Australian Training Institute (ATi) is a Registered Training Organisation specialising in First Aid training. Courses available include CPR, First Aid, Asthma Management and Anaphylaxis Management run four days a week across three different venues.
Provider No: 22274, located in the northern suburbs offering the community nationally accredited training courses that will fulfil the career paths needs of individuals. Technical Advanced Training’s mission is to meet community needs for a demanding job role and meaningful to the workplace. Technical Advanced Training will aim to provide a safe, caring and professional learning environment in a co-educational setting.

If your first aid certificate has expired, or you do not have one, you choose the ONE DAY COURSE, which requires the additional completion of an 1 hr online workbook.
With over 40 years’ of practical, hands on experience shared among our trainers, we pride ourselves in delivering effective First Aid training of the highest calibre. All courses are delivered by SELC Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 34 051 281 380), CRICOS Provider 00051M.
Over the years, we have developed many long-standing relationships as a trusted service provider to major corporations, private clients, small business operators and their families. Corporate and group training is customised to any industry you may be in with extensive support provided to all clients even after their training is completed.

Saver Sam is our interactive simulator manikin that gives you instant feedback on how you are performing. ATi is not just another RTO, it’s a family with a passion for training where all employees hold traditional values that shape our corporate culture. So book a course today and experience the newest cutting edge simulated First Aid training right here at ATi!

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