The food that you eat will be the number one obstacle when trying to achieve your fitness goals.
Diet Kundali is an online tool designed to help you identify whether you are eating enough of nutrients to maintain your health. Our intentionis not to tell you to quit eating fries and sugar drinks or give away fast food.
Diet Kundali is based on science of nutrition and allows you to apply this science to your food choices, food supplements, exercise, and lifestyle changes essential for your good health.
Diet Kundali can be helpful for people having poor eating habits (such as children, corporates lifestyle ), or people having medical history seeking to improve health through diet.
One having poor eating habits (including children), fast lifestyle, having history of non-communicable disease in the family. The GM diet is a well-known diet plan that is recommended by dietitians in India and is promoted as helping you to shed 1 to 3 kgs. From the books of nutrition it is found that average energy in fruits is 66 to 70 kCal per 100 gm portion. If you are not well hydrated, weight loss may be only water loss and hencemay not be permanent. Antioxidants may not sound like a very interesting topic, but there are certainly some new and exciting developments in recent research focused on the nutrients designated as antioxidants. When it comes to Alzheimer’s symptoms, some physicians are even using antioxidant therapy to treat cognitive impairments that come along with the disease.
There is a pretty significant list of nutrients considered to have an antioxidant effect in the body, one example is vitamin E.  Physicians have even used Vitamin E to treat Alzheimer’s disease because it is thought to have an antioxidant effect that may protect nerve cells in the brain. A study in 1997 showed that high daily doses of vitamin E were shown to reduce some of the impairments in cognition that commonly occur in Alzheimer’s disease.  Physicians warn those with Alzheimer’s NOT to self-medicate with vitamin E, but only under the supervision of a doctor should those with Alzheimer’s ingest large doses of the antioxidant, because it can adversely affect other medications.
Another recent hot topic in the field of antioxidants is green tea with its antioxidant called EGCG, a group in the “flavonoid” category found in plants.

There is no comparison to Matcha tea when it comes to its EGCG levels. In the latest research using the ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) method, Tufts University found that Matcha tea has an astounding 1300 units per gram of EGCG compared to pomegranates having only 91 units. Matcha tea can be used in smoothies, cold or hot Green Tea Latte’s, or even used in baked goods. There are a lot of great recipes that offer a variety of tasty and fun ways to drink (and eat) Matcha tea. Drinking daily Matcha is not only great for your health, but regular drinkers of Matcha say it promotes high levels of relaxation while at the same time providing energy (due to a unique type of amino acid called “L-Theanine”).
Whether you’re a Paleo, Vegan, Slim Fast, Low Carb, High Protein, Low Fat Diet fan, consistency is the hardest thing and will be your biggest challenge. Whenever someone recommends food or food supplements, some people tend to say “I don’t need it”, some say “Do I need it?” In fact everyone is set to give you nutritional recommendations. Our goal is to provide you with the nutritional information from the food you are eating and help you make diet choicest. The Diet Kundali generated by you should assist you pick a healthy diet while at the same time allowing you to enjoy the different tastes, flavors and textures and maintaining the nutritional status. So even if you eat 10 to 12 portions (each of 100 gm) in a day, your calorie intake will be still at 500 to 800kCal. The calories eaten during these 7 day plan are very low and are considered as not safe for long term.
Therefore taking an organic plant based multivitamin daily supplement while on GM diet plan is wise choice. The 1997 study was done by the “Alzheimer’s Disease cooperative Study” research group working under the National Institute on Aging.  Since 1997 there have been many other studies that support evidence that vitamin E helps, but other evidence indicates that massive doses of vitamin E may possibly result in expediting effects of coronary artery disease. Benefits abound, green tea is a simple and tasty way to increase your antioxidant consumption and help protect yourself in the fight against Alzheimer’s. Diet Kundali can help you find the answer for your questions and can help you guide what to do next.

We expect you will learn that fast food, fries and sugar drinks are for occasions but are not a good choice every day. Diet Kundali can evaluate the monthly ration and the nutritional intake you and your family members had in a month based on your eating pattern. Ash gourd (10 kcal), bottle gourd (12 kcal), cluster beans (16 kcal), snake gourd (18 kcal) are some of low calorie vegetables. The diet runson very low protein for seven days which make vulnerable to muscle related injury.
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Our intention is to encourage you to identify the nutrition hidden in the day to day food you eat and make variations to bridge your nutritional gap. We hope the nutritional status will give you the tools to make your own diet choices to keep your nutritional status in a healthy state. Therefore we recommend reducing your diet to 1500kCal diet plan and then 1200 kCal diet plan before starting GM Diet. After finishing “GM diet plan” increase the calories gradually in reverse pattern to 1200 calorie for 7 days and then 1500 calorie diet plan for 15 days.

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