Unlike an air powered nail gun, or an electric powered nail gun, this amazing device only works with the swing of an arm. Be sure to include framing  hammers for fixing walls and roofs, 4 pound hammers and 8 pound hammers in your collection. For those of you that have never used a hammer and nail, its the way that boards are held together. Number 10 and number 1 nails are a good all around size.  With number 12 maybe being the better choice.
Used for pulling logs out of the roads or for towing cars and trucks that have broken down.
After a hurricane of tornado has passed through the area, it will be time to break out the chainsaws and start cutting up the fallen trees.
To save time and fuel, cut the tree up into sections that are big enough to where they can be pulled by a truck or car.  This is where the chains and tow straps come into play.
Keep the tools on hand to be able to do back work on the car or truck.  This includes replacing the fan belts, changing the tires, replacing the radiator hose, replacing the u-joints on the drive shaft,,,,, the list goes on and on. If your concerned about the price of hand tools, shop around at the local pawn shops and keep an eye on the sales papers.  Sometimes good buys can be found at pawn shops or flea markets. Excellent for helping to clear fallen trees after a wind storm and for chopping up fire wood. For those of us that have a wood burning fire place, wood stove, or a bar-b-q pit that uses wood, a good quality axe is a must have. Some of the newer axes have a fiberglass handles and require a special fiberglass repair kit.
During extended disasters, such as war, famine, disease outbreaks such as the plague, civil war, home food production of be a very, very important topic.
During times of civil unrest or out breaks of disease, its very likely that truckers will turn around and go home to be with their families. Kevin Felts was born and raised in southeast Texas, graduated from Bridge City high school Bridge City Texas, and attended Lamar College in Port Arthur Texas. Hobbies include fishing, hiking, hunting, blogging, sharing his politically incorrect opinion, video blogging on youtube, survivalism and spending time with his family. As Danger Surrounds Us Survival Of The Fittest Becomes Survival Of The Most Prepared - Government Prepares For Massive Civil Unrest, Are You Ready? The report, published by Sandler Research, says that demand for surveillance drones is driving growth, with new systems that deploy water canons to “handle large crowds and demonstration(s)” also proving popular.
Riot control systems are expected to “generate revenues of over USD 3.5 billion by the end of 2020,” with North America being one of the primary growth areas for upgraded weapons due to “militarization of the police department and other law enforcement agencies” in the aftermath of the 2014 riots in Ferguson, Missouri. Any one of the threats listed above, and others not listed, could lead to civil unrest , but it is prudent to ask ourselves at this point, what would cause that type of unrest on a massive scale? In less than a week, hospitals will run out of basic medical supplies like insulin, bandages and blood. In less than a month, the entire healthcare system will grind to a halt for anything but the most vital of surgeries or the simplest of treatments. Only the most politically connected rich and powerful will be able to locate and afford anything. They will practice for a crisis unlike anything the real grid has ever seen, and more than 150 companies and organizations have signed up to participate. Unlike previous exercises which were based on the expectation that electricity would be up and running relatively quick after an attack, the November grid-down exercise will presume a much more devastating failure and set of consequences. The electric power utilities involve running 5,800 major power plants and 450,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines, monitored and controlled by a staggering mix of devices installed over decades. Many of the systems rely on Windows-based control systems that are common to many industries. A National Academy of Sciences report last year said that terrorists could cause broad hardship for months with physical attacks on hard-to-replace components. An emerging effort…is gearing up to pressure state legislatures to force utilities to protect equipment against an electromagnetic pulse, which could come from solar activity or be caused by small nuclear weapons exploded at low altitude, frying crucial components.
I think this is just the set up for what they know can and likely will happen to our creaking electrical grid. And, once you federalize the grid, government sees the control they have…and they like it.
Also when electric does go out during storms, i plug up a lamp with a led bulb, light up whole room for hours on battery backup. 1) we can put a man on the moon in the 60s and bring him back but since then we really have not had any major discoveries since then. 3) USA has given billions to other nations to drill, but we buy from Saudis (I bet the left never complains about their drilling and profits!) and we cant drill at home??? 5) we can hand out free phones to people who don’t work (who they calling if they don’t have to go to work?- a pay phone is sufficient!
7) if home schooled children are doing fine and surpassing public school kids, maybe there should be a reimbursement for parents to home school- I vote for this! Growing a world record watermelon like the current record holder above pictured isn’t easy. Currently, just about every federal agency, no matter that agencies stated purpose and who are typically not associated with law enforcement are being armed to the teeth. I find it alarming, and to be honest a little scary, when the DHS finds it necessary to shoot at such targets, and to make matters worse all targets are of what are obviously, American citizens and all Caucasian.
This No More Hesitation series includes seven total targets, each subject armed: Pregnant Woman, seen in front of the backdrop of a nursery, Older Man 1, stands in his home, in front of a bookshelf and Older Man 2, Older Woman, is depicted in a bathrobe in her kitchen. Then there is Young Girl standing in a driveway with a sack purse slung over her shoulder, and Little Brother, a very little person indeed, is depicted in a backyard with a privacy fence behind him.
Police departments around the country seem to be gearing up for war with military hardware, and tactics, the question is who are they planning to go to war with? So what then are they arming for – who do they plan on going to war with, or controlling? Okay, with all of that said, you’re probably still wondering what I think is going on – Is the United States Government Preparing for War Against The American People?
The Prepared Prepper's Cookbook: Over 170 Pages of Food Storage Tips, and Recipes From Preppers All Over America!
I does appear that the reports of the items that the federal government is spending money on could lead a person to that conclusion. For some reason, every federal agency is getting a law enforcement component when historically the US Marshal’s Service provided this expertise.
However, there is the overall thinking at the fed level that we are sheeple that must be controlled, processed and abused.
I would love to see our government do what it is supposed to, secure our boarders, protect us from our enemies, and let us live our live, But I won’t hold my breath!!!! I have to wonder if we will also see various factions within the federal govt warring against one another. Police departments in the United States have seen an increased militarization that began in the 1980’s, and became more pronounced after the events of September 11, 2001. The 1980’s saw war declared in the United States; this was not a war against a foreign nation, but a war on drugs. When war is declared, when this terminology is used, there is a shift in the mentality of police officers.
The use of SWAT units to serve arrest and search warrants has increased in the United States at an alarming rate.

America faces a dilemma those who are meant to serve and protect have been militarized to the point that they are more of an occupying army where civil liberties have been pushed aside and all citizens are viewed as potential enemies. I covered all of the points that you mention in my recent article – 16 Reasons Why the United States is Going to Hell in a Handbasket.
I asked that since my President had declared the “War on Drugs” if that meant as an active duty soldier, did that mean I could shoot drug dealers? Immediately following a devastating tornado seven years ago, a law enforcement officer entered a residence to find a man performing CPR on his injured wife. Please excuse me if I have a sour attitude towards LEO’s, I know there are good ones out there, or, I hope so at least. Can the government put ammo companies out of business if they just refuse to sell ammo to them anymore? When the alcohol prohibitionists decided they would work for a federal ban, they understood, and accepted, that the Constitution did not empower the federal government to ban alcohol which had not crossed state lines in interstate commerce. The so-called drug warriors did not bother to amend: they just made pot and other drugs illegal, and the Constitution be damned. The drug ban, which is nothing but a war against unpopular segments of the population, has been used to justify massive regulation of all aspects of the financial industry, the confiscation of private property, the militarization of police forces, the breakdown of search and seizure laws, the disenfranchisement of large parts of our citizenry, and by giving people felony drug convictions, made them unable to get any but the most menial jobs. A majority of the Supreme Court held otherwise: in Gonzales vs Raich (the CA medical marijuana case) the majority held that the feds could regulate not merely interstate commerce, but anything which even conceivably could affect it. In the case of non-commercial, purely intrastate medical marijuana, the majority held that such pot could theoretically affect the price of marijuana which moved in illegal interstate commerce, and could therefore be regulated.
Those of us who do not use illegal drugs are still affected by the war: We pay higher taxes, suffer more crime, see more potentially productive citizens shut out of the job market, suffer more corruption of our US Customs, Judiciary, police forces, and financial industry, and suffer the growth of violently criminal gangs which destroy neighborhoods and entire cities. Yes, they have declared a “war on drugs” under Roland Reagan, and a “war on terrorism” under Bush, and both have been used as a war against the American people in one form or another, but they have not declared an official decoration of war on the American people (but they have declared the U.S.
I covered all of the points that you mention in my recent article – 16 Reasons Why the United States is Going to Hell in a Handbasket. I think the government at all levels will continue criminalizing ever more things and activities. And, without intending to add fuel to the fire, one of our long-time officers (50+ years of age) was released recently due to allegations that he was accepting sexual favors from a young girl (high school) in exchange for overlooking minor offenses by her boyfriend. The current news also has a nearby city getting a free MRAP from our government, they cited our nearby location next to Mexico as a reason for acquiring it. I would like to hear some opinions on what will happen when martial law is declared by our government. This includes being able to do basic repairs to the home or structure the people are staying in and growing a home garden. To use the hammer and the nails together – hold the nail between the thumb and pointer finger of your non-dominate hand and the hammer in your dominate hand.
If you buy nails in bulk, they come in a nice plastic storage tub which can be stacked neatly in a garage or storage building.
When the the chainsaws run out of gas and oil, the good ole axe will still be going strong.
Factors such as the price of gas can have an impact on how expensive the food is and how much it cost to be shipped.
Within a month, America transforms into a third world country, drowning under the weight of its crumbling infrastructure and waste.
Peter Pry, a member of the Congressional EMP Commission and executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, has previously testified that in the event of an EMP, (or any event that takes out the U.S. Venezuela Authorizes Slave Labor, Now In 'Full Blown Crisis Mode' - How Long Until This Comes To America?
Some of them run on in-house networks, but computer security experts say they are not confident that all the connections to the public Internet have been discovered and secured. It will open your eyes as to what could happen following a major power grid collapse (EMP).
We made up for it by having a wood burning stove, LP gas range and a fuel oil stove and as far the milk machine was concerned, we had an older ford tractor that had a vacuum pump on it. Growing watermelons is a labor-intensive gardening experience, but pays off with sweet, juicy fruits that you’ll never find at the local grocery store! Watermelons require a long growing season, at least three months of temperatures that are 70 to 80 degrees F (greater than 24deg C) or higher. Watermelon seeds sprout quickly (5 to 7 days), but seedlings don’t like to be transplanted. Clear the garden of weeds before planting, and work some rich, organic compost into the soil. Feed your young watermelon plants with a high-phosphorus fertilizer to encourage vine growth and fruiting. The Young Mother, seen on a playground, is holding a toddler’s hand in one hand, gun in the other. I don’t think that they are going to issue an official decoration of martial law and start cordoning off FEMA regions and towns, not without there first being a trigger event. It seems to me that what really is going on here is the surreptitious building of a large military-type force by hiding the numbers within the various departments.
Government is, after all, people, and most of the people in this country are not going to like what they see once things start to unravel. Are they really just handing every computer nerd in the IRS, Department of ED, or the EPA a sub machine gun? I had just finished writing a paper regarding the militarization f police forces for a class I was taking.
What started as a war on crime became a war on drugs and eventually a war on terror which has led to the militarization of police forces fighting these wars on American soil. This militarization can be seen through the increase in Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) units as well as Police Paramilitary Units (PPU). 2001 would see a new increase in the militarization of police departments as the War on Terror would bring a new watch word to American police departments and with this “a new and lucrative source of funding and equipment: homeland security” (Balko, 2013).
This does not begin with the average officer but with those in charge of the departments and politicians and this is “often done through the fear-inducing practices of politicians and law enforcement administrators” (Seklecki, 2011). Police departments have moved away from the community based policing where officers lived in the communities where they worked; officers knew the good and bad of their neighborhoods because they were a part of that neighborhood. The US Government is already waging war against the Incorrect people, and it has been doing so for decades. What does matter is that waging the flagrantly unconstitutional war has subverted the Constitution. Until we amend the Constitution the same way the alcohol prohibitionists accepted that they needed to do, the government has no authority to ban intra-state, non-commercial production, distribution or use of drugs. Until we force the feds to eliminate at least one Cabinet Department, without merging it with another, we will continue to be on the losing side.
The Sheriff dept and small police DEPT Have two HUMVEES , 5 5 TON ARMY TRUCKS , and the SHERIFFS DEPT recently acquired 15 m-16 from the federal government. Not far from me is a National Guard armory with half a dozen MRAPs and other armored vehicles, including tanks. It’s hair splitting, I know, but this administration particularly is very adept at doing something without announcing or actually naming what they are doing.
Cities will become cesspools as garbage trucks cease to haul waste, and sewer trucks no longer bust the bilge-clogged water and sewer lines. Many may be vulnerable to software — known as malware — that can disable the systems or destroy their ability to communicate, leaving their human operators blind about the positions of switches, the flows of current and other critical parameters.

Do you upload a pseudo malware program to expose weakness across the entire continent’s grid? As the freeway system was being completed, so too were the massive transmission line system that often parallels it. Dad would hook the milk machine up to the old ford tractor and we would milk cows that way, sure we could only use one unit instead of 2 or 3. Additionally all US companies with 99% US employees on US soil should have to pay less than 5% federal tax forever (regardless if one man operation or 1000 employees), because its made up in many other ways – like keeping jobs in the USA! You have to pay a lot of special attention to it, being sure to plant the seeds at the right time, weeding the area regularly, and giving it just the right amount of fertilizer and water.
The rambling vines can take over limited garden space, and less-than-ideal growing conditions invite fungi and insect pests. They won’t do as well in the extremely hot and humid parts of Australia (unless frequently watered and mulched) or in the cooler southern climates with short growing seasons. Hybrid seeds won’t usually sprout, and if they do the plants will not be as healthy, or true to parent type. Watermelons can’t compete with weeds very well, so consider using a soil solarization techniquebefore planting, and keep the soil carefully weeded (trying not to disturb the roots of the vines) during the growing season.
Push the watermelon seeds an inch or so into the soil near the tops of the hills or ridges, and water them gently. Watermelon vines have shallow roots, so the garden soil needs to be kept moist without becoming soggy. Pinching off the end of the vine after the first few blossoms will create larger watermelons, but naturally you won’t get as many.
A ripe melon will be a creamy yellow where the fruit lies on the ground, and the rind will lose some of its gloss and the stripes will have less contrast. On the side of the request it says for police protection, but they are neither the police nor do you need anything other than a pistol for protection. The result has been a blurring of the lines between police officer and soldier as well as a change in mindset where officers see the community as the enemy. The use of the term war carries certain connotations, such as an enemy and in the war on drugs “these domestic enemies reside within the United States in the form of actual and potential drug dealers, drug manufacturers, and drug users” (Hall & Coyne, 2013). The War on Terror coupled with the Patriot Act would do more to increase militarization in American policing and decrease civil liberties than at any other time in American history.
This dangerous mentality of viewing the community as the enemy coupled with the militarization of police forces, signals a death knell for public trust in policing. Look at how many American citizen are jailed in this nation, that is all the proof you really need. When the husband refused, the LEO grabbed her by the feet and dragged her from the bedroom to the living room, hitting her head so hard on the door jamb that she ultimately died of a traumatic brain injury. Agree or disagree that Prohibition was bad policy, they nonetheless did it the right way: They amended the Constitution.
Banning another abusable substance, then used largely tho not entirely, by black people, did not.
I feel the effects of this war will begin to appear very soon, perhaps as early as this coming summer and certainly prior to the ’16 elections. It helps to if your wearing safety glasses, because sometimes the nail can go flying and may strike you in the eye. The answer is simple, those that are prepared have a better chance of survival than those completely unprepared.Related: EMP Attack On America - Preppers Vs Non-Preppers In The First 72 Hours - Who Will Live, Who Will DieExplosive! The Donald Versus Hillary - Trump Played The Mainstream Media Like A Fiddle And They Are Still Dancing To His Tune* Something Seriously Wrong With Bill Clinton - Internet Explodes With Chatter During His DNC Speech* 'It's A Horror Show' - Trump Slams 'Hillary's House Of Horrors' In Scathing Press Conference - Why Hasn't Hillary Given A Press Conference In Over 235 Days? Power companies cut back massively on system updates when the utility company monopolies were broken up [such that they actually were anyway]. Plus the weather conditions for the year need to be just right in order to help it reach its full potential. Buy seeds of an open-pollinated, heirloom variety, and you can dry and save the seeds for planting your watermelon patch next year. Wet conditions will invite fungal diseases, slugs, and beetles that will destroy your watermelon crop. Fruits that shrivel up and fall off mean that the plants are not being adequately pollinated by bees. If you’d prefer many smaller melons, let the vines grow until they are six feet long, then pinch of the ends so they will branch off in two directions.
Northern Command  to take full military control of the United States, it’s citizens, communications and resources when ordered to do so.
This militarization has come at a cost to both civil liberties and at a financial cost which many communities and local governments are feeling today.
The Tea Partiers woke up a bit, but IRS et al are doing everything possible to harass and intimidate. Once you privatize industries such as air transportation and power, greed ultimately takes over and you end up with an electrical infrastructure that goes offline far more than it should. Watermelons in general prefer warmer temperatures and the longer growing seasons of the south, which also has higher temperatures, make growinggiant watermelons easier. Plastic mulch will increase the soil temperature and you may be able to harvest your melons a few weeks earlier than expected.
Water your melon plants in the early morning, so the leaves will be dry before the hot afternoon sun comes out.
You can help nature along by plucking off the male flowers, removing their petals, and rubbing their pistils in the center of the female flowers.
This will make it easier to keep your watermelon patch under control so it won’t take over the back yard or the rest of your garden. In the decade following September 11, 2001 record transfers of military equipment have been set, “in 2010 and 2011, with $212 and $500 million in transfers, respectively” (Hall & Coyne, 2013). I know they would be turning down a butt load of money and that not be likely, but I have also wondered if any of us have ever pressured them to stop selling to the govt. Here in Florida, we lose power on breezy days because FPL waits as long as possible before sending in the Asplundh trucks to clear lines. Clip the weaker plants off at soil level instead of pulling them, so you won’t disturb the roots of the remaining plants. How often does that agency make a purchase and how long does it need to last until the next one? There is no way our little county can support this with their budget it is obvious funds are coming from Big Brother. An earthquake hit on Thursday, another stronger one on Saturday and by Monday, The Daily Mail reported that supply chains were severed and after "panicked shoppers" picked the shelves clean, as evidenced by the images below.This is America, you say? When a storm hits, like a hurricane or tropical system, everyone feigns surprise that the power is out, when in actuality, had these lines been placed underground, there would be no interruptions at all. I am in the process of getting a electrical hook up for furnace so that I can at least run a generator.
Andrew and Lara talk about finding ways to maximize your supplies on as little as $5 a month in a way that can keep you from going financially overboard but help you feel better about being prepared.

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