From Montreal to Minneapolis to Marseille, General Mills is responding to the interest and market demand for delicious yogurt with the launch of dozens of new products this summer. Yogurt has been one of the hottest food categories of the past decade, with plenty of room to expand as demand continues to grow in both developed and emerging markets. After the solid performance last fiscal year of Yoplait Greek 100, Yoplait USA has another strong lineup of innovation flowing into stores this summer, with increased marketing support planned as well. New Yoplait Greek is a deliciously blended cup of strained Greek yogurt and fruit available in six unique flavors - Blueberry, Strawberry-Raspberry, Tangerine, Coconut, Pineapple and Vanilla.
Yoplait is building on the tremendous success of Yoplait Greek 100 – on pace to exceed $140 million in first year retail sales in the U.S. Yoplait is innovating in France by expanding its successful Calin yogurt line to beverages. In the UK, we recently launched Liberte Greek yogurt and we’re rolling out new flavors of our Weight Watchers yogurt, too. The merger of two dairy cooperative brands – “Yola” and “Coplait” – gave birth to Yoplait in 1964. With General Mills’ 2011 acquisition of a 51 percent controlling interest in Yoplait SAS, yogurt became one of General Mills five global platforms, joining the company’s existing global categories of ready-to-eat cereal, convenient meals, wholesome snack bars, and super-premium ice cream. In addition to Yoplait, General Mills also markets Liberte and Mountain High yogurt brands, bringing the company’s total annual yogurt sales to nearly $3 billion.
To learn about General Mills new product innovation plans across all of our categories, read “200 New Products Launching Worldwide,” or “General Mills to unveil global innovation lineup of 200 products launching this summer,” which were both posted on July 9, 2013.
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Our blog seeks to provide unique perspectives on news and never-before-told stories from General Mills’ businesses and brands around the world.
The primary bloggers of “A Taste of General Mills” are members of the company’s Global Communications team. There are things we won’t be blogging about or commenting on, such as commodity markets, rumors, competitive actions, financial markets, speculation or legal matters. Comments are welcome, but must be on-topic and comply with the General Mills Community rules and not include profanity. All comments are moderated according to those rules. Australian scientists say gum tree leaves are providing a new way to detect gold buried deep beneath the earth. Australian scientists have found a new way to detect gold buried deep beneath the earth - through gold found in gum tree leaves. They have found tiny amounts of the precious metal in leaves gathered in the resource-rich Kalgoorlie region of Western Australia, which was the site of a major gold rush in the late 1800s. Dr Lintern says when the roots tap into underground water the gold is diluted and then transported through the vascular system of the tree. Tiny charged, or ionic, gold particles tend to become concentrated in the extremities of the tree where a chemical reaction can cause them to grow into larger crystals. In research published in the journal Nature Communications, the team of CSIRO scientists said the leaf particles themselves would not trigger a new gold rush as they measure just a fifth the width of a human hair and are visible only through advanced X-ray imaging. Dr Lintern says until now it's been very hard to tell if trace amounts of gold found in the soil beneath the trees was blown there or indicated a large gold deposit was underground.
CSIRO scientist Melvyn Lintern told Andi Yu his team's research will help prospectors find gold without having to dig to great depths and could also spur the development of new technologies for mineral exploration. Ibrahimovic scores spectacular debut goal as United put five past Galatasaray Rogic impresses as Barca cruise to victory over Celtic QUIZ - Can you spot your favourite K-pop star from their baby pictures?
Jesse McLaren is a physician, activist and blogger, who like Virchow believes that if medicine is to accomplish its great task, it must intervene in political and social life. Minimum wage in Ontario has been frozen at $10.25 for three years, which is now 19 per cent below the poverty line.
There is a growing rediscovery of the ways in which poverty and inequality undermine health.
Social and economic inequality and its health impacts do not abstractly exist, they are actively maintained. Unions are an important mechanism to prescribe equality, which is why they are under such sustained attack -- from Ontario Tory leader Tim Hudak's threat of "right to work" to the federal Conservatives' recent party convention.

Below are the latest KFC Catering menu prices for the entire KFC Catering menu including: Buffet Meals, Platters, Boxed Meals, Homestyle Sides, Desserts, and Drinks. Chipotle is a Mexican grill restaurant that started offering delicious and nutritious Mexican fast food in 1993.
Aside from serving walk-in customers with delicious, huge sandwiches, Subway is also into catering.
With lager companies now also looking to capitalise on the growth in the UK cider market, it seems that the nation’s desire for this fruity drink shows no signs of losing fizz just yet. Indeed, according to new research from Mintel, three in five adults (60%) now drink cider, significantly up from the previous year’s total of 47%.
Indeed, cider is even closing in on beer in terms of usage, a market which has struggled to retain its base of drinkers in recent years, standing at 70% in 2012.
While its recent successes have helped a number of cider producers to grow rapidly, Mintel research shows that the market’s future prospects could be equally positive as, even among cider drinkers, 23% state that it does not always occur to them to drink it. Chris Wisson, Senior Drinks Analyst at Mintel said, “Cider continues to stand out as one of the star performers among alcoholic drinks markets. Cider is in fact one of the few success stories in the alcoholic drinks landscape, achieving steady growth despite the economic downturn. The success of cider looks set to continue in the coming years, with new producers continuing to build momentum and with strong consumer demand leading to a better range of ciders in both the on- and off-trade sales channels. Over the next five years, Mintel forecasts that the market will reach sales of ?3.7 billion, driven partly by duty increases but also growing user numbers. While apple remains the nation’s favourite flavour of cider, drunk by 47% of adults, there are striking signs of growth coming from the pear and flavoured segments.
Pear has grown to be a firm favourite amongst cider drinkers, and is drunk by almost four in ten (37%) adults, buoyed by the entry of brands such as Strongbow and Stella Cidre into the segment.
Meanwhile, almost a quarter (24%) of Brits have drunk any other type of fruit-flavoured cider, with flavours in this adventurous segment ranging from cloudberry to toffee apple. While the cider market continues to make great strides, there are still a number of challenges for producers to overcome. Many of these relate to its image as amongst lager, wine and RTD drinkers, just 8% think that cider is sophisticated while 14% think that it is worth paying more for, both of which are significantly behind associations with wine.
Yoplait is also expanding Yop yogurt drinks for kids and introducing new varieties of Perle de Lait yogurt.
Today, Yoplait is the world’s second-largest yogurt brand and is available in 70 countries.
I specifically agree that all information, suggestions, ideas, or other materials I provide are freely usable and transferable, including with attribution, by General Mills and all of its affiliates without compensation upon submission. It also features employees who have dedicated their careers to the company’s mission of Nourishing Lives. All opinions belong to the writer; however, writers are expected to adhere to our guidelines. Health declines as one moves down the income gradient, with differential health outcomes at every level of income. As the government grapples with its financial difficulties, we urge all political parties to spare the province’s poor, sick, and vulnerable residents.
The year-long programme aims to produce a steady stream of female qazis across India, its co-founder said.
Colonel Harland Sanders, who pioneered this thriving business at the age of 40, started cooking for hungry travelers while he was operating a gas station. This progress means that in 2012, a greater share of adults drank cider than spirits (57%). Further boosting the visibility of the drink in the on- and off-trade could therefore reap spectacular rewards for operators. While many drinks markets are struggling to grow in real terms and are also hampered by the government’s tax escalator, cider is one of the anomalous success stories which is also showing underlying volume growth,” added Wisson. Meanwhile volume sales have posted slower growth, although the market still managed overall growth of 18% between 2007 and 2012. While apple continues to drive most of the sales, pear can also be an effective gateway into the market, with a particular appeal to female drinkers. The cider market has improved its image greatly over the past decade and should continue working to evolve away from unfavourable historical associations such as those with underage and binge drinking, and towards being a sophisticated drink to be seen with.” Chris concludes.

The stores that have expanded have experienced category growth at twice the rate of those that did not expand their yogurt sections.
To satisfy consumer demand for a great-tasting Greek yogurt, Yoplait co-developed this new offering with consumers every step of the way. While Strawberry Banana has been a popular flavor in Yoplait’s Original and Light lines for years, it’s the first time the flavor will be offered in our Greek varieties. January 14 will be a province-wide call-in day to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, to demand a $14 minimum wage for health reasons. Unhealthy behavior and lifestyles alone do not explain the poor health of those in lower classes.
A recent Statistics Canada report on cause-specific mortality rates by income quintile highlighted these health disparities. Harper's war is with unions." Unions defend wages and conditions, and support broader social justice causes -- all of which promote health.
The Indian constitution allows Muslims, the country's biggest religious minority, to regulate matters such as marriage, divorce and inheritance through their own civil code. Other popular chicken dishes are the Extra Crispy, Kentucky Grilled Chicken, Extra Crispy Tenders and Hot Wings. At the time, patrons ate at the Colonel’s own table at the gas station’s living quarters because he did not own a restaurant yet.
However, pear is still under performing in terms of appealing to older drinkers and operators may be well served in highlighting features such as a British heritage and ingredient quality to appeal to these more traditional cider drinkers.” Chris continues.
We’ll also be adding a Weight Watchers endorsement to our Yoplait Source yogurt, and will introduce new flavors of Yoplait Tubes and Yop beverages for kids.
Each successively lower income quintile was associated with an increase in age-standardized mortality rates for almost all causes of mortality." This has a disproportionate impact on indigenous communities and racialized groups, women, people with disabilities and others groups whose oppression concentrates them in lower incomes. The qazi, usually a hereditary title, plays an important role by solemnising marriage and finalising divorce and settlements.ISLAMIC GLASS CEILING"Traditionally, qazis have all been men, and their judgment has never been questioned, even if many are unfair to women," said Zakia Soman, a co-founder of BMMA in Mumbai.
With growing demand for healthy food, KFC’s salads are also becoming popular among health buffs. It was then that he invented what was called the “home meal replacement,” which he called “Sunday Dinner, Seven Times a Week.” When his fame grew, Governor Ruby Laffoon made him a Kentucky Colonel in 1935, in recognition of his contributions to the state’s cuisine.
The salads include the Roasted Caesar Salad, Caesar Side Salad, Crispy Caesar Salad, Roasted BLT Salad, Crispy BLT Salad, and House Side Salad.
For the next 10 years, he perfected his secret blend of 11 herbs and spices and the basic cooking technique still being used today.
Besides, there is no bar on women qazis as per the Koran," she said.The move comes at a time of growing dissent against laws that activists say discriminate against Muslim women. Aside from oven-roasted or crispy chicken, and bacon, the salads contain either crisp iceberg or romaine lettuce with dressing, croutons and cheese. Other items on the KFC Catering menu are the sandwiches, KFC bowls, the sides (Corn-on-the-cob, Mac and Cheese, and Mashed Potatoes and Gravy).
Less than 10 years later, there were more than 600 KFC franchisees in the United States and Canada. Aside from the popular boneless chicken, the other snack items are the Bone in Wings and the Extra Crispy Strips. So it's completely unnecessary," he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.But female trainee Safia Akhtar said there was a need for women qazis.
KFC Catering makes it easier to order with its interactive party planner option available on its website.
The party planner comes up with a customized menu for its patrons based on the age, gender and number of guests for a party, meeting and gatherings. In less than 10 years, it was spun off, together with PepsiCo’s other quick service restaurants, into an independent restaurant company, Tricon Global Restaurants Inc., now YUM! You will receive an adblock detection screen on private window, even if you are not running any adblock plugins.

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