Speak to the Future is a campaign that aims to raise awareness about the importance of languages and language learning in the UK by highlighting the issue among policy makers. Being able to speak more than one language opens up a huge range of career opportunities and makes you more appealing to potential employers.
Translating for the European Commission is just one example of a fascinating career for linguists – and they are always on the lookout for translators into English!
Take a look at the language graduate profiles on this page or check out the Careers Translated blog written by language students and graduates of Newcastle University!
Click here to read a guide on how to maximise your prospects using languages, prepared by the British Academy and the European Commission in London. In collaboration with Deutschlandradio Kultur and Die Welt, branches of the Goethe Institut in 30 European countries have been researching what we all think about European culture and finding ways to get excited about it! One of the doors that languages can open for you leads into the world of EU translating and interpreting. After graduating with a BA honours degree in French and German from Leicester University in 1985, I ended up at the University of Kent for what was then called a ‘Diploma in Vocational Techniques for Career Linguists’, which as well as translating included a module on precis-writing. In October 1987, I applied and, to my surprise, was selected for a job as an English translator at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) headquarters in Switzerland.
I studied French and German at Merton College, Oxford, and over five years after finishing, I still don’t have a job. Not that I’ve ever needed one – and that is thanks in no small measure to the skills I developed during my degree. The singer has just performed in Chennai's Margazhi season and recorded the beautiful song 'Thalli Pogadhe' for AR Rahman as well. I'm very excited about the new song from Achcham Yenbathu Madamaiyada that I sang for AR Rahman sir. GOOD NEWS… You can now accredit your time with NCS to your Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) award, including the 5 day residential at lakeside for the DofE gold award. By taking part in the award you will find yourself helping people in the community, developing new skills, going on an expedition and if you’re aiming for gold taking part in a residential week. You must already be signed up to DofE before taking part in NCS if you would like your hours to be accredited.  This is because we are not a DofE provider, but we can organise for hours spent with us to count towards your award if you are already signed up.

Preparation – You need to let us know that you would like your participation in NCS to count towards your DofE award before lakeside. Training – You will need to do any training or preparation necessary so you can take part in your residential.
Assessment – To complete your DofE programme you must meet with your assessor at the end of your residential to discuss, review and record the quality of your experience and what you’ve achieved.
For your volunteering activity you will choose to give your time to do something beneficial for others without getting paid – part of this could be your NCS community project.
One activity you’re already doing can count towards your award if it was done in the previous 3 months and fits the principles, conditions and age requirements. At least three quarters of the time you spend on the volunteering section must be practical volunteering.
Click here for profiles of two German-English translators and interpreters about life with the EU!
Competent translation into English, for instance, is in such high demand that I was already earning money with it before I left Oxford in 2007; that income was enough to keep my head above water as I decided to do something adventurous and move to Germany to become a journalist. It was humbling to see the immense power of nature; it was equally as humbling to see the immense spirit and power of love exhibited by the people of Tamil Nadu. Talent is just a starting point; hard work is what refines the talent into becoming something truly special.
By taking part in both programmes alongside one another you will complete and graduate from the NCS programme whilst gaining voluntary and residential hours for DofE. With NCS you do all of these things too, so why not join the two together and achieve both awards! This involves spending 5 days and 4 nights away from home on a shared activity with people you have never met before.  Your week at Lakeside with NCS is exactly this. It’s about choosing to give time to help people, the community or society, the environment or animals.
If you already volunteer you could use that activity, but you might want to start something new – this is where NCS could come in! You will work with the rest of your group to create a community project, and you could continue the voluntary work you started with NCS after graduation.

So, you can learn first aid and use the training as a quarter of your time or less providing that you go on to use this skill in your volunteer work, e.g.
You should let us know if you would like your time with NCS to count towards your DofE award ASAP.
Take a look at this presentation for some interesting facts and figures about why we should learn languages in the UK! It's a very fulfilling form of music intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, and the energy of this season felt magical. The YMCA outdoor centre at Lakeside is DofE approved and assessors will be visiting you to sign off the residential as part of your award. Assessors at lakeside will document your hours, this must be organised before you arrive and so you must let us know if you are doing DofE. Volunteering must not be done for a business but can be undertaken for a charity or not-for-profit organisation. In an exclusive interview with dna, Berklee Music College graduate talks about music, performing with AR Rahman and his goals for 2016.
Apart from my Carnatic concerts, I provided vocal and nattuvangam accompaniment for my sister, Pallavi Sriram's Bharatanatyam performances. If you wanted to learn something like first aid or lifesaving, then this counts towards your skills section. We won’t be able to accredit your hours after the programme has taken place so please don’t miss out in this opportunity – let us know now! She presented a work of her original choreography and we worked closely with some amazing musicians; it was a great experience.

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