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There are apps for monitoring your baby bump, apps that provide check lists to help with "baby brain," apps that provide a list of foods that are pregnancy no-no's.
But there are plenty of other pregnancy apps that can help moms-to-be prepare for pregnancy. Disclaimer: Most pregnancy apps are created just for fun and are not approved or sponsored by medical professionals. At first glance, the Period Tracker looks more flowery than a tampon commercial, but don't let that put you off. After you enter start and end dates for your period, it then logs and calculates the average period start date over the course of three months to predict the start date for future periods, ovulation days and fertile days -- all of which appear on a month-by-month calendar.
The Period Tracker allows users to note moods and symptoms, such as acne, body aches and cramps, by date. The Kindara Fertility app is a little overwhelming, at first, but anyone who is super detail-oriented will love this app. A lot less flowery than other ovulation trackers, Kindara breaks down your menstrual cycle and all those days in between by fluid type and flow, plotting them on a chart over the course of 30 days and noting which days the user is ovulating. It also lets you keep track of your body temperature -- because your temperature tends to rise a few degrees when you are ovulating -- as well as moods, OPK results, spotting and pain levels so you can talk to your doctor about it at your next visit.
The BabyBump Pregnancy app, created by Alt12 Apps, Inc., not only counts down the days left before your due date and what week you are currently in your pregnancy, it also tells you what symptoms you might be feeling and when.
For example, the app tells you in Week 18 you might be feeling dizzy and reassures you that is normal. What made the Sprout app by Med ART studios stand out from other pregnancy apps is that it offers full-screen, 3-D interactives of how the fetus, its organs, limbs and facial features develop from week to week. Sort of like Cliffs Notes from the "Gray's Anatomy" reproductive section, each slide in the app shows the next stage in fetus' development with three to four buttons per slide that pop up with interesting facts.
Similar to other apps, Sprout has a "The Doc Says" tab, which offers a week-by-week explanation of symptoms you are probably experiencing as the fetus grows.
For all you organic and eco-friendly -- and expectant -- enthusiasts out there, this app is for you. Peaceful Nursery app by Spirit Quest World provides a shopping list for an eco-friendly nursery, including suggestions for an organic crib mattress, organic cotton crib sheets and other times. There are several pregnancy apps that include a checklist for what to pack in your hospital bag for when you go into labor.
What sets the BabyBag app by Andreas Krawczyk apart is that it lets users create several customized "packlists" for you, your partner, your baby -- heck, even grandma-to-be can have a list.
Other apps only offered a checklist for "mommy's bag" or "mommy, daddy and baby's bag." This app gives users a bit more freedom to personalize their lists.
My Pregnancy Today app by BabyCenter is one of the most popular pregnancy apps in the Google Play store, with more than one million downloads in the past month. It is another one of the all-encompassing pregnancy apps, with week-by-week fetal development images, explanations for how your pregnant body will change over time and a due date calculator, to name a few, but the "Check List" is one of the best features of this app.
Designated as its own tab, the Check List breaks down week-by-week lists of suggestions for what you could be doing to stay healthy and prepare for labor. The Foods to Avoid When Pregnant app, created by LitCharts, provides full menus of all those foods you are supposed to avoid when expecting and breaks them down into eight main categories: cheese and dairy, dressing and condiments, drinks and beverages, fish and seafood, frozen and prepared foods, meat and eggs, pates and spreads, and vegetables. From there, the app breaks the categories down even further into different ways those foods are prepared and what pregnant women should and should not eat. There are several apps for both iPhone and Android devices that offer pilates, yoga and other exercise moves specifically tailored to pregnant women -- again, please consult your doctor first -- but many those apps seemed to be on the pricey side.
First, the home screen asks users if they want to do a 30-minute workout or a full-body one. I'm Pregnant by Kolsoft is another all-encompassing app that includes week-by-week explanations of changes in your body and fetal development, a calendar, a weight tracker, a kick counter, packing check lists and a notes, or "diary," section. Say you don't want all the bells and whistles of 3-D images, weight trackers and doctor's appointment reminders, but the big day has arrived and contractions have started. Instead of trying to time your contractions with a wristwatch, consider a contraction timer app.
The Contraction Timer app by James Ots looks almost like an app marathoners might use to track their training runs. The Contraction Monitor app by Maxwell Software is a little more in-depth than most contraction timing apps.
Monitoring contraction frequency and time intervals, the Contraction Monitor allows users to rate how intense the contraction is on a scale from "very mild" to "very strong." It then generates a summary of your progress, complete with charts.
Aside from obviously being stereotypical, the m Pregnancy app has some fun features for men with pregnant partners, especially those who might roll their eyes at the idea of reading pregnancy books. The app, created by Double Dip Media, Inc., shows the fetus' development in increments a man can understand. The app also includes pregnancy facts and tips for dads-to-be, such as foods your partner should avoid when she is pregnant and how to help her prepare for delivery. 5 Things You Don't Expect When You're ExpectingTop 10 Changes in 'What to Expect'Jessica Simpson Reveals Baby's GenderIs Pregnant Kate Middleton Having a Girl?
Most of us are obsessed with healthy eating habits but a recent study claims that just eating healthy stuff is not enough to control obesity. Many people who live in the rural areas do not have access to proper clinics or drug stores.
Moreover, buying the kits every time you doubt pregnancy is a costly task, as you never know that you are pregnant until you make use of the test.
Hence, homemade tests are inexpensive and you need not worry to open your wallet every time you doubt the pregnancy.
Hence, if you find that the result is positive, it is better to visit a doctor so that you can be guided with proper prenatal care. It is very important to consider the first urine in the morning, as soon as the woman is out from the bed. It is definitely not suggested to preserve the first urine in any container for a long period of time.
However, if you find sugar clumps in the bowl, then you should know that you have tested to be positive. If the doctor also confirms the same, then you might be guided with better prenatal care which is completely based on your personal health and pregnancy period.

Toothpaste is another ingredient that is found in every house, irrespective of being poor or rich. This was also one of the most commonly preferred tests few decades ago, when pregnancy testing kits were not available in the drug stores.
With this, the colour of the mixture turns out to be forth or bluish, meaning that you are more probably pregnant. However, you cannot rely completely on this test, as it might prove to be inaccurate in rare cases. An important thing to note is that, nobody specified the proportion of the paste and urine that you should mix.
The first and foremost thing is that, the toothpaste that is mixed with urine will anyway turn frothy after sometime. Keeping this aside, if the solution turns bluish, remember that you are more probable to test positive for pregnancy. This test is a homemade one, but the ingredients might not be readily available in every house. This test is more suitable for those who can understand the nature of chemicals and their reactions so that they would understand why you need to add a specific chemical to the other, and why not in a vice-versa manner. Tylenol test is mostly preferred by those who have a very easy access to chemical stores, and who know how to measure chemicals in an accurate manner. However, this is not a rocket science if you can simply follow the procedure with the said instructions, without violating or interrupting the procedure with your self-made guidelines. When you do this test, you should ensure that you are using equal proportions of both the chemicals. To Tylenol, you need to add hydrogen peroxide and approaching the method in a vice-versa manner is not a valid process.
Moreover, the urine that you would be mixing with these chemicals should be the first one that you would relieve in the morning as soon as you are out of your bed. Once the chemicals are thoroughly mixed, keep it aside and take a clean bowl and pee in it. However, if you observe that the mixture is turning blue, then your probability of being pregnant is high. To confirm the same, it is better to consult a physician before you start taking pregnancy care. The method is absolutely safe and you need not worry about any harmful gases released as a result of chemical reaction of vinegar with your urine. This method was used by many women in the past decades, when the medical stores were not offering the ready-made pregnancy testing kits.
Ladies who wanted to know the result secretly between the four walls would use this method to know their probability of being pregnant. Also, women who would not have easy access to clinics or those who experienced financial crisis would make use of this handy method, before getting the same confirmed by a doctor.
All you need is a vinegar, which has not crossed the expiry date defined by the manufacturer.
Another important requirement is the urine that is collected in the early hours of the morning, most preferably the first undiluted one. If you find that the colour of the liquid remains unchanged, it means you have tested negative. The result is accurate in most of the cases, but sometimes it might turn out to be inaccurate. The first and foremost disadvantage of using this method is that the proportion of vinegar and urine you would be mixing is not known.
Hence, if either of the ingredient is mixed in unknown quantity, you never know if the mixed liquid is the colour you wanted at the time of mixing the liquids. This results in a lot of confusion and hence, your desire to know the result will be almost in vain.
Women who conceive will need to bare the fetus for next nine months before giving birth to the baby. In some countries like India, it is illegal to disclose the information about the gender of the baby. However, if you are serious about the gender, then it is not a good idea to completely rely on this method, as it is not 100% accurate. To make this test, you need a clean and dry bowl, 1 to 2 tablespoons of baking soda and the first relieved undiluted urine collection as a sample. The second result can be simply the opposite, meaning that the reaction does not fizz up and is very normal. If the result is the former one, where the reaction fizzes up, then you might be most probably carrying a baby boy in your womb. On the other hand, in the latter case, where there is no reaction at all, you might be carrying a baby girl in your womb. Apart from these tests, there other homemade pregnancy tests to know the gender of the unborn child.
Bleach has been used as a cleaning agent since many decades that cleanses and whitens clothes because of its oxidizing properties.
Most of the homemade pregnancy tests are safe while some of them might be harmful due to the chemical reactions that take place.
Bleach test is one among them and you should ensure that you do not carry on this test in an enclosed area like a closed room or a bathroom.
The threat is that when you mix the urine sample with the bleach, it reacts to release some gases which might suffocate you.
All you need is a clean and dry bowl, bleach and urine sample that is collected when you relieved it first in the day. An important point to note is that, you should not try to smell the reaction in order to avoid any harm, as you might start feeling difficult to breathe. As a precautionary step, you can make use of a mask to cover your nose and mouth, while performing the test. Adding another point as a disadvantage to this, the appropriate proportions of urine sample and bleach is not known.
These unclear instructions and guidelines might give you wrong results as you never know if you added proper proportions of the ingredients. Apart from the above mentioned tests, several other homemade pregnancy tests are available that originated from different parts of the globe.
One of the test is a pine sol test, which is carried out by first creating a pine sol by adding pine cones, twigs and needles in a hard plastic container, and then adding a urine sample to it to see if the colour of the pine sol changes.

The HCG hormone released by the placenta of pregnant woman will circulate in the complete body, and will be present in both blood and urine.
The test conducted may  not accurate all the time, and hence you must see a doctor if you these tests double your doubt of pregnancy. During the day she’s a freelance health communication professional based in USA and has done her masters in health communication.
But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked. A search on the Android app store Google Play and the iPhone App Store produced around 1,000 results.
According to the report, on average, 47 percent of total mobile subscribers using one or more health app are using a pregnancy-related app. There is even an app that will morph photos of you and your partner's faces together to show what your baby might look like. It includes 3-D visuals of a mother's changing body as well as the baby's development week-to-week (based on the due date), a check-list of common questions to ask the doctor (based on each pre-natal appointment), a symptoms tracker, a contraction timer, tips for healthy pregnancy and articles targeted to your current trimester. One section, labeled "Eggs, Cooked," says "cooked eggs are safe for pregnant women to eat but under-cooked eggs could be contaminated with salmonella," so pregnant women should avoid runny or soft-boiled eggs.
For example, it tells you that a 10-week-old fetus is 1.2 inches long, or about the size of a beer cap. People in the olden days used to make use of these tests and would rely on them confidently. The ingredients used in these tests are simply available in our day today life and are most commonly used in our daily home maintenance.
People whose living style is below the poverty line might not be able to afford the pregnancy kits available in the drug stores. This test was most commonly used in the olden days, few decades ago, when no pregnancy testing kits were made available by the drug stores. This test proved to be accurate most of the times, but might turn out to be inaccurate in rare cases. During this time, the placenta starts to produce a hormone called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). Had there been any instructions that tell you how fast the solution should turn frothy, you can be clear with the results. Hence, if the same happens to you, it is suggested to consult a doctor to get the confirmation. In order to make the pregnancy test using these chemicals, you need to ensure that you use the right amount of ingredients and follow right procedure. It is better to prefer a glass bowl to avoid unnecessary chemical reactions with the metal. In case you find that the colour of the mixture remains unchanged, it means that you have most probably tested negative. The doctor will check the status and health of your fetus and guide you with prenatal care accordingly. However, if you find that the colour of the liquid has changed, it means you have tested positive. Hence, if you see the change in colour, it is suggested to visit a doctor to confirm the same before you proceed with prenatal care.
This test proved to be 70% accurate and thus, many ladies rely on this test before visiting a doctor for confirmation.
The results would appear within a few minutes and is extremely safe, simple, easy and convenient method.
Homemade pregnancy test with baking soda is different from other homemade methods in the way that you can guess the gender of the baby with this test. However, you can still not underestimate the result of this test, as it proved to be accurate for at least 7 women out of 10. According to ancient Germans, if the wheat seeds germinate, you might be having a baby girl and if the barley seeds grow, you might be having a baby boy.
Irrespective of testing positive or negative, you should be very careful with the fumes released during the chemical reaction.
These tests are effective only when you use proper ingredients in proper proportionate, follow proper method and make use of first morning urine. The study claims that people generally end up eating too much when they are eating healthy stuff.There is a reason for this.
The HCG hormone that is present in the urine will mix with the toothpaste to form a reaction with the chemicals that are present in the toothpaste.
The difference is very less and hence, you need to surely confirm that the colour has really changed.
People generally think that it is good to eat healthy stuff as much as possible and this is where the importance of portion size comes into the picture. Over the course of a mere couple of decades, world’s politics has changed dramatically.
Also, when some healthy foods are less filling, people tend to stuff in more and more to feel full.
Superpowers have fallen, the Cold War is well behind us and countries which not long ago were considered hallmarks of poverty have significantly changed their status. People still have outdated, at times far fetched, impressions of how life in such countries as Vietnam, China or India is like. The truth is, these countries are catching up with the affluent west, and with these countries, their population is also experiencing the growth that comes with increased wealth.
A new report released by the  Overseas Development Institute claims that since 1980 the number of overweight and obese adults in the developing world as quadrupled, rounding the whole figure at 1 billion. The figures become even more disheartening when we take into account that most of the obesity growth comes from developing countries like Egypt or Mexico.
On a country level, China and Mexico experienced the greatest obesity growths, as  overweight and obesity rates had almost doubled. Researchers also studied a different group of people which was made to order some food before they watched a short film. Researchers also closely observed their food intake while they were busy watching the film.

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