My article on the 870, and the 18″ version available in our shop, had me thinking over shotguns vs. That’s just my two cents, though, so make sure you always get advice from multiple sources before making a final decision. Banning people on FBI watch lists may seem like a common sense approach to gun control, but my friend’s story is just one example of how a reactionary measure can deprive him of his constitutional rights. They’re short, and a user will have no problem handling in confined spaces, like when going through doorways or down hallways.
In my friend’s case, his name was added to a list simply for browsing the internet without due process, and now his right to bear arms is in jeopardy.

We are also the home of the 10% interest pawn loans on firearms, jewelry, and other valuables! You’ll also have an easier time turning on lights and opening doors with your offhand. Accuracy at long range isn’t needed with a home defense gun, but control is, and the two-handed stance aiming and firing a shotgun requires makes me feel more in control overall. Shortening a shotgun provides you the most maneuverability, but also requires jumping through multiple hoops to do legally.
We are donating 10% of our sales this weekend to the Memorial Fund for the victims of the Pulse Nightclub Terrorist Attack.

Lastly, many handguns offer more chances to shoot an intruder, as they have large capacity magazines. And while this is a viable work around, most first time gun owners aren’t going to bother. Likewise, making sure all of your projectiles are accounted for, or that your slug doesn’t go through a wall can be another very serious worry.

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