Step into the WardrobeThis peerless companion has served as an adventurer's passport to the land of Narnia for twenty-five years and was used by the cast and crew of the major motion picture The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
This book is similar in appearance, style, and presentation to other volumes in the Time-Life Enchanted World series, but contains content focusing on yet another creature of myth and fantasy: the dwarf.
From Aslan, the Great Lion, to Zardeenah, the mysterious lady of the night, this comprehensive, accessible book contains hundreds of alphabetically arranged and indexed entries covering all the characters, events, places, and themes that Lewis brilliantly wove into his timeless and magical world.For readers of all ages, this is the perfect guide for the enchanted world of C.

As with other Enchanted World volumes, "Dwarfs" contains numerous color illustrations that make it an aesthetically pleasing book. Technology had degenerated into a number of mysteries jealously guarded by separate brotherhoods.But Jason dinAlt was a gambler.

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