The NHTSA issued the recall campaign number 13V507000 for a number of 273 Ural motorcycles potentially affected by a rim problem.
According the the NHTSA, 273 bikes, models 2012 Ural Gear-up, Patrol, Patrol T, Tourist, and Tourist T motorcycles with sidecars produced June 2, 2012, through October 25, 2012 may have been equipped with incorrectly manufactured rims.
These rims have been manufactured in April 2012 and have been improperly heat treated and this could result in cracked, split or broken units, which is a serious crash hazard. Dealers will inspect and replace the rims made in April 2012 with proper ones, free of charge. When the B-Squad Power Rangers are sent to intercept a distress call on Gamma Orion, they discover the A-Squad in a crash landed ship. We've just received the first spy photos of what we believe will be the 2017 model year Nissan Rogue. It uses a derivative of the Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid system, combining a CVT with an Intelligent Dual Clutch Control system that lets the electric motor do all the work under certain conditions. The power comes from a relatively small 2.0-liter four-cylinder that engineers have tuned for maximum efficiency. Several prototypes have been seen patrolling the same stretch of road while wearing full camouflage.

However, the US Rogue is quite closely related to the Japan-bound X-Trail, which is already on sale with a hybrid system.
The output is only 145 hp and 153 pound-feet of torque, but the electric motor adds another 30 kW. We predict the Hybrid model will be 20% better around town if you learn how to use regenerative braking and how to be gentle with the throttle.
They have gone through extensive training and are Commander Cruger's top picks for the defenders of the galaxy.
The first thing we noticed was that the grille has a new mesh design at the top and a wider opening at the bottom.
That's not the case at the back, where you can see lots of chrome and LEDs in the taillights. That's twice more EV force than in the Pathfinder Hybrid, plus the vehicle is much lighter. So it's got more power and a better reputation, being a distant relative of the Prius. They get top picks of the missions and access to the Delta Runners while B-Squad are there only to provide backup.

They have sold out to their thirst for money and power with the promise that they will rule Earth alongside Gruumm. When Emperor Gruumm launches an attack on the Helix Nebula, the A-Squad Rangers are entrusted with taking on the mission. The A-Squad Rangers take on the B-Squad Rangers, but severely underestimate their abilities and are taken down and confined. Down below, you can see that the fog lights now look like a strip of LEDs instead of a regular circle. After leaving for the nebula, the A-Squad vanishes leaving nothing but a distorted distress signal behind.

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