The Dubai Taxi Corporation DTC at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently conducted a free English language course for cab drivers, in cooperation with the Danube Educational Institute as a part of DTC keen attention to improve the skills of taxi drivers. The opening session of the course was attended by Engineer Ahmed Khalfan Al Suwaidi, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation and Samir Shah, Manager of the Danube Educational Institute in addition to senior officials of the DTC and the Institute. The CEO of DTC thanked the Danube Educational Institute for running this free course, which will contribute to achieving the desired objectives of improving English Language communication skills of taxi driver, reducing customer complaints in this regard, and raising customers satisfaction. A communication cover letter is generally send along with a resume for an employment or other content which needs an introduction.
Corporate communication is a key role and the covering note will need to show skills and experience in the given field. Internal Communication is about communicating to the internal staff via mailers, blogs, and websites. The strategic Communication cover letter will contain the skill needed for a manager who will communicate the strategy of the organization to the outside and inside world. A communication cover letter is an important cover note which helps to highlight the key points to be communicated to the reader.

The CEO of DTC reiterated DTC’s keenness on offering services and facilities aligned to  the highest standards of quality and excellence, besides continuing qualifying cabbies basis in a comprehensive manner in a bid to provide quality services to the public and passengers, and empower cabbies to do more efforts in performing their duties in a distinguished manner.
A good cover note especially when sending for employment purposes allow us to make a good impression on the reader. All communication to the external world like press release, videos, financial details, public relations related communication is managed by this role.
Hence the covering note will show the experience in strategy and how effectively one can communicate the same.
Test-takers are then classified into three levels according to their scores and are then subjected to two classes per week for a period of two months.
The chances of being called for an interview are much higher based on the content and quality of the Business Cover Letter. The cover note will include his skills or experience in sending marketing mailers, being a point for all communication related to marketing. As in our case we are sending this along with the resume to apply for a job and attract the employers attention.

An Assessment Test is then administered to the course affiliates who should score a minimum of 70% in order to obtain accredited certificates from both the Institute and the DTC,” explained Al Suwaidi. The cover note will explain who he is, what is his strengths, highlights of his experience why he is interested in the role and wants work in the company.
An impressive cover letter for various positions like marketing, strategic, corporate, internal roles will help employees to tailor the cover note as per their needs and positively await for an interview call. Based on the same we should be able to draw our skills and experience in the Simple Cover Letters.

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