Carbohydrates currently get a bad press, but one thing you should take into account before your decide to ditch the carbohydrates is that this is the muscles’ main source of fuel! These are the recommended levels of carbohydrate intake based on duration of activity and body weight in kg. It is crucial that the determined, healthy athletes begin training sessions and competitions well hydrated. If you wait until you are thirsty to drink then it is probable that your body is at least 2 pints dehydrated.
The role of protein in our diet is to repair muscles and plays and important role in how the body responds to exercise.
Protein seems to be the dieter’s favourite at the moment, but let us squash the myths!
Diets encouraging protein as a source of energy (i.e cutting carbohydrates and eating high levels of protein) result in a condition called ketosis. For more information or to identify your individual requirements please contact 01509 218700 or 07973 782 647. If you’re new to the world of paleo dieting, then you might find this infographic very handy.
Grab a pen and paper (or iPhone) and start checking off your next paleo diet meal plan right now, it’s easy! If you have been following new diet developments, likely you have been hearing about glycemic index (GI) and especially about the low glycemic foods for weigh loss.
Glycemic Index sounds very complicated and many people are not sure what low GI and high GI is all about. Glycemic Index (GI) is a method of classifying carbohydrates according to their potential of raising blood glucose levels. Foods that have low GI cause a slow increase of glucose in bloodstream and a slow and controlled insulin release, which is good for weight loss. Breakdown and absorption of low GI food is slow, resulting in a slower and gradual release of glucose into the bloodstream. Experimental evidence clearly indicates that low glycemic foods and weight loss are directly proportional.

Recent animal research provides compelling evidence that high-GI carbohydrate is associated with increased risk of obesity. These principles have been applied to human diets now and when used correctly, the results are a significant weight loss for anyone who controls the consumption of bad types of carbohydrates . This gives me a great idea on what carbs I can and should eat, instead of just avoiding carbs all together.
Not too many people know about low glycemic food index, but the index is gaining popularity and people are starting to refer to it when they are choosing their foods.
Ssome are excellent and some can be harmful but our advice is based on the scientific facts of physical function. If your exercise programme requires power, strength, endurance or speed then you will burn carbohydrates. You should note that these are guidelines only, as intensity of activity is impossible to predict. It is easy to check whether your are hydrated or not – just look at the colour of your urine! Low- to moderate-intensity exercise that lasts for less than an hour, with low sweat loss, then the choice might be water.
Proteins are not a preferred source of energy and our body only uses them as a last resort. Paleo diets work for nearly anyone, whether you are looking to lose some weight in a healthy and safe manner, or if you’re looking for the perfect fitness boost to your lifestyle.
As well, you likely heard that to incorporate low glycemic foods into your diet is an excellent decision not only for weight loss but for your overall health. Because the body converts different types of carbs into sugar at different rates, the low and high GI values were established to indicate how quickly a particular food affects blood sugar level. On the other hand, foods that have a high GI cause a rapid increase in glucose levels, thus rapid increase in insulin, which is not what you want when weight loss and maintaining good health is your objective. Some of the low glycemic foods are wheat flour, brown and basmati rice, lentils, kidney beans, all vegetables that contain fiber, etc.
In one study, male rats were split into high and low GI groups over 18 weeks while mean body weight was maintained.

As you can see it is a fairly simple chart and if you are on your journey to weight loss, I am sure you will find only a few surprises here, even if you never knew about the GI index.
However, when working out a dietary plan it is always useful to understand how much fuel you burn. This can be worked out on an individual level only – please contact us directly for this! If it’s clear then you are fully hydrated, the darker and more yellow in colour you are dehydrated. Moderate- to hard-training sessions which last more than an hour, with greater sweat loss choose isotonic sports drink or make you own. A paleo diet may seem confusing at first, but after reading this paleo diet grocery list, you’ll have a good idea of what to eat. Rats fed the high GI diet were 71% fatter and had 8% less lean body mass than the low GI group.
It’s really not very constrictive, compared to many other diets out there, and it won’t sap you of any vital nutrients, either. Although recommendation vary, the general belief is that 55-60% of our daily calorie intake should come from these macronutrients.
Any healthy diet would have you incorporate most of these low GI foods already into your meal plans. If you still have questions after about what you should be eating, you can read more about the paleo diet from wiki or places like livestrong.
As you will find in the table below most of the complex carbs (unrefined and unprocessed) have a low glycemic index.

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