Good communication skills help in developing good relations and are important in education and work. Make sure that you are not imposing your ideas or stretching your communication which will test the tolerance level of the group.
The attitude that you expresses in communication will have a great impact on the way you present yourself while interacting with others. Maintain patience, honesty, sincerity, respect and an optimistic attitude when interacting with other people. Be aware of your body language and gestures: Body language can convey more message than what you literally speak. Recent CommentsJohn Shahin on Earth Day 2012: How much Time it takes to Decomposepatricia carmell on Are you really worried about your abs?Preeti on Misal Pav Recipesushrut on How to make Pav Bhaji?aavishkar on How to use Computer tablet?
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Hello and welcome to the updated website for the New Frankley in Birmingham Parish Council. New Frankley in Birmingham Parish is a community in the south west corner of Birmingham bordering the Waseley Country Park and the Lickey Hills.
The Estate was built in the mid seventies by Birmingham City Council to accommodate residents from other parts of Birmingham displaced by redevelopment. The Estate originally straddled the border between Birmingham and Worcestershire with some properties in the area administered by Birmingham City Council and others in the area administered by Bromsgrove District Council and Worcestershire and Hereford County Council. Since the Estate's establishment, many of the former tenants have exercised their Right to Buy and currently the Estate is an even mix of Social Housing Provision and Owner Occupation. In 1995, following a review by the Boundary Commission, the whole of Frankley community was unified as part of Birmingham within the Longbridge Ward of the Northfield Constituency.
As a means of improving the environment within community a number of residents, using the provisions of the Housing and Local Government Act 1997, petitioned the Government for a Parish Council which was eventually established in May 2000.
Unlike its rural cousins whose powers have been established over many years, New Frankley in Birmingham Parish Council is still finding its feet.
KFK 1 Lecture The Communication and negotiation skills lecture was held in a row of three days in 2013 which was started with a good note of general instructions, This report overlooks at a few of the phases that we underwent and also the impact of it on our daily routine and future prospective.

Students must research their own budgets and local financial institutions before making major financial decision such as costing an event and taking out a loan to buy a car.
Entry 2 Functional Skills practice writing exam – with suggested differentiation for E1 and E3.
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Communication can be defined as the process of sending the right and proper message from the sender to the receiver. While speaking to or listening to others make sure you maintain eye contact with the other.
It was a real treat to listen to them empathising with each other and the game provided them with a safe environment in which to discuss their feelings. We hope that you like our new website and find it interesting, informative and most importantly useful! However, it is hoped that the Localisation Programme currently being undertaken by the City Council will result in powers (and the corresponding budgets) being devolved down to the Parish Council and consequently, enabling the Parish Council to provide local services to the local community.
First the report will give an intro about the main topics and exercises that we undertook and how did that help me personally.This seminar started by giving a picture of what negotiations are and how do they affect the daily life and which is considered as a very important tool to achieve success in personal as well as business life.
The content and the views expressed in this website may not reflect those of any individual. Includes comprehension questions, wordsearch puzzle, crossword, putting words in order to make sentences. Covers almost all aspects of Functional Maths and is split into differentiated sections covering Entry Level 2 to Level 2. Discuss the email with a friend, design a poster, complete compound sentences, and answer a wide range of reading questions. You notice a suitable car advertised in your local supermarket so you email your brother and tell him about the car.
There are various methods that can be used to transfer these messages, it includes: written words, non verbal clues, spoken words etc. Looking into the eyes of the other person with whom you are communicating can make the conversation more successful.  Eye contact conveys the message that you interested in the conversation and the person communicating with you feels interested as well.

For instance, shoulders hunched and arms crossed many often convey the message that you are disinterested in the conversation and is waiting for the same to end. Children can discuss feelings and practice social skills by asking questions and giving eye contact to the person they are speaking to.
Following that there was a demonstration by showing how win win situation matters and is important in a negotiation, this was the first time I realized that a deal needs to be mutually beneficial.
You are notified that any use, distribution, transmission, printing, copying or dissemination of any information in any way or in any manner is strictly prohibited without prior permission of Manish Abraham ". This can also be used to establish new relationships as well as modify and maintain the existing relationships. In circumstances where you are giving a speech or when you are facing a large audience, maintaining eye contact with several of them can help maintain attention and will also help you maintain the interest of the listeners. I love nature, photography, paintings, reading books, cooking, watching movies, being with family and friends, working with devotion, taking care of others and so on.
The example of showing the oranges being used for various purposes also acted as a good way of letting us understand the message. This teaching has helped me to mould my way of thinking and now it’s easier now to look at a deal for mutual benefit.The Emotional angle to a negotiation was well understood and the 80% role of emotional argumentation helped me understanding the role that emotions play in completing a negotiation successfully.
The 4 Ps for argumentation helped me to prepare a market plan for a new business plan, we came up with various arguments and preplanning the ways to market a product.
When I had proposed a business plan for a project in Stanford University on 08 Nov I kept a lot of arguments and chose a few important ones which were customer relevant and beneficial which is a direct example of the application of the teachings from the seminar. The concept of the five fingers where status, goal, way, benefit and appeal following was a great way of remembering from going too away from the topic.
The way the seating arrangement can help in dominating the talk helps in planning future negotiation room as per my own convenience to gain a dominant hold during any future negotiations.The next thing that helped was the five steps to a successful seminar which also had a practical exercise which helped in better understanding of the steps and I tried using the same 5 steps in every kind of negotiations which I undertake now a days, this has helped me to mould every single negotiation into a step by step process. When I was doing the preparation for the business plan project I kept what, how, who and when into consideration, I did this by making a checklist for the things to be done which was also a great teaching from the seminar.Different criteria’s for a successful negotiation was taught which helped me in setting criteria’s like effectiveness, relationship, and efficiency before going into negotiations. It can not be expressed in words and teaching from this communication and leadership skills will be helpful throughout our whole career and life.I would like to thank Mag Wolfgang Reiger for taking the seminar and to make it more interactive and fun.

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