For the last few months, I have been using Magpul AK polymer furniture on my Kalashnikov rifle. My AK74 originally came with orange color bakelite pistol grip, custom made wooden handguard and fixed buttstock.
The Magpul side-folder is also collapsible, although I found the length adjustment is less than the collapsible AR stocks.
Overall, I like the new Magpul AK furniture offerings, although it does alter the classic look of my Krebs AK74. I’m wanting an AK for the collection but waiting for these to show up at my local shops. I’m put off by the fact that K-USA is using the Kalash name without permission or relation to the actual Kalash company. There are photos of Milled guns with that stock, I don’t know if its only a certain Milled rec. I believe the yugo version can be mounted on any yugo pattern ak including some of the milled receiver variants. Funny this morning I just ordered the handguard and buttstock mentioned above for an old WASR I have. Only reason I finally bought an AK is because somebody made good functional furniture for it. Since this is about all you can do to AK platform (save for AK Alpha) what is remaining is obsolescent mechanics and mainly its twitchy receiver.
The factory poly side-folder is the best stock by quite a bit, it’s just not easily installed on fixed stock trunions. I am not exactly happy with mine on C39v2, handguard is shaking because of flaw in connection design. Ducati have released details of their 2016 Diavel Carbon, with new graphics and several new technical and aesthetic updates.

The new Asphalt Grey colour mixes with the visible carbon, red stripes, and Dark Chrome paintwork on the frame, while the exposed machined finish on the wheels adds a flash of bling.
Also new are exhaust manifolds with Zircotec ceramic coating, brushed-effect stainless steel silencer covers, and a redesigned seat with new trim.
In addition to the new Carbon version, the Diavel will also be available in the total black Dark Stealth version, with matt black tank and black frame and wheels.
No confirmation yet on pricing or availability, or the anticiapted integration of the DVT motor into the Diavel range. The Magpul polymers transformed my Krebs special edition Early Afgan War pattern AK74 to something a bit more modern looking. Like many, I found the stock AK pistol grip to be too small in my hand, the size was designed for someone that’s wearing a heavy glove during a Russian winter. The Magpul lower handguards are compatible with a number of gas-tube optic rail systems including the ones from Troy Industries and Rifle Dynamics.
The Magul stock is actually cheaper than both using the AR stock on AK, which requires a buffer tube adapter ($60+), and also the Fab Defense’s AK side-folders, which is $150 for the polymer version or $320 for the modified side-folding Galil steel stock version.
The optic mount is the RS Regulate AK-302 rear-biased mount base with the AKML upper mount. A five year combat veteran of the US Marine Corps, Tim is also part of Point & Shoot Media Works, a producer of photography, video and web media for the firearms and shooting sport industry.
I want a 47 with the underfolder (it looks SO cool – like a terrorist gun) and a 74 with the skeletonized triangle side folder. The dried pepper yields very intense flavor, and is a nice addition to your kitchen bag of tricks. The MOE AK and Zhukov extended handguard require the removal of the stock front handguard keeper and attaching the metal chassis under the barrel, which the polymer lower handguard attached to it. The original Russian side-folder stocks are much more expensive and requires a lot of custom gunsmith work to fit it.

When folded, the Magpal Zhukov-S stock doesn’t block the ejection port nor the trigger. The MOE AK grip really feels great and I would say the Magpul Zhukov-S stock is easily the best bolt-on aftermarket stock for AK rifles.
All three versions features the new Magpul M-Lok slots on the sides and the bottom for mounting accessories.
Also, keep the door cracked about 2 inches to allow the moisture-laden air to escape.When the bell pepper pieces are completely dry, they will be as thin as a sheet of paper, and leathery yet almost brittle. The process can take as much as 5 to 12 hours so plan your start and end times to be convenient to your daily schedule.Dehydrating Blanched Sweet Bell PeppersIf you do not want to roast the peppers under a broiler, you can steam them for 3 to 5 minutes to stop the enzyme action. This style of blanching will give a better-tasting result, and the dried bell peppers will last much longer.
Let the peppers sit for around 12 days, shaking the contents once daily to rearrange, and carefully inspect the inside of the bowl for water droplets. Never store any dried food (in any container) in a damp area or directly on a concrete floor.Bell peppers grow in abundance in the home garden.
Dehydration is a perfect way to store your harvest for later use.Have you ever dehydrated bell peppers?About Grandma PreparesListening to elders who lived during the Great Depression gave me the lifelong passion to prepare for lean times during good times. Gardening, canning and preserving foods, restoring old barns into homes, geology and sailing are some of my interests. When wanting to use, reconstitute in warm water, fill and cook !Reply Raminah Harbour saysJuly 19, 2015 at 4:36 pm Great article! This is always my question as I like to label immediately with an expiration date.Reply Marcie saysSeptember 29, 2015 at 12:20 pm great article!

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