Haku is the apprentice of Zabuza in Naruto, serving as the titular protagonist's first major opponent. Haku is of the Yuki Clan who were forced into hiding due to their fellow kinsmen, having suffered from a civil war, growing to despise any ninja born with a Kekkai Genkai, a form of ninjutsu genetically inherited. When Zabuza was hired by Gato to kill the bridge builder Tazuna, Haku provided back up by posing as a maske Hunter Ninja to get Zabuza to safety after he is overwhelmed by Kakashi Hatake. A week later, as Zabuza battles Kakashi and wearing his mask, Haku engages Sasuke Uchiha in battle and overwhelms him with Naruto's appearance not tipping the scales.
However, seeing Zabuza about to be killed by Kakashi's Lightning Blade, Haku takes the fatal blow instead.
During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Haku was reanimated by Kabuto Yakushi to fight against the Allied Shinobi Forces. Haku's power is unique using different crystal's as her ability and can make mirror images of his self in them making it hard for his opponent to detect him. With Saw 3D, the latest incarnation of the franchise about to crash on to cinema screens everywhere, we thought it would be worthwhile revisiting the other movies for a reminder of how we got to this point.
Since debuting in 2004, the franchise has become the highest-grossing horror series of all time. For those who know next to nothing about the series, it focuses on Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) who sees himself as a lethal moral crusader. The original, and for my money best, film in the series, this is much more of a tension-packed thriller than a horror. Two men,  Adam Stanheight and Dr Lawrence Gordon, find themselves trapped in a disgusting bathroom, chained to pipes.
After hearing the testimony of Jigsaw’s only surviving victim Amanda, former police officer David Tapp has reason to believe that Lawrence is Jigsaw (who killed his partner) and is keeping a close watch on the Gordon family home.
With time running out and gunshots audible from a phone call to his wife, Lawrence picks up a hacksaw, cuts through his foot and shoots Adam.
Jigsaw raises the stakes when he is discovered at his lair by detectives Eric Matthews and Allison Kerry, and Sergeant Rigg. In the house, Xavier realises that each of the eight victims has a number on the back of his or her neck.
At Jigsaw’s lair, Matthews sees Xavier looking for his son and demands that Jigsaw take him to the house. Here, we learn more about the history between Jigsaw and Amanda, as well as more information about how they came to be killers (I know, they don’t kill anyone, but really, they kinda do). The main plot of this one follows Jeff Denlon, a man filled with grief after his son was killed by a drunk driver, move through a series of rooms where people are trapped. Meanwhile, Jeff’s wife Lynn has been ordered to keep Jigsaw alive while her husband completes his game. Amanda tries to kill Lynn but Jeff, who has reached the same room, stops her by shooting her in the neck.
Jigsaw then offers Jeff one last choice: if he forgives Jigsaw and lets him go, Jigsaw will save his family.
Later, Rigg wakes up at his home to discover that he has been forced into a Jigsaw game which puts both his life and that of his former partner, Matthews, at risk. Meanwhile, Matthews is suspended over a melting block of ice and if he falls, Hoffman, who has been captured, will be electrocuted.
Rigg, who was being tested to let go of his obsessions and acting more rationally,  finds his way to the factory too and rushes into the room where the captives are, triggering a mechanism that leads to Matthews being crushed and Hoffman’s electrocution. We see Strahm leave the building where Rigg had found Matthews and Hoffman after escaping from a Jigsaw trap.
Strahm eventually catches up with Hoffman, who had been planting evidence to pinpoint Strahm as Jigsaw’s apprentice and the two fight. The last of the series to date was a slight return to form after a disappointing few efforts and had plenty to say about the state of the American healthcare system. To fill in this worksheet, you need to understand the political vocabulary of the time, and also the historical characters that are portrayed in the book. The Reading Process document above also contains important background information that will help you understand the period of history Orwell was focusing on. Make sure you print out the document, especially the second page; fill it in as you read and keep it in your file.

As part of Our Great Leader’s determined effort to extend the great revolution to other farms, you have been ordered to write a leaflet that will be sent to our comrade pigs on neighbouring farms to help them in their revolutionary struggle against their human oppressors. Our Great Leader’s spokespig, Comrade Squealer, has left you instructions for the front page, which has been designed by his team of young pigs. To help you further with the allegorical side of the story, below is a set of cards that you can print and cut to use as a memory aid. Finally, to lead in to the next unit about persuasive speech-making – Squealer is the master of persuasive speech-making on Animal Farm. Haku's mother, a member of the Yuki clan, married a farmer and hid her heritage in order to live a peaceful life.
While Zabuza is forced to recuperate in a week's day to finish the job, Haku meets Naruto Uzumaki as the two get into conversation about their purposes in life and those they care about. However, when Sasuke appeared to have died protecting Naruto from a "fatal" blow, revealed to have actually been knocked out, Naruto defeats Haku by subconsciously accessing the power of Kurama.
Before his own death, Zabuza attempted that he did see Haku as more than a pawn while asking Kakashi to place him beside Haku in death.
Confronting Kakashi alongside Zabuza, Haku is glad to hear that Naruto has advanced since he last saw him.
He also has a variety of techniques with needles capable of sending swarms of needles at his prey.
As you can imagine, this will be spoiler-tastic so if you don’t want any of the films ruined, look away now.
Each film has had varying degrees of success with fans and critics, but everything looks to have been building up to this point, with Saw 3D being billed as the last in the series. He finds people who have followed a morally dubious path in life and attempts to help them see the error of their ways.
There is a corpse on the ground which is holding a cassette player, which each man uses to listen to a tape. He reveals a bank of monitors depicting eight people (including Amanda and Matthew’s son Daniel) locked up inside a house full of traps. While the rest of them try to find a way out, he hunts them down to get their numbers, which Xavier believes combine to create the combination to a safe and the way out.
The mastermind agrees and takes Matthews to the house, where he is attacked and locked up in the bathroom from the first film by Amanda, who is revealed to be Jigsaw’s assistant. If she does not, a series of shotgun shells on a collar a round her neck will detonate and kill her.
Rigg is implored to see the world as Jigsaw does, looking at criminals who have escaped justice.
Meanwhile, Strahm eventually finds his way to the factory where those two are trapped and he finds Jeff from the previous film, who he kills in self-defence.
Rigg also shoots another man who is in the room, believing him to be Jigsaw’s new apprentice. They are put through several traps, where they lose three of their number, before arriving at the final test and discovered that all five were meant to survive all of the tests so they could work together on the last task.
Strahm pushes Hoffman into a box filled with glass, which was intended for himself as part of a test. He is forced to work with and against his co-workers, as well as choose which of them allows to live.
All of the important info you need to know if you haven’t seen any of these films but still fancy seeing a horror movie which is not Paranormal Activity 2 this weekend. He was writing about the world in his time, about its politics, its ideologies, and some of its political figures that are maybe not so well-known now as they used to be.
Be prepared to explain your research to the rest of the class so that we can all have a clearer understanding. Use your knowledge of this type of story, and the background research work you have done already, to add to this document below. This leaflet is intended to instruct our fellow pigs on how to take control of their farms, and then how to exploit the principles of animalism in order to maintain power over the lesser animals for their own benefit. Now your job is to fill in more detail on the second page, following the pattern set out in the six bullet points, giving detail and examples of each point. We will look at some of these in class during Revision Week, so please look through these two documents beforehand (see Veracross for dates).

However, you will find what you have learned important for the next part of this unit: persuasive speech making. Brought to life with lyrical text by award-winning author Donna Jo Napoli and stunning artwork by award-winning illustrator Christina Balit, the tales of gods and goddesses such as Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo, and Athena and heroes and monsters such as Helen of Troy, Perseus, and Medusa will fascinate and engage children’s imaginations.
However, when Haku's father learned of this and gathered a mob to reluctantly kill his family.
Recognizing Haku upon shattering his mask, Naruto regained his senses and refuses to kill Haku even when he asked it as he felt he failed Zabuza. But as Kabuto purges his mind to make him an mindless monster, Haku's final moments of free will was gaining the knowledge from Kakashi that Zabuza did see him as a dear friend and not a tool. Haku can make very astonishing hand signs with just only one hand he also displays superstrength being able to also break gato's arm with one hand also.
To do so, he places them into deadly traps which can only be escaped by offering some form of physical or psychological sacrifice. They discover that Adam has been instructed to escape the room while Lawrence has to kill Adam before the clock hits 6pm. Jigsaw says that those trapped in the house have two hours to find a way out or grab an antidote. Each of those trapped in the house dies in various ways until just Xavier, Amanda and Daniel remain. We also see Detective Alison Kerry and Detective Mark Hoffman probe several Jigsaw traps that were made inescapable, going against Jigsaw’s normal methods. Strahm speculates that, given how high up Kerry’s body was positioned, Jigsaw must have had another protege assisting him.
Rigg sees a female pimp, serial rapist and an abusive husband die, while managing to save the abused wife.
However, Hoffman stands up and walks out, leaving Rigg to die and revealing himself as Jigsaw’s new protege.
The glass box then lowers into the ground while the walls of the room close in and crush Strahm. There is a bit of history that we need to learn to really understand Orwell’s message here. Forced to watch his mother die, Haku retaliated in self-defense using his Ice Style to kill his father and the mob. Haku is eventually immobilized by Ensui Nara and later bound and sealed by Maki until Kabuto's Reanimation Jutsu is negated so Haku's soul can return to the afterlife. His decision to test his subjects’ will to life stems from a terminal brain tumour, a miscarriage suffered by his wife and an unsuccessful suicide attempt he made.
However, Jigsaw says that if Matthews stays and talks to him, he will discover his son in a safe place.
While Jeff carries out his tasks successfully, Amanda refuses to let Lynn go and reveals that she had been the one who had designed traps which people could not escape from. Almost confused myself there.) While the last two manage to escape with their lives, they have suffered a great deal of pain as their arms were mutilated.
In groups, investigate the following topics, some of which you may already know about, or will soon find out about, in your Humanities lessons. A family tree and a “cast of characters” profile page help make relationships between the characters clear, and a mapping feature adds to the fun and fascination. Orphaned, Haku was forced to live in the streets and fight to survive until he met a kindred spirit in Zabuza Momochi and bonded.
Resource notes and ample back matter directing readers to more information round out this luminous book. Willingly agreeing to be his tool, Haku trained under Zabuza in the ways of a ninja before and after leaving the Land of Water in exile as Rouge Ninja.

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