In the process of learning about the science of food (without really trying), you’ll also learn tricks for next-generation fat loss. To start, his expedition team found not just one T-Rex, but 30% of all T-Rexes ever found (they tend to be in Montana, South Dakota, and Canada). Nathan’s answer, a book titled Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking, is what brought me to Seattle to experience a 32-course (!) dinner at his food lab. For three years, his team of five full-time scientists and 10 world-class chefs (39 total staff) tested all the old wives’ tales and measured everything imaginable. For instance, did you know that bacon and olive oil have near identical amounts of oleic acid, which is commonly touted as olive oil’s healthy differentiator? That you can inject your chickens with brine and hang them in the oven for a perfectly crisp exterior and succulent interior?
Our evening in Seattle began around a conference table, where a cadre of luminaries had gathered from around the world.
We migrated to our assigned seats for dinner, and as my small table relaxed, the friendly banter poured forth. Around 20 dishes (and six wine pairings) later, I became infatuated with a centerpiece on our table: Buddha’s hand, a fruit that looks like a mutant chicken foot with lemon skin.
The powder-heavy cooking we ate that night is often referred to as molecular gastronomy, which is sometimes derogatory.
In reality, the majority of these ingredients, made famous by behemoths like Kraft and therefore hated by the granola crowd, have been used for hundreds or even thousands of years. Beyond “nothing artificial added,” my favorite modernist cuisine actually focuses on removing things, not adding them. All it takes is a little experimentation, which brings us to your next step: outfitting the mini-laboratory.
Californians can take advantage of our abundant sunshine and temperate climate in order to grow fruit and vegetables they can truly call their own. In order to get the greatest benefit of this fantastic produce, make sure you tailor your garden to your own needs. As well as growing crops you will eat, think of the potential for storage for your produce. Getting your hands dirty in the garden is great- but at the end of the day, you need to eat. Bake dish uncovered for 25 minutes, toss all ingredients again, and bake until done- approximately 25 minutes more.
Roasted chicken served with stir-fried garden vegetables (zucchini, chard, onions and herbs) and seasoned with fresh herbs from the garden, topped with roasted onions. This looks so inviting!  The garden pictures are inspirational and the recipe makes me hungry!  I will now go home and weed my garden with increased focus and enthusiasm!
Garlic lovers flock each year to the  Annual Connecticut Garlic & Harvest Festival to provision themselves with new crop garlic for the winter, attend garlic growing lectures, cooking demos, and shop for specialty garlic products ranging from garlic sea salt to garlic oils. This is the place to shop for premium garlic, including the braided garlic wreaths perfect for hanging on your wall  to provision your kitchen all winter. When you’re tired of tasting and shopping, stop by the food court for some lunch (full of garlic of course!),  get entertained by live music and attend a live honey bee swarm demonstration. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. GreenFoodGal Barcelona Wine Bar will be teaching Westport Farmers' Market guests how to cook squash blossom this Thursday!
GreenFoodGal The party is happening at Patagonia Westport next Tuesday, complete with beer from Black Hog Brewing Co.

Join Canada’s leading pet specialty retailer for more than 30 years, This Pet Food Franchise has a wonderful history of helping franchisees run profitable businesses. By submitting this form, you confirm that you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
White Claw’s new hard seltzer water was the perfect drink to use to showcase these garnishes.
You’re welcome to take this with you on a picnic or to the beach and drink right from the can.
To create the garnish, use a potato peeler to peel the entire lemon rind in one continuous peel. Not only will the drink look awesome but it will also get a hint of the lemon from the rind.
This garnish will add a level of sophistication to any drink including White Claw’s Black Cherry Sparkling Water.
This new product launch represents a move to bring frozen coffee into the home as a response to the growing popularity of at-home blending and the rise of blended coffee drinks.
Seattle’s Best Coffee leveraged more than 40 years of coffee experience to help develop the new packaged coffee drinks.
The at-home blended coffee drink puts equal emphasis on taste and convenience: consumers simply empty the contents of the frozen bag into a blender, add eight ounces of fat-free milk and press blend to make two, eight-ounce beverages in less than a minute. Embrace the absurd, from forgotten ingredients to spectacular new techniques, and consider it a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure buffet: skip around, pick your favorites, and ignore the rest. If you had worked on quantum theories of gravity under Stephen Hawking, were an award-winning photographer (yep, he did that, too), had earned a few hundred million dollars, and loved cooking, how might you spend your time? I had earlier met his son, Conor, then an undergrad at Princeton, who’d helped me finagle the invite. Cuisine was his third career, and he staged (apprenticed) at Jean Georges at the age of 42. Easy: technology and interest have reached a point where it’s finally cost-effective for the amateur to play with one-off dishes. A  Gardening has some very obvious rewards, giving gardeners the freshest fruits, vegetables and herbs possible. No reason to raise a beautiful crop of broccoli or swiss chard if your family won't eat it!
Onions and garlic are prevalent in the garden, as are zucchini, tomatoes, tomatillos and herbs. A These bulbs of garlic were pulled up while still young, providing a milder and more subtle flavor.
This enormous festival (over 100 vendors this year) will be held for the seventh year on October 8 and 9 from 10-5 at the Bethlehem Fairgrounds.
Recently Renovated with more than $70,000 spent on improving leaseholds and signage at prime Brampton Mall Location (Shoppers World).
However, if you’re hosting a happy hour but don’t have time to mix drinks, try White Claw Hard Seltzer. Make sure you’ve done your research and know exactly what you are eating before you pop something of unknown origins in your mouth. The new line of Seattle’s Best Coffee Frozen Coffee Blends is made with high-quality 100 percent arabica coffee beans, and will be available in four unique flavors: Coffee Chiller®, Creamy Caramel®, Very Vanilla®, and Mega Mocha®. In addition, the Seattle’s Best Coffee Frozen Coffee Blends feature zero trans fats, just nine grams of sugar, and only 130 calories per serving when prepared as directed, providing a smart, customizable and convenient beverage to make at home. Not long ago, he designed high-tech thermoses that keep vaccines for 10,000 people cool for up to six months .

Naturally, he competed in the 1991 World Championship of Barbecue in Memphis, Tennessee, where his team finished first place in multiple categories, including pasta. Johnny pointed out the subtleties of the Japanese citrus yuzu, which looks like a miniature lime but tastes markedly different.
Shot and edited by the Emmy-award winning team behind Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and Parts Unknown. Large amount of fencing requires planning for proper sun exposure during the growing season. Tomatillos may be seen as specialty crop for some, but an important part of the garden for others.
Herbs can be placed all throughout the garden as an attractive filler between vegetables or flowers. The garlic you buy in the grocery store was probably refrigerated, which can drastically shorten its shelf life. I’ve been growing a few different varieties of nasturtiums in my garden this year and love tossing them into a salad or topping off a cocktail with them.
Seattle’s Best Coffee, and leading specialty food manufacturer Inventure Foods, Inc.  are teaming up to launch Seattle’s Best Coffee Frozen Coffee Blends, the coffee category’s first blend-at-home frozen coffee beverage. It’s where Jordan Kahn (“Spelled like Revenge of Khan?” I asked, not entirely sober ((The Star Trek sequel is actually The Wrath of Khan.))) assembles plates like miniature MoMA pieces. Freshly harvested and dried garlic will last at least 5-6 months, possibly longer depending up on the variety, so long as you keep it in a cool spot out of direct sunlight. I picked flowers that are pink and red like grapefruit to pair with White Claw’s Ruby Grapefruit Sparkling Water. It’s only 110 calories, doesn’t contain anything artificial, gluten free and totally portable. With the Spring 2013 launch of Seattle’s Best Coffee Frozen Coffee Blends, coffee enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite Seattle’s Best Coffee frozen drinks from the comfort of their own kitchen. It’s a bit like having someone else’s deer head on your wall.” Most people don’t have a T-Rex to greet them in the morning. The most experienced chefs pointed out that saving time wasn’t the main advantage; you should use pressure primarily for enhancing flavor, as flavors don’t evaporate off. He was a pastry chef who’d made the jump “from sweet to savory” and was reaping the rewards of transplanting technique. That comes from pineapples, which have been used by cultures around the world to tenderize pork and other meats. Grocery store garlic is also unsuitable for fall planting as many are sprayed with sprout inhibitors.
Then again, most people aren’t like Nathan Myhrvold, former CTO of Microsoft and founder of Microsoft Research. The pressure cooker is best suited to stocks, for instance, and anything you’d like to caramelize to otherworldly levels, like carrots. It’s hard to keep track, since Nathan has filed more than 500 patents and acquired well over 30,000 more through his latest company, Intellectual Ventures. Many farmers in Connecticut save some of their best garlic as seed garlic for the next crop, or buy from another farmer rather than order seed out of state.

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