Most indoor gardening is done in containers or raised beds using hydroponics, and includes growing houseplants, kitchen herbs, fruits and vegetables, vermicomposting and mushroom farming .
Available sunlight will affect plant growth and the quality of any produce in your indoor garden. Place an old coffee table against the sill of a southern-exposed window to create one, or use two cement blocks at each end with a 2-ft.-wide sheet of plywood over them.
Take the rooted ends of scallions, leeks and onions, and push them into the soil about an inch, leaving the cut side up. Plant herbs away from one another or they will cross-pollinate, mingling their tastes and scents.
To celebrate Earth Day, which was yesterday, we have set out a bit in the world of gardening. The lattice is a decorative element that is used in architecture and is of different materials. This blog is my virtual creativity studio where I share home decor photos, style inspiration, trends & more to inspire decorating divas the world over to create the homes of their dreams. Tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, salad greens, hot and bell peppers and edible flowers can all be grown indoors.
Wrap it in paper towels and place it in water until you see new growth in the center of the plant. They give the impression that tiny creatures are living there and they’re wrapped in this magical aura which makes them super interesting and cute.
These large potting containers are perfect for showcasing smaller trees and bushes in a space constrained environment in urban settings. Join the nearly 50,000 design enthusiasts from around the world that stay current on interiors, trends, color, decor and more. Add a window seat to keep a group of containers together, making it easier for you to water everything.
This prevents damage to the flowers and releases enough pollen to ensure a bountiful harvest. Start seeds between folds of wet paper towels; then transfer the strongest to starter pots filled with loose potting soil and biodegradable foam pellets.
I can also see these fun sherbert-inspired colored gardening planters lining the side of a beautiful turquoise-hued pool.

Follow DD on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for the latest in interior design and home decor. When I planted one in Arizona, it sat in the sun for two days before I realized that the water in the container was hot enough to brew tea.
Your front yard landscape has never looked better.View in galleryIn a fairy garden, everything has to be tiny and made of natural materials. So if you want to make a table, use a mini tree stump and a slice of wood.View in galleryThe colorful banner is a lovely addition. What a whimsical decoration for the garden.View in galleryYou can use any kind of old container to create the fairy garden.
Of course, the bigger the container, the more room for your imagination.View in galleryAn old metal container would be great. The fairies will love it and they might even move in one night.View in galleryAnother way to use the container is by placing it on its side. It could be fun to watch the snow set on the tiny house but the plants would die.View in galleryYou can use an old wooden barrel or a large planter for your mini garden.
Instead of plain and boring pots for your herbs you can make a fairy garden.View in galleryA larger fairy garden can fit in a baby bathtub.
The house is a must and from there you can improvise.View in galleryIf you want something a bit more elaborate and hobbit-inspired, you can transform one of trees in your garden into a home for the fairies. The furniture looks just like what you use on your own patio but smaller.View in galleryAn old bowl can be repurposed and transformed into a mini garden with a tiny fairy swing.
It’s a lovely idea and you can let the kids take care of the project or you can have fun designing it yourself. Place a terra cotta pot on its side and sqeeze everything inside.View in galleryBroken pots can be used too. The smaller pot at the top can be the house that sits on a cliff, surrounded by vegetation.View in galleryTwo or more pots can be combined in all sorts of interesting ways. For design aficionados, it offers a chance to tinker with the color scheme of their house in a subtle and elegant fashion.
Yet most of us are put off by the idea of having to drastically shift between colors every two to three months. While having a neutral backdrop with bright pops of color is a wonderful alternative, one still needs to pick the right accent colors to pull off this Laura UToday we shine the spotlight on three beautiful colors that are currently among the hottest shades doing the rounds in both the worlds of fashion and interior design.

Cutting across the barriers of varying seasonal trends, this trio gives your interior a trendy look all year long and makes sure that you are never caught off guard!Cheerful and Versatile CoralIf you have an interior that seems drab and even mundane, then just add a pinch of coral and you will see it spring back to life! With bright oranges making a grand comeback in 2014, coral is the ideal color for those who wish to join in on the trend and yet dare to decorate with a difference!
While bubbly Tangerine has been dubbed the in color by some, coral is a refreshing alternative that is far more elegant and equally vibrant. This is a style that seems perfect for both spring and summer, and a dash of lime green along with fresh yellows makes it even more engaging.
Just swap out these light shades for dark chocolate and deep browns, and corals look equally appealing once cold winter days arrive. With a change in its intensity and the amount of white or grey that is mixed with it, teal can paint a picture varying from the radiant to the refined! As versatile as coral, the many shades of teal make it as much a part of the summer home makeover as the winter overhaul.
And it is this adaptable nature of teal that has made it so popular in the last few Erin Williamsonby Possibilities for DesignBelow you see four lovely inspirations that show you how gorgeous teal looks as a summer hue. Sometimes closely resembling turquoise, teal can even alter the appeal of a room by simply changing the intensity of lighting around it.
White, teal and bright pops of orange are a perfect blend for a living or dining room with coastal or Mediterranean style. Capturing the informal appeal of summer and fall flawlessly, lighter tones of teal evoke images of a sunny day on the Kimberley BryanSometimes we stumble upon the most uncanny color combinations, and navy blue and dark teal is one such duo. Teal accents make a big impact visually even when used sparingly, making it easy to incorporate this color without committing to it Horchowby NW Home Designersby Rachel Bauer DesignPosh and Majestic EggplantThe world around us has a huge impact on the colors that we choose, and exotic purples have once again taken over from steely grays since the day the world economy found its footing again. In fact, the latest research suggests that even infants prefer this regal shade in their nursery!
Much like teal, you can pick between the many shades of eggplant to alter the overall vibe of your Z Gallerieby Rachel Reider Interiorsby Angela Todd DesignsDeeper tones of eggplant are ideal for living room accent walls and decor additions.
Bedrooms benefit from a lighter shade of eggplant, as it helps create a more relaxed atmosphere.

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