All meats are not created equal hihihi Well, I know having a vegetarian diet is very healthy.
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This recipe for New York strip steak with whiskey-mushroom sauce can be a main dish for the Holidays. This is all so weird because while I was raised on plenty of vegetables, I never liked them because I was so involved in growing them, picking them, canning or freezing them.  I hated everything that came out of the garden…well except for my families heirloom tomatoes, now those are seriously amazing!

Last night I made salmon and each one of us had a small piece, but the rest of our plates were filled with vegetables and brown rice.  We had kale (of course) sauteed with avocado oil and 2 slices of beef bacon crumbled on top, pinto beans with onions and salad.  I looked at my husband after I had filled my plate and told him there was something wrong (or finally right!) with me because my plate was piled high with these super healthy and nutritious foods, and I was EXCITED to eat them!  It was amazing!  My body was screaming THANK YOU! Now if only I could get my husband to like beans, and my kids to like kale!  Unfortunately, I think I was the only one excited about last night’s dinner!
If you are like me, or just need to have animal protein in order to feel satisfied don’t worry. At Happy and Healthy we want all to be able to find good recipes and that includes meat eaters too.

To be healthier try to find organic meats where the animals were not injected full of hormones or mistreated all their lives.

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