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Robert Zimmerman continued to tweet Thursday, although at least one person wants him to stay clear of racial issues: his brothera€™s attorney. When the media and the prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case tries to paint George Zimmerman as a racist "white" hispanic, they forgot a few details, like looking at the mans actual life.
According to his brother, George Zimmerman was a registered democrat, worked to elect Barack Obama, had a black business partner, helped out underprivileged black kids in his neighborhood and is everything but a racist. The reason we didn't hear about the real George Zimmerman was because that didn't fit the narrative the media, the President and race-baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton wanted to present so they could stir things up. Media coverage of the George Zimmerman shooting of Trayvon Martin has been skewed for months by wild charges of racism against George. George supported Obama, Robert explained, because “He was like many young people who thought that the president’s club had been a club of white men since our founding, and that there really wasn’t a good reason for that, except that the right man for the job who happened to be black had not come along, and that electing a man who happened to be biracial or multiracial like we were, would reflect not just a situation that we found ourselves in ethnically in our family, but the reality of where America had come, which is that we are a melting pot of cultures and we are a diverse society.
This bunch in Washington want him and will be relentless until they get him.If they can put him in jail for leaving a gum wrapper on the sidewalk, they will not hesitate. Well, one Hispanic who knows the Democrats will throw them under the bus when it suits them, several million left to go. Some of these people for Trayvon need to come to Florida and see the amount of crime we have here.
The Orlanda Sentinel reported it is not clear who filed the complaint and what the allegations are in detail, but it is true the Florida Bar Association is investigating. George Zimmerman was acquitted on July 13 in the death of unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Despite her doubts about her husband's innocence, Shellie Zimmerman said she believes he did not profile the teen, who is black. Shellie Zimmerman called 911 just days after filing for divorce, claiming her estranged husband punched her father in the nose, took her iPad out of her hands, smashed it and cut it with a pocket knife. She also said the former neighborhood watch volunteer threatened her and her father with a weapon.

While she stood by her man through his trial and the months of living "like gypsies" in the woods leading up to it, she said everything changed after the verdict. George Zimmerman went to the Kel-Tec manufacturing facility in Cocoa, Florida, yesterday and received a tour of the plant from the owner’s son, according to an exclusive report.
And what’s a tour to a firearms manufacturing plant without checking out some of the sweet weapons the company has to offer? Apparently, Zimmerman took a little look at the Kel-Tec KSG, a compact 12 gauge shotgun with internal dual tube magazines that yield an impressive 14-shell capacity and currently retails for around $1,200.
Reports indicate that while touring the facility Zimmerman questioned the legality of owning such a shotgun.
Reports also state that it’s unclear whether or not Zimmerman purchased the KSG during his visit. However, it just so happens that the KSG is considered an excellent choice for home defense, so it’s not that difficult to see why Zimmerman might be in the market for one.
In fact, one gun shop owner even received death threats when he offered to give Zimmerman a free handgun. Even a family who was helped by Zimmerman after they were involved in a car accident was afraid to publically thank him – or be associated with him in any way – out of fear that they also would be targets of violence. Since a jury of his peers concluded that he was not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman is a free man and as such has every legal right to own – and carry – a firearm. Good on Zimmerman for a) doing what he wants to do and b) giving fits to the racists, haters and anti-gun nuts (but I'm repeating myself).
Dion Holton:August 24, 2013 at 4:25 amGood for him and GOD Bless him for the hell he has been through!
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But then again, we all know how hard it is for the powers that be in the media to look at real facts. NBC News infamously edited tape of Zimmerman to make it appear that he thought Martin was suspicious thanks to his race; CNN reported that Zimmerman had used a racial slur during his 911 call. Not only was Zimmerman not a racist – he had a black business partner, has Afro-Peruvian roots, and helped out underprivileged black kids in his neighborhood – he also was a supporter of the very president who would later slander him by innuendo. Because this is not about racism but about an ideological motive which is to bring America down by using the most corrupt Blacks, the black panters-Muslims, La raza-America haters and Trevon Marting family. Their frantic inflammatory coverage made a tragic situation possibly much more tragic, even deadly. If they find out anything, we are sure he can use his $400 an hour salary to try and get himself out of trouble if it comes to that.
Zimmerman was referring to the couple's struggles since the verdict, including an ugly spat earlier this month that resulted in police being called -- and headlines being made. She stands by that story, despite police saying they never saw or confiscated a gun at the scene. There are class notes, numerous Supreme Court case summaries and information on how to write a research paper inside.

The KSG was introduced at the 2011 SHOT Show after much anticipation, but was met with mixed emotions from consumers.
However, one might question the likelihood of Zimmerman seeking legal advice from Kel-Tec employees when he has access to a handful of lawyers, most likely via speed dial. Although it’s doubtful he did, considering that it’s a manufacturing plant, not a retail gun store. The Zimmerman family – all of them, not just George and his wife – constantly receive death threats, according to reports. Zimmerman has received several such offers from individuals around the country, but he has yet to accept any proposition. Although it’s not likely that Zimmerman will be tucking the compact shotgun up under a trench coat, it is highly likely that he remains armed. Past few months every gun show I been to there has been at least one dealer will them and that junk UTAS15 shotgun too for $2800 each and the RFB never had seen one of those either. I am glad George is going to have some high powered protection to use to keep himself and his family safe. When someone approaches you, your first response should not be to knock him down and beat his head in. In fact, it wasn't until about 150 years ago that professional police forces existed, and even then, it was still viewed as a duty for citizens to apprehend criminals. But we didn't hear anything about that before, during and after the sensational trial that portrayed Zimmerman as a crazed neighborhood watchman spewing racial slurs at an innocent kid walking through his community with a bag of skittles and an iced tea.
No, the thug came out of him; he went and punched George Zimmerman in the nose, and bloodied his face. Have you heard him say that any of those poor children in Chicago could be or looked like his son?, like he did with Trayvon Martin. All other information is confidential at this time, as is the case with all open investigations,” the bar said in a statement obtained by ABC News. But the events surrounding Zimmerman over the last year and a half have thrown him into the spotlight anytime he does anything – good, bad or indifferent. And, as Zimmerman’s lawyer stated, he has “even more of a reason now” to make sure he and his family are adequately protected. The dealers had all the colors of the PMR30 for $1200 each too crazy don't think I have seen anybody buying at those prices especially when you can walk out with a nice 870 or 590 with a quality AR and a Glock for the price of one of those shotguns.
The next day that Trevon Martin provoked Zimmerman to defend his life a black tug in a hoody shoot at a Hispanic woman inside her car in AZ.
And the fact that Zimmerman was reported to be checking out a “high-capacity” shotgun is certainly going to turn heads and raise eyebrows.

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