That’s an important characteristic that people need to understand when working with lorikeets because it is a characteristic that bird food manufacturers often exploit.
I receive a lot of messages for help with ‘aggressive’ lorikeets and before I even think about training techniques, the first question I always ask is what are you feeding it? A common answer is some sort of seed, a pellet (even a special lorikeet pellet) or some sort of dry lorikeet mix. When it comes to lorikeets, an owner needs to think about what motivates a bird food company to market such a diet as a “solution”?
That sounds like common sense but I can’t emphasise enough, just how well some of these products are marketed.
2 heaped teaspoons of Passwells lorikeet mix, combined with half a jar of apple and mango Heinz baby food.
So please don’t just assume a bird food company’s marketing has your bird’s best interest at heart. My lorikeet is sneezing heaps but she still is playing and acting like normal, does the sneezing mean much to her health? Motherhood looks good on Ivanka Trump! The "Celebrity Apprentice" star shows off her fit figure on the May cover of Shape magazine, where she opens up about raising her children and her healthy lifestyle. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It’s a runny, sticky, noxious substance, that I half-jokingly argue has the corrosive power to melt concrete. I’m pretty sure it isn’t because they think that constipation is a healthier alternative to normal digestive function.

Birds will survive on these diets without any obvious signs of ill effect and so owners swear that they’re fine. If given a dry mix or a pellet, they’ll drink more to compensate and you’ll either have a constipated bird, or one who poos a lot of clear liquid.
Then I often get told about the mess their bird has made when they have tried that in the past.
If you find yourself needing to change how a bird’s digestive system works in order to live with that bird – then perhaps you chose the wrong species of bird as a pet? I know from working with my 60-year-old galah, that early dietary issues may not show up until the end of a bird’s lifespan.
Getting the diet right is definitely an important start for any training that you want to do. They also get other fresh veggies, mangos, apples, mullberry branches, and other fresh foods. I put some Aspen shavings in their nest box, but the female, Sidney, throws everything out of the box, and it is quite empty. None of this business of a nice clean drop straight through a grille at the base of a cage! Many people have tried to convince me that they have found a amazing diet “especially for lorikeets” that is dry and designed to eliminate the dreaded poo problem. The lazy person in me has discovered that organic pureed baby food comes in friendly little ready-to-go jars, so I usually mix those in.
So rather than beat myself up, I find things that I like to do with them instead."Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner also spend quality time together by hitting the tennis courts and playing some golf.

The Adi Shakti meditation works with the primal creative energy; the divine mother who creates life. Until I do, I won’t be convinced that changing the way a bird’s digestive system works is a good idea.
A word of warning on some wet-mixes though – many are high in sugars and don’t have enough vitamins in them. They also eat some colorful pellets from Pretty Bird Species Specific, and GoldenFeast Nectar Gold powder. If you are looking to manifest something in your life, make something happen, take your personal power, then this is a great meditation for you.
Brands vary in different countries, so check with your avian vet to see what diet they’d recommend.
Here in Australia, the avian vets that I know tend to mainly recommend two brands, Passwells and Wombaroo.
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