Known as "Deep Throat," Felt was the FBI informant who helped Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein take down President Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal in 1974.
A former CIA employee and government contractor, Snowden leaked classified NSA information in 2013, exposing several global surveillance programs.
A former White House staff member, Tripp became a key figure in the Monica Lewinsky scandal that led to the impeachment of then-President Bill Clinton in 1999. The founder of WikiLeaks, Assange is behind more than 1.2 million disclosures, including sensitive documents furnished by Chelsea Manning. A chemical technician, Silkwood became famous for exposing corporate practices related to health and safety of workers in a nuclear facility. A former tobacco executive, Wigand went on “60 Minutes” in 1996 and stated that Brown & Williamson had intentionally increased the amount of nicotine in its cigarettes. In the 1990s, Whitacre worked with the Feds to expose price fixing in agriculture by his own company, ADM. It gets back to my original point, the Soviet propaganda machine would never have allowed such a lie to stand if it existed. France anexed a terriotry from Germany which was the industrial center of Germany that could even repay the huge debt with its help but it was French now. Most Germans did not share hate against the slavic population and even 90% of the SS like slavs which explains all the recruits the Germans had in Ukraine, the Baltic states, even the cossacks joined the SS, which were Hitlers personal army to fight against the SSSR. Also, talk about siezing land, the reasons Germany attacked the SSSR was to defend Finland and the entire Balkan states from the SSSR and because the soviets were massing their troops and making army airports at the German border.
Army private was convicted in 2013 after releasing nearly three-quarters of a million classified or sensitive documents to WikiLeaks. After facing extradition to Sweden, he sought refuge at the Embassy of Ecuador in London in 2012 and was granted political asylum by Ecuador.
Shall I start linking videos to a man who claims he worked at Area 51, saw Aliens and test, yet has no proof he ever did?
Basing your opinions of them would be like asking about capitalism from the communist party.

Jews were know in Germany as the elites, big dogs, or simply moneylenders and bankers because they were scamming Germans and taking and selling their homes, similar to the thing what is done in the modern western world but in a larger scale unemployment after a world war that they didn't lose. Also, do not forget about the fact that Poland and Czech were killing German CIVILIANS living there left and righ.
So it would be hard to do it, but the holocaust was known and propagated mostly by the allies , I don't know why, but I do know that they did.
Germans weren't so much as conquerors but liberators to many, including the best example in the Baltic states where people would even go out in the streets to cheer to the convoy of German troops. Approximately the same number, however, can be deduced in another way if we examine statistics for the Jewish populations remaining in countries occupied by the Reich. Or better yet to Cliven Bundy claiming his family lived on the ranch for 300 years, yet purchased in 1942?
Do you think the Soviets would not have been the first to discredit the holocaust as western propaganda? Christ dig up anything on my leaders or the British leaders of the time, the latter was ready to employ anthrax.
Before then my nation had no vested interest in the Jewish people, Nuremberg was not to punish them for what they did to the Jews, but all of Europe. The only reason they were in such a bad position is because of their fast rise to power and money.
And that is what got Hitler mad, you could have been fighting against the SSSR together, but you had to talk about how you are going to get to Berlin in a week and destroy the country.
Even the deaths of the Polish, homos and others were not even KNOW by the world until an independent historian pointed that out.
No, it means a lot of fools in suit who can write well can make convincing ******** to attempt to prove their point. I digress, all you have is the statements of idiots screaming COVER UP COVER UP, all statements were made under torture I know because they told me!
What about the debts they incurred, to be paid by the annexation of Austria, Czechoslovakia, and my ancestral home of Poland?

Now, the jews scam their way to them top, have a revolution in 18-19 that killed a million Germans, and many jews in that time used slavs as minions to carry out their plans. And no there was not just 3.5 million Jews in Europe, that doesn't even cover the Jewish population of Poland circa 1850. This red pill nonsense is ********, not taking the liberal crybabies on their work and arguing against them is one thing, actively being cancerous like this is just as bad if not worse than they are.
They who could not infiltrate their own Jewish communities as they did to the Russian Orthodox church? Israel makes a big deal about the crimes committed against them, but as a nation of Jews it's expected. They who backed puppet regimes in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and elsewhere while the US threw it's support behind Israel?
They recruited conscripts from Slovakia and Poland mostly, some Indians and Muslims as well, those they only numbered about 150k.
And as you can see, the jews are doing the same to the muslims what they were dealing with the Germans.
The 1931 Jewish population census for Poland put the number of Jews at 2,732,600 (Reitlinger, Die Endlosung, p. The Germans also had a grudge against the Polish because, of you know, their entire history together has been nothing but war and slavs making germanics into slavs, and germans germanising slavs, all around the great migration. You mean to ******* tell me the Soviet ******* Union would not come out with evidence against not just one but two enemy nations? And by Nuremberg do you mean history is written by the victor, torture the Germans and make them confess kind of story? Reitlinger states that at least 1,170,000 of these were in the Russian zone occupied in the autumn of 1939, about a million of whom were evacuated to the Urals and south Siberia after the German invasion of June 1941 (ibid.

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