Make sure no one has access to the cabinet where the samples will be stored during the experiment.
Nearly a million children die every year because they are weakened by Vitamin A deficiencies and an additional 350,000 go blind.
Shortly after the Time cover story, Monsanto and other biotechnology companies launched a $50 million marketing campaign, including $32 million in TV and print advertising. Within a few months, the biotech industry had spent far more on these ads than it had on developing golden rice. The implication of the ads is that lifesaving food is being held hostage by anti-science activists.
In the years since Time proclaimed the promises of golden rice, however, we’ve learned a few things.
I’m sure that given enough time and enough money, some viable genetically modified (GM) crops could be developed that contain more nutrients or have higher yields. And what, pray tell, has reduced these people to such poverty and their diets to such meager fare? The biotech companies have invested billions of dollars because they sense in this technology the potential for enormous profit and the means to gain control over the world’s food supply.
While Monsanto would like us to believe they are seeking to alleviate world hunger, there is actually a very dark side to the company’s efforts.

To Monsanto and other GMO companies, the terminator and other seed sterilizing technologies are simply business ventures that are designed to enhance profits.
This black fungus has many popular names including: wood ear fungus, cloud ear fungus, and tree ear fungus. Black fungus is almost tasteless but it absorbs the flavours of the seasonings or sauces it is cooked with and it is prized for its slightly crunchy texture even when soaked and cooked.
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If you no longer have access to the e-mail address associated with your account, contact Customer Service for help restoring access to your account. Are anti-GMO activists and over-zealous environmentalists standing in the way of the hungry being fed?
The result is a form of rice that is a golden-yellow color (much like daffodil flowers), and that produces beta-carotene, which the human body normally converts into Vitamin A. Golden rice, said Time, will be a godsend for the half of humanity that depends on rice for its major staple.
To grow properly, it requires heavy use of fertilizers and pesticides — expensive inputs unaffordable to the very people that the variety is supposed to help. For countless centuries farmers have fed humanity by saving the seed from one years crop to plant the following year.

But the technology is now held tightly in the hands of corporations whose motives are, I’m afraid, very different from what they would have us believe. Monsanto and the other biotech companies aren’t developing these seeds with the intention of giving them away. They cannot afford to buy it because the sources of wealth and the means of production have been captured and in some cases monopolized by landowners and corporations. An 11-year-old boy would have to eat 27 bowls of golden rice a day in order to satisfy his minimum requirement for the vitamin. The purpose of the biotech industry is to capture and monopolize the sources of wealth and the means of production …GM technology permits companies to ensure that everything we eat is owned by them. If employed, this technology would ensure that farmers cannot save their own seeds, but would have to come back to Monsanto year after year to purchase new ones. By buying up competing seed companies and closing them down, they can capture the food market, the biggest and most diverse market of all.

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