The once popular but a bit OP card X-Bow got nerfed again by Supercell, however, another card becomes quite popular after the March 23 update. As you can see, the average Elixir cost is pretty low with only 3.1, which means this deck has a pretty high error-tolerant rate. One of the main jobs Tesla does is to counter your opponent's air troop but also Tesla is good at dealing with some aggressive ground troops, such as Prince and Hog Rider. Before adding Minion Horde, this deck is weak in dealing with air troops (only Tesla and Spear Goblins) so Minion Horde is added for defense while Arrows is used to counter Boblin Barrel or Minion Horde or Goblins.
The main strategy is same as the traditional X-bow or Mortar deck: focusing on defending in the early game.

The University of Phoenix has pledged to maintain some degree of physical presence in existing markets for its current students after announcing earlier this month that it would close 115 locations. Topics covered: Higher Ed policy, technology, online learning, MOOCs, for-profit news and much more. Your opponent will be in disadvantage if he uses a lot of resources to counter it but he also can't just play some random troops to deal with Mortar. Put Mortar in the front of the river and then put Tesla beside and Knight can be placed before Mortar as a tank. Play Minon Horde if your opponent plays Baby Dragon while Arrows can counter your opponent's Minion Horde if he tries to use them to counter your Mortar.

Just you have to be very familiar on how to use those common cards to counter the current popular decks. All in all, wait for your opponent to play first so we can counter him according to what he plays.

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