My recent over consumption of all things sugar and grain has caused my ankles to stay in swollen mode and yesterday the pain in the back of my eye grew unbearable. Yes you can cook with it but it is best to use higher doses than you can get cooking for medicinal purposes.
You stated that your boyfriend brought you a big cup of tea and then your eye started watering. Swelling of the foot, ankle and leg can be severe enough to leave an indentation, or "pit," when you press on the area. I had a little bit of a headache that I was trying to deal with, without using any over the counter pain relievers. I ate, because my boyfriend was convinced it was a hunger headache made worse by my worrying about my hair.
This information is anecdotal and not intended to take the place of medical care from a AMA certified doctor. You can start off small with just eating food with it and gradually get up to the supplements.
I have a better handle on my edema and don’t get the extreme ankles as much as I used to.
I am stuck with this disease and beside of massages and stockings there seems to be no known cure, although my healthy eating habits really show results ?? But if you use diuretics it worsens the edema in the case of lymfedema, so make sure your doktor can rule this one out.

This swelling (edema) is the result of excess fluid in your tissues — often caused by congestive heart failure or blockage in a leg vein.
I slept because sometimes that works for me but I still had that headache before I had to go to work and I was now nauseous. It was really making me angry and the area around my eye felt raw from me wiping the tears.
After the photo shoot I went out to dinner and had some seafood (Good) and some bread (bad). I have read how gluten and other additives in grain based foods cause disease and inflammation.
I explained to my boyfriend that I thought I had some sort of inflammation due to edema in my head or eye area. Since this is the holiday season, I have to admit I have been going overboard with grain and it is definitely taking its toll on me.
You can tell if it is pitting edema if your fingerprints remain imprinted in the swollen area for a while after being pressed. I have found out some useful information about grain regarding my edema issues and I am going to be sharing that with you all pretty soon. I read something that explained that that means I could have brain edema or basically water swelling in the brain.

After I mentioned it in a birthday video a year ago I got a few people contact me about it, desperate for a cure. I didn’t know much about it then except that I read that it is caused by a problem with your kidney, liver or heart.
I wouldn’t go as far as to say that, but I will say Turmeric is great at reducing inflammation caused by edema and perhaps other factors. There are studies attesting to its anti-inflammatory properties, so it is definitely worth trying right? Doctors said my liver wasn’t damaged (I had it checked first because I had a long history of alcoholism), they also gave my kidneys a clean bill of health.
Now, I don’t know if my brain was, in fact, swollen, but I know I have edema issues that I have greatly exacerbated by eating foods that cause it, and after taking the pills my eye let out a lot of water and then stopped hurting.
Painful Edema (Water Retention) behind eye- not visible like pitting edemaSince I have learned a little bit more about this condition (by experimenting on myself) I will do a short Edema Remedy Series adding new remedies that may come up over time.
It is better for you than any medicine because it is good for you and helpful as a liver detoxifier.

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