As a precautionary measure, remember not to keep the ice pack on the swollen ankle for more than twenty minutes. The doctor may advise to use crutches or walker, so that all the body weight does not fall on your swollen ankle.
The doctor might prescribe certain pain relievers to get rid of the pain caused due to ankle swelling. After a few days, it is suggested to carry out a few rehab exercises, to bring the ankle back to movement. Most of the ankle swelling conditions can be effectively treated with the help of the aforementioned tips.
A coated tongue can indicate any number of health conditions whose symptoms appear in the mouth. Stop smoking cigarettes and using other tobacco products that are known to coat and discolor the tongue and create bad breath. Most dairy foods create mucus in the body which can also appear on the tongue leaving a sticky white coating on the. Colloidal silver is an excellent product to choose to prevent a coated tongue and alleviate bad breath.
As long as your don’t have thrush, use a tongue scraper or a clean tooth brush on your tongue to keep it clean and prevent the coating.
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JB Bardot is trained in herbal medicine and homeopathy, and has a post graduate degree in holistic nutrition.
The information included on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat disease. It is suggested to apply ice pack on the swollen ankle several times during the day, for around fifteen minutes every time to reduce ankle swelling.
Leaving the ice on the affected area for a longer time might worsen the condition of the ankle.
The ankle should be properly wrapped with the ace bandage, so as to provide protection to the swollen ankle.
This would prevent further aggravation of the condition and would help in treating ankle swelling at a faster pace.
This practice of using crutches or walker while walking would not allow strain to fall on the swollen ankle, consequently speeding up the recovery process.

You might get relief from the pain, but these medicines do not help in treating the problem from the roots. Therefore, it is advised to follow the aforementioned tips of making use of ace wrap, taking proper rest, elevation and using ice pack as effective swollen ankle treatment options, rather than taking the support of pain relievers. However, in case of severe tear of ligaments, which might occur as a result of ankle sprain, surgery might be recommended.
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A razor burn can be defined as a skin irritation that happens soon after an area has been shaved. Cold CompressA cold compress is a very effective and easy way to get instant relief from the burning sensation caused by razor burns. Black TeaThe black tea bags that you use to make yourself a cup of tea can also help get rid of razor burn.
Neem is an herb from India also called Adirachta indica, purported to be an effective substance for treating and clearing a coated tongue, explains Depak Chopra.
Garlic is well-known for it’s ability to act on fungus and bacteria, effectively destroying candida throughout the body.
It’s a natural antimicrobial, antibiotic, and antifungal that is virtually tasteless and safe for oral and topical use. Bardot retired from a 25-year natural healthcare practice caring for both people and animals. JB Bardot does not provide personal consultations, treatments or suggestions for individuals regarding dosing or experiencing any health conditions or diseases.
It is important to treat ankle swelling as soon as it occurs, so that the recovery process is speeded up and any other major problem in the ankle is avoided. It is strongly recommended to have rest and restrict the movement of ankle, until pain subsides.
And upset stomach, autoimmune diseases or an unhealthy life style such as smoking cigarettes or heavy alcohol consumption may be the cause of your tongue discoloration.
Beer and sweet alcoholic beverages in particular can aggravate thrush making it more difficult to prevent a coated tongue and bad breath. Avoid milk, cheese and other dairy products unless they are fermented, such as yogurt or kefir. Although it won’t help your breath while eating garlic, after the thrush is gone, you can then resume the above steps to prevent a coated tongue and bad breath.

At times, it can be itchy and swollen, too.Razor burn is commonly associated with men who shave their faces frequently. Plus, it will help reduce redness and itching, as well as prevent razor bumps from forming.Wrap a few ice cubes in a thin towel. HoneyKnown for its antibacterial properties, honey can also be used to treat razor burn quickly. I then followed with rubbing aspirin on the bumps and leaving for a few minutes before washing off.
Fermented foods have live enzymes that digest mucus residue on the tongue as well as throughout the digestive tract. A variety of herbal and other natural treatments are useful to clean your tongue, prevent additional problems and sweeten your breath. Combine one tablespoon of dried neem leaves with one cup of water and boil to reduce the mixture to about half a cup and cool. There are several causes of razor burn, such as using a dull blade, using a hard soap, shaving dry, unconditioned skin and just having sensitive skin.Razor burn can cause a lot of discomfort. Plus, honey can prevent the area from becoming infected.Apply some honey directly on the irritated skin. I put on a generous amount of aloe vera lotion and made sure to sleep face up so as not to rub it off until it was soaked up by my skin. It is often a sign of deeper systemic infections and should be evaluated by a health care professional if it does not disappear. Its anti-inflammatory properties work to reduce inflammation as well as the itching sensation. Allow it to air dry and rinse it off with cold water.Alternatively, you can mix together one-half teaspoon of honey and one-tablespoon of plain yogurt. The bumps were pretty much gone after a few hours!!Bre September 26, 2015 at 7:39 pm ReplyOh good. Apply this mixture on the affected area, allow it to sit for 15 minutes, and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.Use either of these treatments three or four times a day for as long as needed.
The soothing as well as cooling nature of aloe vera will give you instant relief from the burning sensation and inflammation.

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