Electric Daisy Carnival has revealed the lineup for its Las Vegas festival, which takes place June 21st – 23rd at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
Future Islands, Vince Staples, Wolf Parade, Frightened Rabbit, Car Seat Headrest, and Russian Circles join lineup of literary stars. Chicago and Denver events boast Morrissey, Ween, Deftones, Death Grips, Sleater-Kinney, NAS, Rob Zombie, Refused, and many more.
NYC festival is the latest in a string of Live Nation acquisitions that also includes Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, and Austin City Limits. Adele, LCD Soundsystem, Beck, PJ Harvey, Sigur Ros, James Blake, Underworld, New Order, and Grimes are just some of the acts set to play the acclaimed UK festival. The Killers, Florence and the Machine, Tom Petty’s Mudcrutch, Tears for Fears, HAIM, Grimes, and more to play Cincinnati festival.
Pearl Jam, LCD Soundsysteam, Dead and Company, Ween, M83, Tame Impala, more set to play The Farm next June. The Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, also known as EDC, is one of the biggest events of the year for ravers. The first incident connected with EDC was in 2010, when a 15-year-old girl who attended the festival at the Coliseum in Los Angeles died of drug overdose. After the major incident reported, Insomniac continued to host the Electric Daisy Carnival at different locations throughout the U.S in the coming years. In 2013, Insomniac caught a break from the death toll that seemed to follow the Electric Daisy Carnival in its previous years.
In 2014 the Electric Daisy Carnival expected more than 140,000 fans each night, and even though Insomniac provided safety and medical facilities for all the party-goers, once again, another reported incident claimed the live of one of the participants.
The San Diego police officers shot on July 28, 2016, are Johnathan DeGuzman and Wade Irwin.
To buy tickets for this event please visit the events page: Dreamscape Reunion tickets from Skiddle. The 2015 EDC Las Vegas live stream will be featured on Spacelab TV, with Yahoo handling the EDC live stream.

The Spacelab guide to the best indie, alternative, & electronic music festivals in 2016.
When anybody thinks of Electric Daisy Carnival 2014, they think about the biggest annual electronic dance music festival in North America, but they rarely consider the impact that this premier festival has on the city in which it’s held. About the Author: Kevin Pham is a contributor for various reputable publications including EDMTunes. Comments commentsReneeSuper Kawaii Ninja in Training, Unicorn Rider, World Traveler, Life Liver, Dog Lover. However, Electric Daisy Carnival also holds festivals in Chicago, New York, Orlando, London, and Puerto Rico, so you could always get your fill elsewhere.
After the incident, the family of the teenager sued Insomniac- organizers of the event, the manager of the Coliseum and the stadium itself. They stated that they have no tolerance for drug use, and the event changed its age limit from 16 years-old to strictly for those 18 and over. This time two deaths were reported, and even though they did not happened at the actual festival, both of the individuals were at EDC before the incident happened. According to Be The Rave report from Metro Police, there were still over 600 medical calls but less people were admitted to the hospital compared to 2012. According to CBS Las Vegas, 24-year-old Montgomery Tsang died on Saturday after leaving EDC. Its official name is Electric Daisy Carnival and the official EDC Las Vegas 2015 dates were June 19 - 21. If you prefer a larger view, head over to our EDC Las Vegas live stream webcast on our Spacelab TV player, complete with a live Twitter feed to cover the action. Then come back during the festival weekend and after for archived performances and live sets.
The city of Las Vegas received a hefty US$322 million economic boost from its friends at Insomniac for hosting the massive festival.From food to hotel rooms to entertainment, the spending that the amass 400,000 attendees brought to Sin City is huge. Unfortunately, with its popularity, and the amounts of individuals attending the festival, EDC was once again in the eyes of the news.

The first incident was a 31-year-old man who was hit by a truck on Monday after he was seen leaving the carnival and died at the hospital from the injuries suffered.
Misdemeanor and felony arrests also went down this year, but criminal incidents went up from zero to 16. Organizers of the event released a statement giving their condolences to the family of the deceased, and stated that one death was too many. With more and more festivals like EDC being held, these figures stand as a testament to the power that the EDM industry  has over the cities that host these massive festivals.
The sold out events expanded to two days in 2009, and then to three days in the later years due to its popularity. After this incident, Insomniac was no longer welcome to host EDC at the Los Angeles Memorial Stadium.
The second incident was a 22-year-old med-student who fell from the 27th room floor and landed on the roof of the third floor.
Insomniac encourages guests of the show to use the buddy system, to alert medical staff if they see something wrong and to take care of one another. With the vast amount of support for festivals to return year after year, it’s a great time to get into DJing. EDC Las Vegas has become the largest festival of all, with approximately 400,000 people in attendance in 2014.
The 19-year-old Andrew Graf of Argyle died at the Dallas Fair Park where the Electric Daily Carnival was being hosted. Throughout the years, the Electric Daisy festival organizers have taken as much precaution as they can to prevent incidents, but reports have shown that with so many party-goers and fans, accidents are sometimes inevitable. According to the local CBS station, in addition, 30 people were also taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion and drug and alcohol related emergencies.

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