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The advice in this booklet for children is about healthy eating and not about reducing weight.
I’m curious to know if you ever shop at Aldi, and if you have tips for shopping there. I’m not an exclusive Aldi shopper, but I do shop there with regularity and can offer a few suggestions.
As a general rule, I have found that the baseline (non-sale, non-coupon) prices at Aldi are as much as 50% lower than at your typical local or chain grocery stores. We happen to have an Aldi right around the corner from us so it’s definitely convenient.
I shop at Aldi for inexpensive produce, milk, eggs, yogurts, cream cheese, dried beans, pasta, and nuts. They always have at least three or four produce loss leaders in their weekly ad – and these deals are definitely stock-up worthy.
The price of milk varies regionally, but I have found that Aldi is far cheaper than any other store, including Costco. One thing to add to their guarantee — they not only give you your money back (no questions asked) on any item, but they ALSO give you a replacement item for free! I have a love-hate relationship with that middle section – it can really throw off my budget. In Oak Park the milk at aldi is consistently less than any other store by at least a dime & is CRC.

I used to always coupon our oatmeal, I just found that their oatmeal has a good ole OU and at $1.99 for 42oz, thats savings! The last point is purely personal: Aldi is a German-owned company, selling many products manufactured in Germany. I find that I have to check *everything* for changes in hechsherim – not just at Aldi. We have a standard list of things that we buy at Aldi weekly (eggs, milk, butter, yogurt, butter, oil, sugar). Their cashews are great (and cheaper than Costco) if your family likes them – they are our favorite. Please note that the materials contained on this Website do not replace any specific medical advice, diagnosis or treatments recommended by a doctor or any other professional. This infographic provides simple and easy to understand tips to make any restaurant more profitable.
I’d love for any of my Aldi-shopping readers to chime in in the comments section, too! If your tomatoes are a little mealy (which has happened to me once or twice – see Disadvantages), you can return them for a full refund. I actually don’t mind it, but I know a lot of people balk the first time they go to Aldi. You must bring your own bags – or pay for theirs (like in Europe), which definitely encourages me to remember my bags! I don’t often buy tomatoes at Aldi anymore, as they have been lower quality than the ones I get elsewhere. Cream cheese, for example, regularly goes on sale for $.89, which usually beats sale + coupon at other stores.

It’s not such a big deal with my boys, but with a potty trained 2-year DD, yeah – clean is a very good thing! We regularly get the following from there: cooking spray, frozen veggies, milk, eggs, raisins, and crackers. Thet first section of the infographic discusses how to utilize social media in order to make more people aware of your restaurant and the food served.
For example, I consistently find that Aldi’s pasta and dried beans are less expensive than Great Value, the Walmart store brand.
That said, all of the Aldi stores that I have shopped at are clean and well-lit and have aisles wide enough for two carts to comfortably pass. Cabbage, cucumbers, cuties and carrots, however, are much hardier foods – and tend to be just fine at Aldi.
But now that I have my regular list, shopping at Aldi definitely offers huge savings in our overall food budget. I tried some cookies and crackers but I won’t do that again — they smelled terrible! We buy fruit (oranges, grapes, pineapples), veggies (yummy small cukes, green beans, and potatoes) and milk.
The other parts of the infograph discuss the importance of a good website, the benefits of a customer loyalty program, making takeout menus available, wireless solutions for ordertaking, portion control and striving to increase your online presence.

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