Grind seven almonds along with water and add pepper or sugar to taste according to your requirement. Include lots of spinach in every day diet as it is rich in antioxidants and beta carotenes that help to eradicate the cataract from your eyes. You can crush the flowers of the pumpkin and extract the juice and apply it on the eyelids twice a day.
Practicing pranayama daily would improve the circulation to your eyes and will help you to be free from cataract from occurring in your eyes. Use the eye bright herb and extract its juice and apply this as eye drops to heal cataracts very effectively.

If you are diagnosed with cataract at the early stage then you can use dusty miller every day. This herb called Ginkgo Biloba is an excellent natural cure for cataracts as it helps to increase the oxygen supply to your eyes.
Bilberry extracts help to reduce the pressure on your veins and blood vessels present in and around the retina area. They are known to impair the vision and this would make simple things very difficult for you. You can take about six grams of aniseed and six grams of coriander powder and brown sugar and grind into a fine powder.

It also helps to put a firm hold on the growth of cataract as the tension on the glaucoma of your eye. If you do not want a surgery to remove it then you can choose to opt for natural cure for cataracts as they will help you to remove the cataract off the eyes.

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