Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. Healthy Eating posters provide a visual tool to support the implementation of lessons and activities in the Healthy Eating Action Resource. Posters are included in the Healthy Eating Action Packs, which schools receive when they have a Healthy Eating Workshop.
At Google's New York City offices, it's rumored you are never more than 150 feet from some kind of food. Like most everything in the search giant's office culture, the cafeteria was hyper-analyzed and re-engineered to be loaded with "nudges" intended to lead people towards healthier food choices. So plates and take-out containers were swapped out for smaller sizes to "nudge" smaller portions, further encouraged by a posted sign that read, "People who take big plates tend to eat more." Nobody wants to be seen with too much food on their plate or, heaven forbid, two containers full of food. According to the search giant, the 3,000 employees who work at the Manhattan office consume 124,500 pounds of berries, 348,600 pounds of protein and 224,200 shots of espresso annually.

Jennifer Kurkoski , who heads a department at Google called people analytics, crunched the numbers on employee eating habits and overhauled how food was presented around the building. In fact, Kurkoski added, during the experiment, the proportion of total calories the employees consumed from candy dropped 9 percent, from 29 to 20 percent, and the proportion of total fat consumed from candy dropped 11 percent, from 26 percent to 15 percent. Other employees weren't drinking water because they thought it would take too long to fill up their glass.
Googler Sofia Buschman said she gained more than the Google 15 when she starting working there. Despite the food experiments and structured eating environment, Buschman said she didn't feel manipulated by the cafeteria overhaul and that she has slimmed down. For example, research shows people tend to pile up on the first thing they see, so the salad bar was moved to a prime real estate spot by the front entrance.
The healthy nudges began when Google employees started complaining that they were gaining weight.

Here, servings can be consumed in three bites -- enough to satisfy a craving but not be a diet buster. In the coolers, water bottles were moved to eye level and the sodas sent down to the bottom shelf. So when word got around you could fill a glass up with water in 7 seconds, consumption increased.
Joe Labombarda, the executive chef at Google's Manhattan office, said the unlimited food perk, which was originally designed to maximize productivity and loyalty, created an undesired side effect: People kept coming back for more -- and often.

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