get the wood properly dry.

A Okay, steel wool isna€™t exactly the most primitive tool, but neither is a bag of Kingsford charcoal.
The notch should resemble a small a€?Va€? shape big enough to fit on your bow string but small enough to keep the arrow from falling off every time you notch it.
Then you take a harder stone with a rounded edge and hit on the rock, causing pieces to flake off.
For example, you can order pre-made arrow shafts online as well as arrow heads, feathers and vanes. Handcrafted arrows that actually work will add to the scenery of your Hunger Games real life adventures, even if you never intend to fire them. Herea€™s a website where you can look up if one of these trees grows in your neck of the woods.
I would rough cut your wood to about 30 inches in length and a half inch in diameter to give yourself some carving room for a 28 inch arrow shaft. If you want to really get down to primitive levels, you can smooth out your shafts with sand paper. If you find some, split them evenly along the quill and make sure you have three feathers that naturally curve either clockwise or counterclockwise.
Once it gets down to the thickness of a typical arrow head, you start shaping it with a metal punch. They come with instructions on how to attach each part.A  Purchasing vanes is a good idea if you want to color coordinate your arrows.
This can also be especially useful when campsites are overbooked, as lots of parks these days will allow backpacking further in the park when using hammocks.There are other factors to be considered in this large advantage.
Many people are drawn to the outdoors out of a desire for isolation, or at least feel that large clusters of people engaged in outdoor activity at the same time can take away from the communion with nature. If you have the ability to camp far away from large, manicured campsites, this isna€™t as much of a concern, and you have the flexibility of camping far away from others, or continuing to stay in the community campgrounds.Expanding your field of campsite options also allows a couple of tactical advantages. For those attempting multi-day hikes, as long as the planned area is wooded, you dona€™t have to spend as much time at the end of the day looking for a suitable location to set down for the night. In addition, you can more easily select a camp site close to water sources, which often are not found in terrain with soft ground suitable for ground systems.Ease of (Repeated) UseAlthough it takes a little bit of time to master the art of setting up a hammock camping system, once done, most people find that setting up hammocks is quicker than setting up ground systems.
Ita€™s also easier to repeat the same setup night after night, since the many variables of ground features (slope, rockiness, and other abnormalities) are absent in the process of setting up a hammock, which only needs two trees.Potential DisadvantagesEven the best hiking and camping hammock cana€™t provide everything.

Ita€™s important to keep in mind that hammocks are essentially designed as single person shelters. Although there are some products available that try to change that, they are still optimally designed for one person and one person only. Also, although a hammock solves all the issues of dealing with troublesome terrain for a ground shelter, it still requires trees, and not just any trees, but trees that can actually support the weight of the hammock system with you, the camper, in it.
Given that there are so many variations in each of these types of systems in terms of design and configuration, ita€™s actually hard to compare. However, therea€™s no question that some hammock systems weigh more than some ground systems.Some campers find issues with the comfort provided by a hammock. Instead of the typical a€?bananaa€? shape that most hammocks rest in, a bridge hammock takes a shape more like an open tube.A  This allows for a more streamlined set-up that requires fewer adjustments than the alternative offered by Gathered End Asymmetric Hammocks. However, a Bridge Hammocks is more likely to result in that squeezing sensation while lying in it. Some designs seek to offset this sensation, however.Gathered End Asymmetric HammocksGathered End Asymmetric Hammocks are the most common design for backpackersa€™ hammocks, and are so-called due to the ends being gathered into a single bunch on either side of the hammock. They have an asymmetric design that lets one lie on a diagonal orientation in relation to the center line of the hammock, which results in a flatter overall sleeping position.
Compared to a bridge hammock, they tend to be lighter (due to less equipment supporting the overall shape) and roomier.Hammock Camping AccessoriesThere are a few accessories that are absolutely necessary for a hammock camper, primarily a tarp and an under-quilt.
The under quilt can be substituted with a ground pad placed inside the fabric of the hammock, but an under-quilt designed specifically for a hammock will provide superior comfort and warmth. A tarp is primarily used to shield you from the elements, and will be absolutely necessary to ensure the enjoyment of your camping trips in the long run.This is not a complete list, but ita€™s a good place to get started. Since therea€™s such a huge variety in hammock designs and the preferences and body shapes of campers, there is no hammock that works perfectly for everyone. If youa€™re lucky, perhaps you have a friend or a camping club that has already taken the plunge in the world of hammock camping that will let you try out their gear.

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