You can let us know if a suggestion is not to your liking by hitting the ‘’ close button to the right of the headline. Issiah Julian, 18, of Afton, charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, possession of dangerous weapons, two counts of breach of probation. An 18-year-old Nova Scotia man faces an attempted murder charge after an incident earlier this month.
Police in Nova Scotia say Issiah Julian, of Afton, is charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, possession of dangerous weapons, and two counts of breach of probation. Skinner wouldna€™t comment on what caused the argument, or the nature of the alleged attempted murder, but said the victim and the accused are known to each other. Police seized a machete, knives and nun chucks while searching Juliana€™s home on Petow Loop Extension in Afton, though Skinner would not say if any of those weapons were involved in the incident.
NDP health critic, PC leader demanding action over mental health from the Liberal government.
PC leader Jamie Baillie (left) and NDP health critic Dave Wilson are calling on the Liberal government to take action on mental health care in the province.
Both opposition parties in Nova Scotiaa€™s legislature are calling on the government to take action on mental health care in the province after a young mana€™s death earlier this month. Metro reported this week that young Truro MMA fighter and firefighter Cody Glode took his own life after seeking mental health care and being told hea€™d have to wait months to see a psychiatrist. Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie has been calling on the government to call an inquiry into mental health care in the province for almost a year. Glavine said the doctor in charge of mental health services in the province a€?has been doing visits and putting together a clinical services review for mental health,a€? but gave no timeline on the review. He also suggested that the provincea€™s amalgamated health care system -- which merged nine health authorities into one in 2014 -- is better equipped to handle mental health care than the old system. Police say cause of crash continues to be investigated, but car driven by victim veered over four lanes of traffic.
A roadside memorial where a 21-year-old Middle Sackville man was killed on Sunday from a head-on crash.

A roadside memorial has been erected near the place where a 21-year-old Middle Sackville man was killed in a head-on crash over the weekend. Nova Scotia RCMP say they dona€™t release names of victims from fatal crashes, but a public Facebook group called RIP Adam Murphy has grown to about 400 members and talks about the 21-year-old being someone who cared a great deal for his family and friends, and who loved cars. Decals are also being made and sold for $5 to help raise money for the victim's family, with the slogan Chillin Like A Villain: 1995-2016.
According to police, two vehicles were going in opposite directions of one another when a Hyundai Veloster, driven by the victim, veered over four lanes of traffic and smashed into a Toyota Camry. The 21-year-old suffered serious injuries and was pronounced dead by the RCMP several hours after the collision.
Two other people, including a 62-year-old Lower Sackville man driving the Camry, suffered non-life threatening injuries in the crash.
On Monday, police say they had no further information into the cause, but that the investigation was continuing. The busy road was closed for several hours in that area on Sunday, with drivers asked to detour along Skyridge Avenue and Hillcrest Avenue. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. It starts around 2 in the morning, when bars start to close and throngs of people congregate at the downtown intersection of Blowers and Grafton Streets, better known as Pizza Corner. Here we’ll provide you with fresh suggestions where we will continue to make even better ones as we get to know you better. Best eaten late at night and on the street, it is a sweet and savoury, tasty and messy snack for meat lovers.
On Monday, flowers and a condolence note were seen near the collision scene, on Sackville Drive in front of Sportswheels. For a long time, it was something you rarely found outside of the East Coast, save for poor imitations and pretenders.To the uninitiated, the donair is intimidating.
First, there is donair meat, heavily spiced ground beef that’s shaped into a large loaf and roasted on a spit, then shaved and seared on a flat top range.

The donair sauce is an addictively sweet blend of evaporated milk, vinegar, garlic powder and sugar. As the pita has a tendency to sop up the juices and sauces, making the bread fall apart, donairs are best eaten over a cardboard plate and as far away from your body as possible.The history of the donair is a little murky.
Its predecessor, the doner kebab, was made in the 1950s by the owner of a Turkish kebab house in Berlin. The Greek adaptation, the gyro, soon followed, and it was this version that Peter and John Kamoulakos tried to introduce to Bluenosers during the late 1960s at their small restaruant in Bedford, N.S.
The brothers soon found, however, that Nova Scotians weren’t so fond of lamb served with a yogurt-based sauce.
They ditched the lamb for beef and crafted the distinctive sweet sauce, creating something quite removed from shawarma and kebab.Today, there’s a restaurant chain named after donairs and almost every pizza place sells them. Ontario-based chain Pizza Pizza had a donair recipe created for them when they branched out to Atlantic Canada.Outside of the Maritimes, nostalgic diners have to be resourceful to get their fix. Food-based message boards are filled with questions about where to find “authentic” donairs. And some have taken matters into their own hands, fine-tuning recipes until they get the right mix. For instance, Glen Petitpas, a Hawaii-based Haligonian astronomer and computer engineer, gained a global following for posting detailed recipes on his website, using insider knowledge from a friend at a well-known Halifax donair joint.The search for donairs outside of the Maritimes is getting easier. No one ever looks good eating them, so no one judges you, even if you do have sauce drizzling down your chin.

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