In the new Star Trek film we see the crew of the Starship Enterprise being challenged in a way they have never been challenged before — in the Kelvin timeline, that is. Participating in the press day were cast members Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Chris Pine, John Cho, Zachary Quinto, and Simon Pegg. Chris Pine: I remember one of the first times I met him, like nine years ago or whatever, he was 17. Zachary Quinto: It became important for all of us to honor his legacy, and I thought Simon [Pegg] and [co-writer Doug Jung] did a beautiful job to incorporate it in the narrative of the film. Simon Pegg: We wanted to make it part of Spock’s arc because that’s Spock’s arc, it’s just not a reference to Spock dying or what we did eventually, dedicate the film to him.
Unable to make the interviews was actress Sofia Boutella (currently shooting The Mummy), who plays Jaylah, the film’s standout new addition to the cast.
Simon Pegg: We were trying to create this very independent character, but we didn’t have a name for it.
John Cho: [Star Trek creator Gene] Roddenbery did set up a world that was incredibly progressive, but it was tempered by the social morals of the era. It’s a fantastic time to be living in London as the birthplace of punk is currently in the midst of celebrating 40 years of the industries most outlandish musical heritage. Matlock’s his all-star lineup included Chris Spedding (British session ace and producer of the early Pistols demos), Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats) and Mark Halligan (Furious). A few other random observations: Chris Spedding is one of the most incredible guitar players I’ve ever seen before, Slim Jim Phantom could outplay most drummer standing up with one hand tied behind his back, Mark Halligan pulverized the standup bass, and Glen masterfully led the ensemble and worked the crowd into a controlled fury.

Recently the cast and creative team of the film sat down to talk to press about the latest installment of the series. Separated from one another on a dangerous planet after their ship is destroyed, they deepen their bonds to get back to one another and stop the evil forces that threaten the Federation.
We’re at a point where we should be celebrating, not only this film, but this beautiful man, this talented man. We’re grieving the loss of a great friend and a great human being, and he can never be replaced. I invited him back to my trailer to play guitar because I knew he played guitar, and he played guitar really, really, really well.
They had a little fish and chip shop and they would close at 9 and we would have dinner at 10 and at 11 [Star Trek: The Original Series] came on channel 13. Abrams: The story of Star Trek, of facing crazy odds as a group, everyone is critical to survive it. Lead us in the paths of truth and integrity until you bring us to your holy mountain and we live forever in your presence; through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. As an expat who’s been living here for only five weeks I was lucky enough to catch one of the biggest names in punk rock pay tribute in his own unique way. The guide Aiden takes you on a tour of where punk rock was born and shares some incredibly entertaining stories along the way. For all of us, it’s almost incomprehensible to be at a point where we have to talk about him in the past.

I feel like our version can give more to women and people of color than Roddenberry was originally able to. A little bit what of the experience was making the movie, everybody was absolutely critical and they all pulled together to get this thing going in the right direction. Original Sex Pistol Glen Matlock played a punk-infused rockabilly set at the Brooklyn Bowl in London and it was absolutely brilliant. I got to say hello to him after the show and got to ask him one question; was Pretty Vacant really inspired by an ABBA song I asked him? It was a wonderful thing to see and because I was involved in a couple of the movies prior, it was sort of fun not be have to be in the fray. Watching Star Trek it instilled in me that family is not just blood, it’s through shared experience.
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