The materials cost on the project was minimal according to the parts list, and if you can find an old bike wheel lying around the house its almost nothing. Our Exclusive Lifetime warranty for Berkey Water Filtration Systems ensures replacement of all Berkey canisters, spigots, washers, and wing nuts that fail due to faulty materials or workmanship. This warranty does not cover damage caused by carelessness, accidents, or abuse of the system.
To take advantage of your lifetime warranty on Berkey canisters, spigots, washers, or wing nuts, contact us at 877-886-3653.
All other items have a manufacturer’s warranty of at least 90 days, and some are up to a year.
Many people that start prepping for disasters don’t consider making a car survival kit right away. Topographical maps of your area and all of the areas on the way to your bug-out destination. With a good car survival kit you will be much better prepared for an emergency when you are out and about. Don’t hesitate to include other gear in your car survival kit that you think will aid you.

There will come a time when having the knowledge of building a shelter will save your life and the lives of your family.  Whether surviving lost in the wilderness or after a disaster when your home is destroyed, knowing how to build a safe and sturdy shelter to protect your family from the elements is vital for survival. One of the first steps of building any shelter is knowing a handful of basic “Hitches, Knots, and Lashes”.  Building a shelter is important, but knowing how to build a “strong and safe” one is crucial.
You should be able to build a safe and strong shelter after a disaster after you have learned these basic hitches, knots, latches and shelter structures. How about a small EDC (every day carry) pocket pouch sized bag, containing just the bare essentials that will be most useful to you in a survival situation. Since your cutting a 29″ rim in half in this case, you end up with two bows for the price of one rim. If you can legally carry a handgun in your kit then you will want to consider including one, and some ammo too! You don’t need your shelter collapsing on top of you in the middle of the night during a cold rain storm and causing injuries. This Exclusive Lifetime warranty exists in addition to all other stated warranties on Berkey Systems.
Heck, some people spend so much time in their vehicle that it is like a second home!  That’s why I suggest to all survivalists and preppers to either buy or make a car survival kit that stays in their vehicle at all times.

Check the whole kit every 6 months and be sure to rotate the food and clothing as appropriate. You can use a wide variety of materials that would be on hand after a disaster after you get the knowledge and skills to build a shelter.
Yes it’s not your beloved bug-out-bag, but it the little pocket pouch has one HUGE benefit of the bug-out-bag, you’ll always have it with you! We will process the claim and, if it’s approved, ship the replacement parts to you within one business day. You can buy a basic car survival kit like the one pictured above on Amazon, but you will be much better prepared if you make one yourself or add to the one you buy.

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