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When it comes to preventing and treating high blood pressure, one often-overlooked strategy is managing stress. Low back pain has many different causes, including the normal wear and tear that comes with aging.
Mobility — the ability to move purposefully around your environment — is vitally important to health and well-being.

If a growth or mole looks like a melanoma, the doctor will take a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. An overactive bladder (also known as urge incontinence) causes a sudden urge to urinate, even when your bladder isn't full.
It might seem like retirement is a time to take it easy and devote yourself to gardening, golfing, and napping. Sleep shortfalls can lead to a range of health problems, from being more likely to catch a cold or gain weight to increased risk of developing heart disease or diabetes.
The testicles (or testes) are the male sex organs that make sperm and the hormone testosterone. A researcher who found that testosterone raised the risk of prostate tumors and exacerbated the effects of carcinogenic chemical exposure in rats is urging caution in prescribing testosterone therapy to men who have not been diagnosed with hypogonadism, according to a new study published in the Endocrine Society’s journal Endocrinology. Testosterone use has soared in the last decade among older men seeking to boost energy and feel younger. Among the rats that received testosterone without the carcinogenic chemical, 10 to 18 percent developed prostate carcinomas.
In type 2 diabetes, either the body does not produce enough insulin or the cells ignore the insulin.
One study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that the number of American men who started testosterone therapy has nearly quadrupled since 2000, despite concerns about potential cardiovascular risks.

Testosterone treatment alone did not induce specific tumors at other sites, but compared with control rats, it caused a significant increase in the number of rats with malignant tumors at any site. Erectile dysfunction is an on-going problem and often leads to a decrease in sexual desire; the condition can cause emotional stress and anxiety and can deeply affect a relationship. Before the rats were dosed with testosterone, some of the animals were given injections of the carcinogenic chemical N-nitroso-N-methylurea (MNU). When rats were exposed to testosterone and the carcinogen, the treatment caused prostate cancer in 50 to 71 percent of the rats.
These rats were compared to a control group that received MNU but had empty slow-release devices implanted. Even when the hormone dose was too low to elevate testosterone levels in the bloodstream, half of the rats developed prostate tumors.
Animals that were exposed to the carcinogenic chemical but not testosterone did not develop prostate cancer.

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