When Roo was just a baby we were lucky enough to receive a number of books as gifts for her. With the new series of Teletubbies making its way back onto our TV screens last November it has once again become a household hit and we have relived memories of the episodes we watched with Roo and Tigger when they were younger and passing the baton down to little Piglet.
Say Eh-oh to Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po and their friends in this Teletubbies Pocket Library.
The six books each have a different picture on the back and form a puzzle which when put together shows a lovely scene of all the Teletubbies together. Tinky Winky, Dipsy, and Po all have their favourite things to play with but Laa-Laa has lost hers Can the others help her find it? Roo always loves to read to Piglet, with Piglet always happy to sit with her and listen (albeit she is usually trying to grab the book from her). I love to watch Tigger reading this story, I find it hard to believe that he only started reading in September.
With two older siblings who like to read Piglet is really quite lucky in that she always has someone to sit with her and read her a story.
The Teletubbies board books are a great addition to any little ones reading library and available to purchase from Amazon.

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With six durable board books in a smart slipcase, each containing colourful images of everyone’s favourite Teletubbies characters. Young Teletubbies fans will love this bright and colourful storybook that’s ideal for reading and sharing together. Boo Roo and Tigger Too was started in 2011 as she returned to work following maternity leave with Tigger.
Within this selection of books, she had a range of Teletubbies books which we read time and time again. They can support longevity, and I believe they can and should be used every day to enhance wellness. And this puts us at an interesting tableau, because the way this episode was set up, Jamie was set to die one way or another: either at the hands of the English at the Battle of Culloden, or at the hands of Clan MacKenzie after murdering Dougal (after Dougal overheard la famiglia Fraser trying to kill the Bonnie Prince Charlie).
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