Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! If you’re a Paleo athlete or everyone someone who is aware of the necessities that your body needs pre and post a workout, then you may be a tad bit concerned about the Paleo diet due to the lack of carbs (starchy vegetables) that many people use to bulk up.
If you’re trying to lose body fat your post workout snack should include protein, some carbs (from fruits and vegetables) and a little bit of health fat.
If your exercise goal is to increase your lean muscle mass, then you’ll need to focus on an after workout snack that doesn’t only replenish damaged muscle tissue, but ones that will also restore energy that was lost.
As mentioned, you need carbs after your workout if you are trying to build lean muscle mass. Now, if you want to include some healthy fats with your post exercise snack, add in things such as; coconut chips or flakes, avocado, olives, nuts and Paleo friendly trail mix.
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Download BISE Lahore Android App Free from google store in order to have everything in your hand. Our first position violin fingering chart helps you easily learn violin note locations on your fingerboard and the music staff. This beginner violin fingering chart shows the relation between first position violin notes on a music staff and the notes on a violin fingerboard using a Fretless Finger Guide. Use it to learn violin : The two numbers below each note on the music staff above represent the string the note is found on, and the finger the note is played with, respectively. Between the natural notes there are two colored triangles inside a square box like in the example below.
In the example above, if you are playing the Blue B on the G (4) string and need to descend one half tone to B flat, move your second (2) finger down the fingerboard to the box that contains the Blue triangle.
Key Signatures: The key signature tells you which notes are sharped or flatted in a scale or song.

Using the information from the first position fingering chart above, play this C major scale. Fretless Finger Guides™ give you the advantage when learning scales and note positions on a fingerboard. Start playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the fourth (4) string using your third (3) finger. However, there is no need to worry because just like always, the Paleo diet has you covered and does it better. If you have too much fat after a workout will discourage protein absorption and if you have too many carbs, it will result with an insulin spike.
Carbs are ideal, but as mentioned, you can receive these from Paleo friendly foods and not starchy vegetables. Some incredible snacks include; Grass-fed jerky, fresh tuna, salmon, shrimp or sardines, steak, chicken or turkey and hard boiled eggs. Some things you can snack on include; squash, veggies such as carrots, peppers, cucumbers, celery, radishes as well as fresh fruit such as berries, apples, pears, melons but be weary of the glucose levels that come with fruits. However, remember that you should only have small amount of healthy fat post workout, but you should have plenty throughout your entire diet.
For example, the first note on the music staff in the chart above is a Green G played on the open (O) G (4) string. The first number (4) is the string the note is on, and second number (1) is the finger the note is played with. If you are playing the Red A on the G (4) string and need to ascend one half tone to A sharp, move your first (1) finger up the fingerboard to the box that contains the Red triangle. The C scale below is one of the few scales that contains no sharps or flats and requires no key signature. From left to right, start with the Yellow C on the fourth (4) string, using your third (3) finger.

Whether you are learning on your own, taking violin lessons or fiddle lessons, color coding songs is a great way to learn the names and positions of the notes on the staff.
Examples are providing below, and remember to always eat your post exercise snack within 30-60 minutes afterwards – the sooner the better. Since your body enters insulin sensitivity mode post workout, you can eat little carbs and reap the incredible benefits without a huge insulin spike. These are some of the best because you can easily bring them to the gym with you in a container or quickly get them in your system within 30-60 minutes after you finish breaking a sweat.
You'll need seven colored pens or markers that correspond with the colors on the Fretless Finger Guide™. The "down" pointing triangle is a flat when you are descending a scale (going down in tone). The key signature appears between the treble clef and time signature on a piece of sheet music. Using the first position violin fingering chart, and seven matching colored markers, any fiddle or violin song or violin scale written for first position can be color coded and numbered for use with the Fretless Finger Guide. Generally, any note that lies on the same line as a sharp sign is sharped and any note that lies on the same line as a flat sign is flatted.
For instance, as a musician playing a composition in E major you will need to know which notes on the staff will be sharped. Our Fretless Finger Guides™ provide the violin player with a clear way to find chord groupings, scale notes, arpeggios and notes on a music staff right on the violin fingerboard. A comprehensive study of scales is an extremely important factor in a well rounded music education.

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