If you’re short on room to garden, take advantage of vertical spaces by growing annual vines. A range of annual climbing vines are available to grow on a trellis, an unsightly wall or the fence that you share with neighbors.
When growing annual vines, an inexpensive way of getting plant material is to start them from seed.
Annual vines for shade include ornamental sweet potato vine, a rapid grower that comes in green or purple.
Of the more common drought tolerant annual vines found growing in the landscape, the two most popular include climbing nasturtium and its cousin, canary creeper.

Once established, most annual climbers need little care, although they benefit from pruning to keep them in bounds.
Fast growing vines can also be started from cuttings, which normally root easily and grow rapidly.
Experiment with inexpensive, annual climbing vines in your landscape and you will have found a solution to many of your gardening dilemmas. Fast growing vines need little encouragement to climb, but may need training to grow in the right direction.
While you may not find the plants at your local garden center, sources for seeds of fast growing annual vines are readily available on the web.

Fast growing vines with showy flowers can also hide a problem area in your landscape and quickly provide privacy when properly located. If a friend or neighbor has an established annual vine, ask for cuttings or the seeds, which usually produce in abundance.

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