The Hello Bar is a simple web toolbar that engages users and communicates a call to action. Of course they also have cute things for your kids, like personalized children’s plates, hooded towels, blankets, crafty stuff, books, sleeping bags, and…. In fact, there were so many that I loved, I had to post a photo on my facebook page and ask for help choosing! You can also have the top flap embroidered with a name or you can choose to leave it blank. I LOVE all their baby products but I love the Lime & Hot Pink Mint Baby Blankie the most!

I love the pink, blue, and green colors, the design of the trees, birds, and owls, and fun little features. Find custom skin covers for PCs (Toshiba, Acer, Dell, HP & Asus), Apple Macbook and netbooks (Acer, Asus, HP Mini & Dell Mini). Most of their items can be personalized, which is a growing trend that I love, especially for my kids.
I’ve been looking for the perfect one for Rebecca because Ryan has one of his own and loves to use it when we visit grandma and grandpa.
There are shoulder straps, once Rebecca can use them, and a handy carry strap handle at the top for me to use.

I really like the hippy chick one on the left and a few other people voted for that one, too.
I love that the shoulder straps are adjustable with a few button options (bottom right photo above). But in the end, I was most drawn to the pretty blue one on the right–also a very popular pick on my FB page.

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