Raina Delisle wrote an article for the Huffington Post this week about how little girls are sexualised at Halloween. The article also stated that such costumes reinforce the idea that girls are not supposed to aspire to the same careers that men do. If we do have a issue with little girls growing up and not believing that good jobs are theirs for the taking, then maybe we should be addressing other issues, such as the pay gap, slut shaming and the fact that, slutty Halloween costumes or not, GIRLS ARE ALWAYS VIEWED AS SEXUAL OBJECTS.
I agree with you Danielle, the costumes little girls wear are telling them that anything is possible, if they want to be a firefighter thats fine just as if they want to be a ballerina. Gothic Fairytale Princess Teen Costume includes a blue, red and black knitted dress with fitted bodice, striped puffed sleeves, and bubble skirt with ruffle trim and red bows accents. Includes sky blue, brocade tiered dress with cameo bows at hips, matching headband and choker. Fill in the details below and an e-mail will be sent to your friend telling them about this product. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. I know that this is going to be an extremely unpopular opinion but I don’t necessarily see anything wrong in a girl wanting to wear a costume that includes a skirt for Halloween. In my opinion, if you look at a little girl in a short dress and see something inappropriate, it is more reflective of you rather than whoever made the costume.

Apparently these costumes teach little girls that jobs as doctors or police officers or fire fighters are not for them, and that they have to flash the flesh to succeed in this world. I thing nowa days, people read way too much into things and little girls wearing short skirts is definitely one of them. This Costume also includes a black mini cape with stand up collar, black fingerless gloves, and red headband. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
If I look at a little girl dressed as a police officer and she is in a short dress, I don’t think of sex. Jenny Reid, a volunteer fire fighter, is quoted in the article as saying ‘Little girls can do whatever they want. This Teen Costume is available in Teen Size X-Small (0-1),Small (3-5),Medium (7-9), and Large (11-13) Please note: Does not include knee highs, shoes, or apple. However, did those costumes make me believe that I couldn’t grow up to pursue a decent career? I would be the first to agree that a four-year-old shouldn’t be dressing as a pole dancer for Halloween. Unless the child is wearing something overtly sexual, such as the aforementioned pole dancing babies, my mind is not thinking about sex!

The desire to be pretty just manifested itself in me having an interest in fashion and make-up, neither of which are wrong or harmful. They just made me feel pretty, and girlie, and allowed me to┬áhave fun (you know, the whole point of a holiday like Halloween). If given the choice as a little girl, I’d choose the skirt option over the trouser option. Little girls should be able to grow up with the belief that they can do anything they want.
But I don’t think that Halloween costumes such as the above are guilty in reinforcing the opposite. If the female equivalent of a boy’s costume includes a skirt rather than trousers, then how is that any different to the standard school uniform being a skirt for girls and a pair of trousers for boys?

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