Green Foods; Green Antioxidants detoxify you in ways that are profoundly important says Dr. Purple Antioxidants; anthocyanins in purple foods do double duty, they go in and prevent damage and help heal the damage that is already done.
Each color has unique antioxidants and your goal is to pick the deepest, richest colors you can find in the grocery store. Kristin Kirkpatrick has designed a 24 antioxidant diet plan to amp up your daily intake plus sharing her tricks in how to get the most out of those nutrients.
Recent studies have shown that eating tomatoes and broccoli together creates greater health effects. Disclaimer:The information contained in this website is provided for informational purposes only, and is not intended to convey medical advice or to substitute for advice from your own physician. The Food Guide provides information about the amount and kinds of foods that people need to eat most days to get the nutrients needed for good health.
Most choices of foods should be ones that are the most nutritious choices from the food group.
The food guide includes information on the number of units of food from each group needed each day; and it includes information on the size of each food group unit. The food guide includes information on the number of units of food from each food group given at three different typical energy levels. How To Get Kids to Eat Great and Love It!Who worries about heart attack risks in a four-year old, adult-onset type diabetes in a twelve-year old, or cancer risks from the food we eat?  Well, perhaps we should be concerned.  According to Dr.
Recently making a comeback as an ultra-healthy ingredient in adult diets, the sweet potato has been loved by moms and babies for its tasteful benefits for decades. Easy to prepare and delicious for your baby to eat, the possibilities for sweet potato baby food recipes are virtually endless.
Try one of these sweet potato recipes the next time you’re looking for a new recipe for your family or little one. That refreshing “crunch” you get biting into a crisp stalk is one of the great pleasures of eating Celery.
Celery – Cooking, Serving and Preparing Sliced Celery The green Celery available in most produce sections today is a variety known as Pascal. To prepare Celery, rinse it well in clear, cold water, separating the stalks slightly as you rinse. For an easy side dish, braise Celery in vegetable stock; season with salt and pepper or favorite fresh herbs. A Celery rib with its attractive leaves makes a festive and natural swizzle stick for tomato juice-based iced drinks. Visit our recipes section and search by vegetable category, recipe type, vegetarian recipes or recipes with photos.
Ocean Mist Celery is low in fat and is a source of potassium, folic acid, carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium.
Watch our Celery harvesting video to learn more about how we grow and harvest celery at Ocean Mist Farms.
Ocean Mist Celery is grown in three different regions of California, so that it’s available year-round. After all, a good hearty bowl of oatmeal porridge is a recommended start to the day for us humans, (assuming you lay off the sugary ones). The secret lies in the fact oats contain complex carbohydrates, have a low glycemic index and are packed with beneficial nutrients such as zinc, magnesium, B-vitamins and vitamin E. One of the highest customer rating oatmeal based dog foods is a product called Nutro Natural Choice.

Furthermore, if your dog is unable to tolerate milk, (many canines are lactose intolerant) mix in water to create the porridge instead.
Should you want to, coconut milk is a nutritious substitute for dairy milk, and will be a tastier way of knocking up this oatmeal based doggie treat.
Other than the fact you should avoid any added flavorings if serving up oatmeal as dog food, you should also look out for any unknown allergies.
It is highly unlikely that your dog will be allergic to any of the ingredients of your average scoop of oatmeal, however if feeding them such foods for the first time, do so with a small amount. Watch for any adverse reactions to that small helping, and if your dog likes his porridge and shows no signs of allergies within a 24 hour period – you know you are safe to carry on feeding them the stuff.
Summer is all set to come and you need to choose the finest and most suitable food items for this season so that you stay healthy and fit. Oz, they go in and take away those free radicals but we have to prep them in a certain way to get the antioxidants out. Get those nutrients through whole foods and not supplements, whole foods work together to increase their potency. Additionally, this smoothie helps to provide energy, control cravings, and get antioxidants into your body early to help you tackle the stress of your day. Frying salmon or any fish will sap the nutrients; using an outdoor grill can add cancer-causing chemicals.
Chop tomatoes and artichoke hearts; mix with scallions, olive oil, add about half of the oregano and salt.
This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Using the information in the Food Guide also helps people not to get too much of some nutrients, such as energy, saturated fat and salt (sodium). Most of these choices will be low in saturated fats, low in added sugar and added sodium; and will provide essential nutrients.
Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamins A and E, beta carotene, potassium, calcium, fiber, and foliate. The first references to sweet potatoes were recorded more than 5,000 years ago and the first Europeans to discover sweet potatoes were members of Columbus’s expedition party to the New World in 1492.
Celery is such a reliable and non-flamboyant vegetable, people sometimes take it for granted. Most people think only of eating the stalks, or ribs, but Celery leaves are edible and can be used as an herb. Cut into small pieces and place in a wok or skillet that has been heated with a small amount of oil.
For a start oatmeal can help lower cholesterol, the knock on effect being the reduction in the chance of heart disease. Being so readily available, and with the aforementioned health benefits, it forms a reliable way of boosting the ingredients of many dog food products. Warm porridge may be a tad sloppy for your dog, however chunkier oatmeal will prove a little easier for them to eat.. You do not want any artificial fruits or flavorings added ino the mix, (as some oatmeal breakfast products have). Diet should be set according to each season so that you can have the finest way to live in the season.
Get your daily dose of antioxidants from whole foods, where compounds naturally work together. Studies have shown that eating a diet rich in antioxidant-containing foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, has been linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Cook your carrot whole so nutrients don’t escape, the riper the banana the higher the antioxidant level. Cot broccoli and let sit for a few moments to bring out the enzymes that helps with cancer reduction, then add heat to them. This soup is the perfect source of lycopene because heat breaks down the cell walls of the tomato to unleash its potency. Pair with this delectable gratin, containing artichokes, one of the only foods that maintain its nutrients when cooked. In fact, the Nutrition Action Health Letter recently rated 58 vegetables for overall nutritional value. Most moms say that baking sweet potatoes is the best way to bring out their natural sweetness and delicious flavor, while also retaining the most nutrients. Even with the word “potato” in its name, sweet potatoes are only a very distant relative to the common potato.
And no, Celery really doesn’t have “negative calories” — that enduring myth that it requires more calories to chew Celery than it contains.
Lutein and zeaxanthin are the antioxidants present in corn that help in the filtering of harmful sun rays so that your eyes get the same protection as with the sun glasses.
Mangoes also come with potassium to replace the amount that your body lose through activities. With parsley the fresher the better, combine your greens such as cabbage with vitamin C for maximum iron absorption. Freezing does not affect their nutrient potency, so you can stock up on berries while they’re in season.
Lightly steaming the broccoli is best; this is even better than eating it raw, because the heat helps enzymes bond to your digestive tract, rather than get flushed away. Be sure to leave the skin on while baking, then scoop out the “meat” at the end of the baking process. America produces nearly two billion tons of sweet potatoes annually and North Carolina is the leading U.S. Celery most often is consumed raw, but it’s also great cooked, especially as part of other dishes.
Oz’s ultimate antioxidant guide, simple ways to supercharge your foods, tips to get the most out antioxidants with guest Kristin Kirkpatrick.
Healthful enzymes are only activated after broccoli has been cut, so chop the florets in half or quarters. Another popular option is to peel the skin and cube the sweet potatoes, then boil them.  You may also choose to blend the sweet potatoes into a pureed mixture. Celery is considered by chefs and home cooks alike as one of the “big four” staples (along with Onions, Carrots and Parsley) when making stocks, sauces and countless other dishes. This fruit do not has huge amount calories in it and so you can include this in your diet without any fear. Sweet potatoes are the perfect accompanying dish or mixture with apples, squash, peaches, green beans, chicken, beef, pork and many other foods.
They are perfect for gumming and chewing and are easy on your little one’s stomach and digestive tract.

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