So, I’ve put together a collection of 40 Hot Weather Summer Meal Ideas, from your favorite Real Food Bloggers, that require little to no cooking at mealtime. Over to you – please share your absolute favorite Hot Weather Summer Meal Ideas in the comments!
Thank you for including some of my salads – that Salad Nicoise recipe is one of my favorites!
Add cabbage to your salad – White or red cabbage is almost always cheaper than leaf and most head lettuce and has awesome nutrients. Use a smaller plate – Trick your brain by using a full small plate instead of a halfway filled big plate.
Take the salt shaker off the table – Salt is a great addition to season food, but Americans severely overuse it. Plan your menus ahead of time – Last-minute meals tend to have more calories and cost more money than pre-planned meals.
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Thick, creamy soups with whole grain breads are easy to make, contain vegetables and other necessary nutrients.
Since scrambled eggs tend to be a family favorite, it can entice the consumption of whole grain breads, while also meeting needs for the finicky eater. Bowls of fruit on the kitchen counter at all times is another easy way to encourage a healthy diet. Canned or dry (soaking and cooking instructions are on the package) are cheaper than meat and a great source of protein. She enjoys reading, writing, cooking, socializing, and constantly struggles to find new and better ways to manage the home.
I'm an at home mom to 2 very rowdy boys, and I love to crochet, garden, learn how to be healthier, and write! Feeding a big family doesn’t have to mean huge portions of processed foods at the dinner table. What better setting for the life-long fond memories than the the lively dinner table where everyone spills their juicy stories of the day amid laughing? Incorporation of vegetables and cheese can turn leftovers into lunch without hampering the tight budget. When educated on nutritional needs, teens will come to understand that a can of fizzy drink and a packet of large fries account for around 700 calories with absolutely no nutritional value, and fat and sugar can add to acne issues too!

With a little organization and proper planning, meals can support sharp minds and agile bodies, as well as lead to time-efficient preparation with a tasty outcome. Fiber takes longer to digest than most other foods, and so supports that full feeling for longer.
When making a large pot of scrambled eggs, this can allow you to feed a larger number of people with lower cholesterol and fat.
A lean hamburger or a hard boiled egg counts as one serving, as does a handful of peanuts or other dry, roasted nuts. I blog to connect with the world and remind myself of who I am aside from someone’s mom – travel, style, fashion, kids, family, interiors, photography, inspiration! Turn chicken so the sauce gets on both sides and then put in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.
This way they have some ownership in the plan, and can become prepared for cooking and planning themselves. Cooking whole grain pastas and providing crackers, nuts and cereals as snacks will get you halfway there.

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