I hear people all the time saying "I don't have time to eat healthy" but I am here to tell you that it's not true!
I always have something healthy to eat rather than picking up or ordering something that costs way more $$$ and has way more calories.
I wash all of my fruits and veggies before I even put them in the refrigerator after getting back from the grocery store. Once the fruits and veggies are washed, I put the ones that I'm not cooking with right away into Tupperware FridgeSmart containers (read more about them in the Meal Prep tab of my blog - they're amazing). I picked up a bunch of frozen fish at the grocery store this time around (Mahi and salmon), so I took out the salmon I was planning on using and the frozen chopped spinach for the meatballs and stuck them in a bowl of water to thaw. While everything else was cooking in the oven, I fired up the George Foreman and cooked the chicken.
If I still haven't convinced you that meal prepping is awesome and worthwhile, feel free to ask questions!
I'm a food and fitness lover on a mission to document my healthy eating favorites and meal prep ideas.
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Yes, nowadays everybody is in a hurry and does not have time to cook tasty and healthy breakfast meals but we have to admit that we need to do it. Girls, ladies and mademoiselles, this is it, from now on we have to promise to prepare or cook simple and healthy stuff for our breakfast. Also some of us will say that they have time to cook but the list of healthy morning meals is too short. The fruity list continues with a special strawberry feast and a crazy cooling yoghurt dish. Spot on with this write-up, I actually believe that this web site needs much more attention. Smartlyfe is a free app and website that helps you manage the shopping lists, family chores, activities and more .
September 10, 2014 by Kimber 10 Comments This free printable planner makes packing lunches easy!
I am excited to partner with one of my favorite lunch box essentials, Wet Ones to bring you this post!

I have mentioned a few times on our Facebook page how both of my kids started school this year. Besides just getting a healthy lunch in there, I also have found that it is really easy to forget things that might be pretty important… like say a spoon to eat the yogurt I packed. One thing that was a must from the first day of school for us was a pack of Wet Ones for each lunch box.
I also love Wet Ones for after lunch because it cleans up the messes much better and easier than a dry napkin. So be a little adventurous and give your kid something new like Hummus, cucumber and pesto on a whole wheat bagel, or just stick with the trusty old ham and cheese on wheat. Get creative kids activities, family fun, and FREE printable activity sheets to your inbox! You would need a program like photoshop that will open the .pdf file with all of the layers.
Add your favourite seafood to this recipe - mussels, calamari, scollops - or replace the fish with diced chicken breast meat.
Sweet potatoes and broccoli on the bottom rack, meatballs on the middle rack and salmon and asparagus on the top rack. I had enough turkey meatballs left over to stick about 3 servings worth back into the freezer for later, plus a few snack size pieces of salmon and chicken that went into the refrigerator. How Body Weight Exercises Build Muscle How Can I Lean Out and Build Muscle With The Master’s Hammer and Chisel?
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We know that the traditional breakfast is very high on carbs, sugar and fat and now we have the chance to change it for good.
These plates look and taste just awesome and you can serve them not only in the morning, you can really savor it any time of the day.
The freshness of the cottage cheese is perfect if you add to your feast some fresh radish and of course some parsley. Rather than bringing marshmallows and chips, we brought healthy food, with little to no complaints from my peanut gallery! This is our fast, easy, and MOST delicious recipe we have, so the kids were thrilled to eat it .

My kiddos aren’t always the most diligent when it comes to cleaning, so I like to make it as easy as possible to avoid the sticky hands getting smeared on their clothes, bags, or school work.
This should be added with the chorizo to ensure the chicken cooks through.If gluten-free be sure to serve with a gluten-free bread.
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Take it as an awesome, but cool challenge that will help you feel and look great all day long.
With the help of a great pan, the non sticking type you can cook yourself a great low fat dish. I surprise how so much attempt you place to make this sort of magnificent informative website. I would prep all the ingredients so when we arrived all I had to do was put it together while my husband set up tents with the kids. Cook over a moderate heat, stirring frequently until the vegetables are soft but not browned.2.
Rex Shows You How NOT to Do Bicep Curls 5 Ways to Make Bodyweight Moves Tougher How Body Weight Exercises Build MuscleView all 5 Yoga Moves for Core Strength Ask the Expert: Can You Target Belly Fat? And you know the drill: by the time we start working we manage to have a beautiful and unwanted blood-sugar low level.
Yup, for starters, a menu that includes fresh fruits and homemade juice and coffee without sugar is the best choice. Add the prepared seafood and continue simmering until the seafood is just cooked, about 3-6 minutes.
Usually we try to fix this problem with a huge amount of sugar, like a choco donut and a big cup of sugared coffee. For this recipe we used a very spicy chorizo which gives a smoky spicy hot note to the gumbo. Add a slice of fish, some veggies or transfom it into a smashing morning burrito and enjoy it!

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